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07-10-2011, 11:49
So I got tired of using Night Goblins and Savage Orcs in my armies with no basic orcs anywhere in sight. And now I have a new plan. Orcs. Plan vanilla orc hordes from hell. Additional choppa and off we go. What are your thoughts on these. We regularly play 3000-3500 pts so I was thinking 2 units of 50 to maul whatever elites my oponent throws at me and then pick of the tired remnants or to bog and grind equivalent units.

For orc generals, how have these performed? For everybody else: What would scare you more 50 Orc Boyz + Bigboss or 50 Orc Big Uns? the cost is pretty much the same.

I will go against the grain here and say I use Gorbad almost exclusively. Two main reasons:

a) Ive loved the character since the 3rd edition. Loved the idea of the cunning and brutal orc. Hated all the emphasis on that green Khorne worshipper called Grimgore. Grimgore was just a lame humanization of a proper orky drive: Orcs live to fight, not to kill.

b) He makes the orc army what it was meant to be where animosity is not a disadvantage but a real advantage. Like all the other bloody armies in the game. And prevents me from loosing cause I rolled a 1 in the animosity test.

c) Lets me field big uns. What orcs should have been. Lets me not use the rules and internal balance disgrace that is the Black Orcs. Like everybody I love the models, I love the unit. I hate the performance.

Thoughts plz

Oogie boogie boss
07-10-2011, 12:09
YES! Finally someone dedicating an army to normal Orcs. There are so many people these days who do OnG armies with only NG, SO and BO. It's nice to see someone put their faith in bog-standard, run of the mill greenies (though i'mm being a tad hypocritical here, as i'm doing an all savage Orc army).
Personally, i think the Big 'Uns are scarier than the Orcs+character, as the overall strength increase will be more effective.
At that level, it's perfectly acceptable to field Gorbad, though personally i wouldn't use him at a smaller level than 3,000pts. Be careful though, because as he counts as a BSB, he will automatically die if forced to flee. I think. I''m pretty sure.
And i totally agree with you about Black Orcs. Love the models, and think they're great as an elite unit, but i hate it when they outnumber normal Orcs in an army. It goes against the fluff and just plain don't seem right.

07-10-2011, 14:56
I use nothing but naked orcs(nothing but choppa) and a few gobbo meatshields and trolls and it will be fun mate but you'll have a 50/50 win/loss ratio.

It'll be fun though no doubt

07-10-2011, 16:06
yeah, got the trolls as soon as the new models came out. 6 plastic and 3 metal. so far am leaning towards the no character big uns... but love the idea of each mob being a tribe, and each tribe having a boss... Dunno will see. Sill pining about the misery that is Black Orcs, but will eventually get over it. In a couple of years they'll come back out of the closet. Now I just have to materialize another 50 painted orcs. Also want chariots. Lotsa chariots. Have 2 need more... probably 4. Must make this a proper ork horde or die trying.

Enough mathhammer. 8th is the edition of the fan, not the hardcore gamer.

07-10-2011, 18:41
Big unz- especially where you want to grind the enemy down- it is much easier to do with st 4 than st 3

This is also my preferred build, 50 big unz, dual choppas- I was finding the savage orc big unz to be too many points preventing me from fielding the other stuff I wanted in the army-