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08-10-2011, 20:36

Grey Seer - 460
- Screaming Bell
- Power stone


Warlock Engineer - 45
-Doom rocker

Chieftan - 127
- BSB,
- Talisman of preservation
- Shield

Assassin - 150
- Weeping blades


30 Clan rats - 220
- Poison mortar
Full command

30 Clan rats - 220
- Poison mortar
Full command

60 Slaves - 120

33 Storm Vermin - 266
- Full Command
- Banner of eternal Flame

50 Plague Monks - 412
- Full command
- Plague Banner

Warp lightning Cannon - 90
Warp lightning Cannon - 90
Doom Wheel - 150
Doom Wheel - 150

08-10-2011, 23:18
I have one word for you: nice.
I really like this list.

There's very little that I can suggest to improve it.
1. Rat Darts. They're incredibly useful as speed-bumps, redirectors and deployment drops (making your opponent deploy important things before you). But I don't know where you can get the 46 points needed for 2 of them...
2. The assassin isn't the best use of points but, meh.

But yes, this is a very good list.
Which unit with the bell be going in by the way?

09-10-2011, 15:20
I've been toying with a list that is very simillar for a while. I like this list.

One thing I might suggest, If you're going to run such a heavy set unit of plague monks, why not swap the Grey Seer our for a plague priest and change the bell for a Plague Furnace? If you're lacking on the points as ftayl5 said, I don't think the assassin is the best use of points, Why not swap him out?

10-10-2011, 18:28
Yea assassins don't really seem that great, but i like the model / think they are kind of unique and cool. Hopefully it lives long enough to kill a wizard or something Was planning on sticking it with my slaves and maybe it gets to kill a wizard or something, ill experiment with him for a bit, but yea the amount of points he costs is crazy

I am unsure what unit is going to push the bell around Can storm vermin push the bell, if so probably them...

10-10-2011, 23:17
Goods, do you have 2 doom wheels? If so I like that idea a lot!