View Full Version : Ogre Kingdoms at 1,000pts?

Bleeding Through
09-10-2011, 14:48
Hello. So I am liking the new ogre models a lot especially dude with the scythe. But before I pick up any models I am wondering can ogres work at 1,000 pts as me and my brother want to start smaller games and I only really like the ogres.

Any help on a list and some tactis would be appreciated.


Bleeding Through
10-10-2011, 16:08
Any help at all?

10-10-2011, 16:13
every book can produce decent armies at 1000pts...

10-10-2011, 16:35
I ran a just for fun list at 750 to play my sons Elves that was basically a Butcher, 5 Ironguts (Butcher with Ironguts), 6 Ogres, 3 Leadbelchers, and 10 Gnoblars. With another 250 points you could add in some more Ogres and a BSB.

It is not a lot of units and is not a world beater list but it was fun and my gnoblars actually made it across the board and ran a bolt thrower off. :p My Ironguts and Butcher slaughtered his spearmen and mage before getting crushed by sword masters. My Ogres tore up some sea guard but got charged from behind by his light cav and run down (no bsb with Ogres can be painful).

Bleeding Through
13-10-2011, 13:24
Battalion box plus tyrant a good start? Or would 2 battalions with conversions be better as it would also mean bigger points later on

13-10-2011, 17:01

The battalion is a great start. I would recommend buying the butcher/slaughtermaster model over the Tyrant.

An example 1000 Points:
5 ogres with extra hand weapons
4 Ironguts
4 leadbelchers
1 Stonehorn (or Thundertusk)

You have all the basic elements of the game covered: Magic, Shooting, and Combat elements are all there. Plus you get a cool Monster.

Is it the best possible list? - No.
Is it balanced with lots of flavour? - Yes