View Full Version : best weapon for a 'nid hunter vet serg?

14-04-2006, 16:57
I bought some SM 'nid hunters and 2 vets yesterday, and I'm assembling them now. The model I'm gonna use as a vet serg has got the power maul and a melta combi weapon. Is this a good weapon against nids? If not, what would you suggest as a good ranged anti nid weapon.



14-04-2006, 16:58
Ideally a Power Fist, but it also depends what the rest of the squad has.

14-04-2006, 17:15
ranged, nid hunting - stormbolter, as it has a great deal of fast good ranged powerful enough shots

14-04-2006, 17:38
Just give him a pistol. The extra attack in CC will help you much more when you finally get up close and personal, especially if some big nasty gets the jump on your squad. Against nids you won't have much chance to use the Stormbolter to any greater effect than a bolter/bolt pistol, and you're gonna need all the hth capablities you can lay your hands on when they get close. Plus, a BP is cheaper.