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Fist full of Pills
11-10-2011, 04:56
So after getting a few games under my belt I wanted to bump up my list. As well as wanting to try a few new things. Still playing against HE, Vamps, and WoC. Please have a look. Thank you for your time.

Warlord: Ogre blade, Enchanted shield, War-litter, Foul pendant

Plague priest: HW, LV 2, Dispel scroll, Plague furnace

Plague priest: Plague censer, LV 1

30 Stormvermin: Full command w/ Shroud of dripping death(love this thing)
~Ratling gun(had lots of luck with this)

30 Clanrats: Shields, Full command
~Warpfire thrower

30 Clanrats: Shields, Full command
~Poisoned wind mortar

40 Slaves(horde?)

30 Plague monks: Full command w/ Plague banner

8 Plague censer bearers(LV 1 priest here)

4 Rat ogres
~1 Packmaster: Whip
~1 Master moulder: Things catcher

Plaguclaw catapult

Plaguclaw catapult

Hellpit abomination

11-10-2011, 12:34
I'm relatively new to the 8th edition but is it actually worth hording your slaves? in a 10x4 horde wouldn't that just kill them quicker?

11-10-2011, 13:27
a good freind of my is a skaven player, and he uses blocks of 20. each time we play i have a hard time killing all those units of rats

Fist full of Pills
11-10-2011, 21:21
Well I figured the slaves could go either way depending on my mood at the time. Horde or standard formaion or break them up into two small units they are a speed bump. My question is how effective are rat ogres? I have not play tested with them yet and wanted to see peoples opinions on them. Thank you for your time.