View Full Version : 1500pt Raiding Party

11-10-2011, 09:06
Hey everyone. I've decided to start a Dark Elf army (purely because I want to be evil for a change) and I was just wondering if it were possible to theme it mostly around being a raiding force - meaning a relatively small but mobile army with little static shooting - and still be somewhat competitive.

Master (joins Corsairs)
Crimson Death, Armour of Midnight - 130pts

Sorceress (joins Dark Riders)
Level 2, Lifetaker, dark steed - 177pts

30 Corsairs
Full command - 325pts

5 Dark Riders
Crossbows, musician - 117pts

5 Dark Riders
Crossbows, musician - 117pts

10 Harpies

6 Shades
Great weapons - 108pts

5 Cold One Knights
Full Command, Standard of Discipline - 190pts

Reaper Bolt Thrower

Reaper Bolt Thrower

Total: 1474pts (I'm not really sure what to do with that leftover 26 points, either.)

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Karak Norn Clansman
11-10-2011, 13:09
Cut Champions from Corsairs & Cold One Knights, then increase your Cold One Knight count to 6 & give your Corsairs the Sea Serpent Standard. Upgrading your master to a BSB could also work.