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Count Zero
11-10-2011, 10:48
Thought I’d put together a quick(hmm actually it turned out to be pretty long) summary of my weekend at the Warhammer GT. For those that don’t know it’s a 5 game, ‘uncomped’ 2400pt event held at Warhammer World. My list briefly was:

Lvl 4 Shadow Wiz with sacrificial dagger
Lvl 1 Fire Wiz with dispel scroll on a Pegasus
Cauldron of Blood BsB
19 spearmen, 2 units of 10 RxB’s, 20 Frenzied Corsairs, 5 Harpies
18 Black Guard, 27 Witches with flaming banner, 8 Shades, 2 Hydras.

Overall I really enjoyed the event, I travelled up with my mate Ewar (who may post his own report here http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=319716 ) and whilst 5 games over 2 days with a long journey either side is pretty tiring it’s still a good event to go to.
This year I faced a nice selection of opponents coming up against Beastmen, O&G’s twice, Lizards & WoC. All 5 games were great and I’d like to throw a thanks out there to my opponents for contributing to such a good weekend. I personally ended up with 3 Wins and 2 Loses and the wins I got were all hard fought.

On to the games and I’ll give summaries of the battles only, it’s too much to remember every detail over the weekend.

1st up was Beatsmen , playing blood and glory scenario.

My opponent had 2 big blocks of beastmen, a small block of minotaurs and an ambushing unit (this was to become familiar). In the end it came down to a few close combats. I won all the battles at the sides of the tables with a hydra taking out his unit of Ambushers on my left and the other hydra with the help of the black guard taking out the smaller of the two beastmen blocks on the right. However he had 1 big block which had 4 victory points in it (2 for the general, 1 for a bsb, 1 for unit standard) so i would need to claim 1 point off this unit somehow to get the win. I was a bit slow off the block here and didn't realise this at the start of the game though (I put that down to an early start after a long drive!), If I had I may have played differently.

Back in the centre of the board my witch elves charged and killed his unit of minotaurs, save for a character who fled, they then overran hitting his main block of troops. He’d given them a pretty good magic item which granted 4+ ward vs flaming attacks which really helped his unit save a lot of kills the witches world otherwise have inflicted. He had also cast a boosted Savage Beast that gave all characters in the unit +3A & +3S, and he had 3 characters in the unit!! so he beat my witches pretty badly who fled and were run down. My corsairs then failed a frenzy check and had to charge into this main unit which I didn't want them too and unsurprising they got smashed too, giving away another banner. I made small error here as I could have opted to send the BG into the flank as well (but I had already declared to charged the BG into the other block of gors) which might have been enough to turn the tide of that combat in my favour. In the end his block, which only had about 10 models left ended up in combat with my Cauldron of Blood containing my BSB. Just behind this was my general in small spearmen unit with a banner. My army started with a high fortitude of 9 but if he had got the BSB and General + unit banner that would have been enough to break me, and surely he would have if he’d been able to get in to combat with the generals unit. 1 also only needed 1 point to break him.

The battle was decided when he made an error and opted to send his BSB into the 6 man combat party to take on the CoB. I promptly directed all my attacks against the BSB killing him and winning the game.

In the aftermath if I had thought properly about this game from the start I feel I could have wrapped it up easier, but taking my eye of the victory conditions gave him a chance, luckily for me a made a mistake, which was very easily done in the heat of the moment, to hand it back to I me.

2nd game was vs O&G, playing Dawn Attack (random deployment).

My opponent had an army full of representatives, using a spider theme, so he had 2 Araknaroks, some normal spider riders, a special unit of ambushing spiders with a SC (there are those ambushers again), as well as big spiders representing trolls and some other spiders representing boar boys etc with 2 blocks of goblins at the back.

He deployed first and set up across his right flank and centre, in my deployment I first rolled a couple of choose options (which I deployed in the centre) and then everything rolled centre which left my army really bunched up. And basically he just overran me! He went 1st and promptly killed my lvl1 wizard on peg with 6 bow shots and it didn’t get any better from there. The 2 spiders caused havoc, one killing my shades on my left before getting stuck in a fight with a Hydra, the other spider came down the middle taking out my generals unit b4 getting into combat with the black guard.

He also had the wizarding hat and rolled lore of life and got Dwellers which he later cast on my witches wiping out half the unit. The remnants of the witches charged the unit of 6 trolls, killing 4 and forcing the other 2 to flee, the last few witches were then shot to death by the goblins. My other hydra combated his boar boys unit but came up against the flaming banner which made short work of him, with his boars continuing into the middle of my army to take on the corsairs. The ambushing spiders came on behind my army to cause havoc at which point I called it a day. I was left reeling from the speed and severity of the assault I had suffered, was a very good game by my opponent with a list that worked well in synergy, really packing a punch that could be delivered with speed. I saw he subsequently went onto win the award for best O&G player that weekend so congrats to him for that.

On to the 3rd game and final game of Saturday and as we had both won one and lost one I ended up playing Ewar (as they sort it by ticket number and were had sequential tickets)

Ewar was taking his Lizardmen and this was the 2nd year in a row we had met in the 3rd game, with him taking a narrow victory last year (passing a snake eyes break test to keep his slann alive at one point)

The mission was the watchtower and unfortunately I handed Ewar a rather easy win.

You can see Ewar’s list in his bat rep thread linked to earlier, but roughly it was a Slaan with TG, 40 strong horde of saurus, 6 Krox, 5 CO’s with Vet, 2 Salies, some sinks and 7 chameleons.

Ewar won the roll off but opted against sticking a unit of skinks in the tower :) however I didn’t take advantage of this and for some inexplicable reason I didn’t take the chance to put either my BG or WE in the tower in my turn 2. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t. I just wasn’t thinking clearly, perhaps still suffering from the mauling in game 2. Ewar took the opportunity with both hands and put his TG in there, whilst the rest of his army dealt with mine. A poor redirection attempt on my part allowed his CO’s led by a Vet with burning blade to take out both my hydras over 2 turns, the BG ended up in combat vs the Krox and the witches vs the horde, but having given the tower away I was never going to get it back and granted Ewar the win. Ewar subsequently took best Lizradmen player for the event so well done to him on that!!

We were both feeling absolutely knackered at this point so rather than whiling the night away in bugmans we headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night, feeling much refreshed in the morning.

Count Zero
11-10-2011, 10:49
1st Up for me on Sunday was Warriors of Chaos, playing the battle for the pass length ways on the table.

His army consisted of 2 blocks of 20 chaos warriors (1 Nurgle, 1 Khorne) a bock of ambushing Khornate GW marauders (3rd ambushers this weekend!) left by Wulfrik, 15 Chosen, a Helcannon, 6 warhounds with a BSB, Lvl4 shadow wizard and a lvl 2 tzeentch wizard.

The hellcannon opened the game by landing a direct hit on my black guard killing 11 of them, in the 2nd turn it landed a direct hit on a unit of crossbows wiping them out. Later on it landed a direct hit on a hydra but thankfully failed to wound. At one point it also misfired causing all wizards to roll on the miscast table, but thankfully nothing too bad happened from that for either side

At the rear of the table my shades took out his warhounds before heading towards the rear of his lines.

He had deployed with his Khorne block on my right, Chosen (who got the 3+ ward) in the centre and Nurgle on my left. I had a hydra held slightly back on each flank to counter Wulfrik with rxb’s on either side, my witches in the middle and the BG facing the khornate warriors and the corsairs facing the nurgle block. The main blocks advanced, both of us failing early charge rolls, as mentioned one unit of rxb’s was wiped out early on, the others, facing the nurgle block couldn’t really do any damage.

As the respective blocks close the gap he took the advantage on my left with his nurgle block taking out the corsairs, crossbows and a hydra over the game, however they ended up right in the corner as a result so couldn’t get back to the main fight in the centre. At the back his ambushers had come on behind me, but I turned a hydra back there and breathed fire on them drastically thinning out the unit, (this hydra was the one then later killed by the nurgle warriors). The marauders then killed my harpies before charging my CoB only for the Death Hag to slay Wulfrik and attendants to kill the remaining marauders before they even struck a blow!!

On the right my remaining black guard and a hydra took out one of his Khornate unit, assisted by a rash of 6’s coming up for the BG armour saves, taking out his lvl 2 along the way.

In the middle the main event was getting underway with my witches vs his chosen with 3+AS and 3+ ward!! I ran the ward save blessing on my witches to try and keep them alive as we ground out the combat. He was getting more kills than me, but I was whittling him down. I then charged some shades in the back which probably was a mistake as they were pretty easy kills for him in return. We also had buffs and hex’s flying all over the place as we both had shadow magic, at one point I buffed my witches to S8 with mind razor, he then knocked 3 off that with enfeebling foe, whilst I lowered his WS, I and S by 1 etc :) it was a lot of fun trying to keep track of it all. In the end my hydra and BG joined in and it was enough to just about kill the last of the Chosen with the Hydras stomp attack killing the last one with the final act of the game!! With the BSB alive on his own and refusing to break.

A really enjoyable game this one, with the small ‘chosenstar’ proving to be tougher than I had anticipated I must admit. I’d have no idea how you’d deal with a bigger block than that

Final game of the day was vs OnG again, this time a standard battle.

He had 2 Araknoraks, a horde of 30 boar boys, and other horde of 30 or 40 orc boys and a smaller unit of orcs. Looking at the armies lined up I honestly though I was going to take a pounding.

In the end I managed to distract one of his spiders for the whole game with my unit of shades as he spent the whole time chasing them round, phew, with the spider eventually failing to kill the last shade.

On the other side, my left, a hydra and the Black Guard ran the other spider off the table, but not b4 the spider had severely maimed the BG with it’s thunder stomps. I then tried to charge the boars who were also coming round my left flank with the corsairs, hydra and BG, but only the corsairs made it (who typically needed the biggest distance roll!) they then took a few wounds a legged it. He then tried to charge my BG boars but couldn’t complete the charge and clipped my spearmen unit instead.

In the middle of the board in one turn his magic had hammered me, as he killed my general with Eadbutt and then killed half of my witches with a foot of gork! Although it then scattered and allowed me to kill some of his orcs too, the foot later hit a hydra doing some wounds, b4 also scattering again allowing me to kill some more orcs which later proved decisive!

The spearmen held on vs the boars, to then be joined by the BG, in the fight, with the hydra lining up for a rear charge later. In them middle the depleted witches with the hydra supporting charged the smaller unit of boys wiping them out, just leaving a shamen alive. The shamen fled and ended between my witches and his big unit of boys blocking him from charging me in his turn. The 2nd hydra then turned back to charge the boars next turn.

In my penultimate turn the 9 remaining witches charged his boys, killing a total of 14 and leaving him with just nine remaining. He killed 8 so I only had the standard left, but as he didn’t have a rank he wasn’t steadfast (which is where those foot of gork kills really helped) and fled from my lone witch elf and got ran down :) unbelievable destruction by the witches at the end there. What really hurt him was the lack of armor saves. As witches are only S3 whilst they get huge numbers of hits and wounds anything with a decent save can really hold them up.

Lastly vs the boars the 2 hydras charged in and turned the tide causing the boar boys to flee and be run down. At the end of the game he had a shamen left (lvl 0 due to a miscast in the 1st turn) and a spider on 3 wounds. Most of my army was in tatters too, with 2 BG left, 1 shade, 1 witch elf, 1 spearmen left. We didn’t count VP’s but with 8th you only get VP’s for destroyed units so he would hardly have got any despite me thinking for most of the game I was going to get hammered It was a good game, and I felt a little sorry for my opponent, the terrain worked against him forcing him to run his boys blocks behind each other which allowed the witches to take them one 1 at a time, and I got lucky vs the boars, if the angles had worked out differently I think he could have swept that flank away.

So that was it, 1 hectic weekend over. 3 close wins and 2 loses, both against players who got best general for their race is some consolation too.

In addition to the games won points (3 for a win 1 for a draw) they also have a soft score system asking players to pick their favourite opponent of the weekend. I got 3 votes for this which game me 5 bonus points and a total tournament score of 14. I was really pleased that 3 people enjoyed their game with me the most, especially considering I ran a dual hydra list. As I said I certainly enjoyed all the games (ok maybe I only ‘enjoyed’ the hammering I took in game 2 upon reflection :)) and everything was played in a really good spirit.

11-10-2011, 11:42
Good reports mate - you definitely had some interesting games.

No idea where those other favourite armies votes came from - they should have been present at the end of game 3 ;)

Count Zero
11-10-2011, 12:36
what do you mean, i thought i was the very definition of dignified calm composure during our game :D