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11-10-2011, 15:19
If a template encompasses an entire unit do characters still get LOS saves?

The reason I ask is that if wounds are distributed as shooting do you still have to allocate them to the characters? The rules also say as long as there is 5 RnF models then characters do get the save. It is a conflict of rules but I'm probably over/under thinking it.

11-10-2011, 15:24
If the wounds from the template are allocated as shooting then no hits will hit a character unless the unit is less than 5 r&f.

If the template hits all models under it then the character gets a LoS if the unit is more than 5 r&f.

What template is it that distributes the hits as shooting?

Lord Inquisitor
11-10-2011, 15:25
It can seem a bit weird but yes, you still get the Look Out Sir roll. Effectively one trooper takes two hits. So if you have 20 models including the character in the unit and they all get hit, if the LOS roll is passed, then 20 hits will go on the 19 rank and file.