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12-10-2011, 01:25
So I have the old pewter hunter model, and I really want to field him. I have no cat models at all with my ogres army so I can't put him in a unit at all currently. I was thinking probably the only 2 other ways to use him would be to be a big crummy move or shoot harpooner, or this other idea I had.

Beast Killer big name : The one that gives him +1 to wound rolls.
Extra Hand Weapon
Potion of Strength
Some kind of ward save

The idea being to use him as a monster seeking missile. March up to it, chug pot next turn and charge it. 5 Strength 8 attacks with +1 to wound should clobber a monster? Maybe? Still seems bad now that I wrote it out :(

Maybe I should convert him to have a great weapon instead, and that big name, and 30 points of magic defense items?

Let me know if you have any good ideas on how to field a solo on foot Hunter, and what good he might do. Doesn't need to be great, just passable enough to have a shot at getting his points back. I love the idea of a single ogre clobbering a giant or a sphynx or a spider to bits, and I really want to use this model!

12-10-2011, 12:39
flaming attacks, will help him own monsters.

12-10-2011, 16:40
Is there a way to make him have flaming attacks, that isnt a magical weapon? As the big name for +1 to wound states it doesn't work with a magical weapon.

I figure if I took a flaming sword, the str 5 would make him too poor of a strength to really clobber a monster. Although I suppose I could skip the name, take a potion of strength, and a flaming weapon. That would give him like 4 flaming str 8 attacks.

What are the choices for adding flaming to him, as he can't join units?

Maybe if I got lucky with my fire belly, and got the flaming sword of rhuin, and managed to cast it on him. That + big name would rock, +2 to wound, flaming attacks.

Any thoughts on how to help me field my hunter model, and make him do something decent?

12-10-2011, 20:24
I use mine as a flanker to tip the balance in combats rather than a monster wrecker and I find that the shield of ptolos and Opel amulet with iron fist as kit the first 2 will keep him alive from shooting including a cannon( if you roll well) and the fist to help in cc. Sure he's not going to kill a unit on his own(save small light cav etc) but he is a threat that needs dealing with and is normally over looked due to rest of the army coming head on. Might not suit you but works for me.

12-10-2011, 21:55
I put my Hunter on a 40x40mm base so I can use him as a Tyrant or Bruiser. When I need him as a Hunter I have a magnet hidden in the base so I can put the whole model on a 50x50mm base. So im flexible and can use the coolest of the character models as anything I want.

I also put mini magnets in the Hunters gut and his gutplates. That way if he has the skull or the lion he is a hunter. If I use him as a Bruiser then he has a normal gutplate. I'm still thinking about a good gutplate for use as a Butcher. Maybe a magnitised apron out of green stuff?

I am thinking of running the Hunter with a small pack of Sabertusks. Even a single tusk will give him a Vanguard move and thus a big jump up a flank. Then depending on who gets the first move and what the opposition does either:
A) try to find the flank of a nice unit,
B) sneak around terrain and then head straight at a wizard bunker
C) split the cat(s) from the hunter and hunt warmachines/support units.

As for the gear im still tending to give him what most of my chars get wards and/or HvArmour w/ward.
He has good stats so keeping him alive is always helpful. The last 15-20pts on whatever.