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guardian angel
12-10-2011, 08:15
So after much thought and reading over old lists I think I have finally arrived at a 2400 list I am happy with:)

The list is not the hardest one out there, but it has the tools to deal with anything out there (at least I think it does!), which a good allcomers army should do.

Also, on the table it should look good due to it's balanced nature.

Anyhow, the list:

Sorcerer lord(lvl4 - shadow)+necrotic phylactery+enchanted shield+blood of tzeentch+iron curse icon+warrior bane=335

Exalted hero(BSB)+MoT+shield+talisman of preservation+biting blade=200
Sorcerer(lvl1 - fire)+charmed shield+scroll+3rd eye of tzeentch=140

18 Warriors+MoK+shields+halberds+m+sb+banner of eternal flame=364
20 Warriors+MoT+shields+fc+rapturous std=390
42 Marauders+MoK+gw+fc=260
29 Marauders+MoT+shields+fc=185
5 Marauder horsemen+MoS+la+flails+m=96
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

7 Knights+MoT+m+sb+blasted standard=370

The basic plan is the 3 main combat blocks (khorne warriors, tzeentch warriors and khorne marauders) form the centre, with the tzeentch marauders providing back-up and a bunker for my level4.

My level1 will go in the khorne marauders to give them leadership 8, helping to control them, and also gaining a measure of protection.

BSB goes with the tzeentch warriors and together they chant "we shall not, we shall not be moved"! They form a very solid centre to the army. BSB is as well protected as I can get him.

Decided to put the flaming banner back on my warriors as a definitive answer to regen. I think I've been playing HE to long, hence why I was loath to drop the mark of nurgle

Marauder horsemen provide me with a fast unit to hunt warmachines with, something they are more reliable at than hounds!

And the knights, well they're my fast flankers, but can be used for many things and 7 knights still worries people, so means an opponent can't focus wholly on the troop blocks.

Anyhow, that's a run down. Any improvements anyone can see that can be made?

12-10-2011, 08:31
Looks like it should work!

guardian angel
12-10-2011, 09:27
Cheers muchly:D