View Full Version : Ogre Tourny List (2000pts)

12-10-2011, 20:34
Lvl 4 Slaughter Master,
-Fencers Blades, Dispell Scroll, Dragonbane gem, Rockeye

Bruiser BSB
-Heavy armor, Ironfist, Dragonhide Banner

15 Ironguts
-Banner, msc, Standard of discipline

4 Mournfangs
-Banner and msc

4 Leadbelchers

1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk


So its a four game tourny in about a months time. Clearly im looking to play a hordestar using the faster mournfangs and stonehorn to make sure people dont just run away from me the entire time. The leadbelchers should also be able to thin out anything that wants to avoid contact with my main combat units. So what do you guys think?

13-10-2011, 01:14
Seems like a solid list to me. I have been working up several different lists for Ogres and I keep coming back to 1 Slaughtermaster/Butcher and 1 BSB Bruiser for characters. I love the fluff of the Firebelly, but everytime I look at the points, I want to stick with one caster and one BSB. There are simply too many things that you want but do not have the points for.

The one thing I would suggest is to consider putting maneaters in there instead of leadbelchers. Give the maneaters a brace of ogre pistols, poison attacks, sniper, and the banner of eternal flame. That is an insane unit that seems a must have for any list.

13-10-2011, 13:55
Yeah I completely agree with you on the characters, if it were 2500 pts I'd take a firebelly with the hellheart, but I feel for the same points the leadbechers will be more effective.

I like maneaters with handguns as well but given the amount of points I have to play with I prefer the leadbelchers they get more shots of per turn. Though maneaters are better at killing monsters with poison. I feel per point the leadbelchers do more shooting damage and are slightly more resilient. Again if it were a 2500 point game I'd probably take both