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13-10-2011, 00:54
So this is my first list with my new beastmen. I love ambush in general, so I tried to build an army around that. As follows:

Khazrak the One Eye
270 points

Wargor w/ Heavy Armor, Shield, BSB, Manbane Standard
151 points

Level 2 Bray Shaman (Beasts)
110 points

Level 2 Bray Shaman (Shadows)
110 points

Gor Herd w/ Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command, x20
185 points

Gor Herd w/ Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command, x20
185 points

Gor Herd w/ Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command, x20
185 points

Gor Herd w/ Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command, x20
185 points

Ungor Raiders x10
60 points

Ungor Raiders x10
60 points

Bestigor Herd w/ Full Command x25
330 points

13-10-2011, 19:46
Hate to burst your bubble but unless your local gaming community allows you to use the BRB Ambush it will fail you spectacularly well often.

A really good BSB is heavy armour, Gnarled Hide, Sheild, Beasts Banner. Comes in at 206 points and makes one unit of Gors really scary (especially combined with Wissan's)

I've started using ambushing and my configuration is horde of 40 gors (with beasts banner) and 20 Gors to ambush.

I recommend a bit of chaff. Single or double Razorgors, and 5/6 man Harpies are really helpful for warmachines, speedbumps, etc.

Hope that helps. Feel free to always visit the herdstone (http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/index.php?act=idx) for a wealth of information :)

13-10-2011, 19:51
I haven't had a lot of luck with Beastmen Ambush, which is what I'm assuming you're going for with the multiple same sized units. Sneaking up on things can be good depending on the army your up against (Empire and Dwarf gunlines and maybe Elves), but I'm not sure how 20 gor will do against Chaos warriors or Ogres. I have had a lot of luck with 36 or so Beast herds with a Beast banner Bsb (pretty stock build by now, but it works.) I might also suggest Not giving hatred to your opponents with the manbane banner. A lot of armies go before beastmen initiative-wise and not having armor to mitigate that, hurts.

I haven't played Khazrak just yet, but for working horde formations over, I doubt there are any better.

13-10-2011, 23:07
Well I was thinking taking Khazrak would help mitigate bad BAmbush rolls. Given 3-4 units ambushing, some at least ought to do well.

And Manbane Banner doesn't give Hatred, that's the Banner of Outrage. Manbane is -1 Ld for all w/in 6". Beast Banner may be a better choice though.

14-10-2011, 11:26
Banner of outrage works if you're playing opponents who already have rerolls, such as DE or HE, otherwise it is indeed a problem (although I guess we're not taling about that right now anyway). I love the Beastbanner, especially as it will boost the S of characters in the unit too, so beastlords become S6!

I've never bothered ambushing and I would like to give it a go too at some point. Here's the ideas I would have for it:

1. I think the basic set up of of multiple small-moderate sized units is about right.

2. With the gors I might be tempted to have one larger one with the beast banner BSB and AHW who can go in horde formation, and the ambushing units set up five across with shields for the parry save to hold things in place while your other units get into position.

2. There's a nice combo with a 1 shadow shaman on a chariot with the scouting item and a big killy beastlord also on a chariot, You cast a spell with the shadow wizard, ideally something minor that your oppo doesn't bother to dispel, and then use the ability to switch position with the killy beastlord who can not only wreak havoc against the ememy, but also has an 18" Ld 9 bubble in an advanced position for your ambushers to make use of.

3. Despite its otherwise naff-ness a Wilds GBS could bring a ghorgon on in an ambush position too.

4. I'm not sure how effective he would be, but the ungor special character is allowed to ambush, so you might get some use out of him - maybe use him with a couple of larger ungor units so that you've got a semi-decent (??) character to fight with the ambushers. However, that's just a guess as I've never used him nor got the book to hand to check whether he's actually likely to be any good.

5. I suspect you'll need careful application of multiple hexes and augments to get your strategy to work, as such the herdstone backed up by a number of level 1s might be useful.

6. What about some other smaller units to help out other than the ungor raiders - something that can help out with a combo flank charge. Scouting harpies might work. Can centigors or tuskgor chariots ambush (again, not got the book to hand)?

Although now we're getting into much more than the 1850 points you started with to get all these to work.