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15-10-2011, 00:52
Hello guys.

I want to make a themed VC list alongside my Empire army that im currently painting :) Progress will be slow as I will be painting the units as reward projects in between Empire units but I already got 1 (almost) finished and the 2nd assembled :)

Im looking to create an (almost) exclusivly skeleton force :) I say almost because there are 2 units that I want to include that arent skeletons, mainly a unit of Cairne Wraiths and a Varghulf :cool: (wraiths almost completed, just need to do the bases and one of the masks)

Other then that all core, special and rares should be skeletons. :)

Can you guys give me some help with a list? I made a 1000 point list but im not sure if its decent.

vampire, avatar of death, black periapt
20 skeletons, full command
20 skeletons, full command
15 great guard, full command

Each necromancer will join a unit of skellies and the vampire will join the great guard (sword and shield btw... already S4 and kill blow!) In my opinion ive got a nice start of an army there but id like to hear some opinions on it first :angel:

15-10-2011, 16:15
gear your necros...atleast a little...

15-10-2011, 22:05
Ok I got 10 point left to spend, and 5 points availbe until I break the 25% barrier. What item should I buy them? :)

17-10-2011, 08:58
Hmmmm dont need 2 necromancers and a vampire in such a small army. for example in my 1000 point list I only have 1 vampire so maybe only 1 vampire and 1 necromancer will be all you need plus the grave guard unit looks a little small so maybe drop one of the necros or even both and get some more grave guard because the moment the enemy sees your grave guard especially as your general is in there they are going to fire everything at it

17-10-2011, 09:10
at this low points i would take 1 magicy vamp, 2 if you can, raise an army thats massive and swarmt he enemy with skellies

18-10-2011, 00:56
Hmmm so 3 is a crowd? :D

Il just make this list 1500 point because, honestly I hate 1000 points games to begin with... Doesent feel like an army to me :D At 1500 its slowly moving towards the right direction!

How about this for 1500 pts:
*Vamp Thrall with avatar of death (sword and shield), infinite hatred and black periapt (maybe switch infinite hatred out for lvl 2 magic...)
*necromancer with 2nd spell. Id like Vanhel's either way but not to sure on the n2d spell.... Raise dead or invocation? Zombies might be usefull to tie up war machines, catch skirmishers and such
*Wight king BSB with sword of kings
*24 skeletons with FC (HW+shld) - deployed 6x4
*24 skeletons with FC (HW+shld) - deployed 6x4
*unit of 10 dire wolves with doomwolf
*unit of 10 dire wolves with doomwolf
*30 graveguard with FC and banner of the barrows - deployed 7x4

I still got 3 points left to spend :) the reason why I took the dire wolves is kind of the same reason the Varghulf is in. I like the model and idea that a Vampire surrounds him with savage predators. Dire wolves also seem usefull and while basicly wolf zombies they dont got such a sucky statline :D (not such a stellar statline either though...)

I mentioned how many ranks I thought would be best to deploy them in, can you guys comment ont that?

The graveguard horde will be in the middle with the 2 units of skeletons covering the flanks while the Vargulf and dire wolves flank. :evilgrin:

Also a small question: The wight king has LD9, the thrall (and general) ld7... If theyre both in the unit which LD do you use? :eek:

Is it a Good/bad/alright list?

18-10-2011, 01:43
much better looking list

21-10-2011, 07:52
Thats a much better looking list and to be honest character wise im having that trouble myself with my magic heavy 2k vampire list which has Mannfred (Lord version) 2 hellstead magic heavy vamps and a necro. the problem all us vampire players are going to have is getting the power dice to take advantage of our magic. On the question of which leadership do you use id say you use the BSB's leadership because his is the highest