View Full Version : Ogre Pirates 3000 pts

15-10-2011, 03:01
(1) Slaughtermaster (Maw) and Hellheart and Talisman of Preservation

(1) Butcher and Talisman of Endurance
(1) BSB with Razor Banner

(24) Gnoblars FC
(8 ) Ironguts FC with Dragonhide Banner (Slaughtermaster here)
(7) Ogres with ironfists with champ and bellower (Butcher and BSB here)

(6) Leadbelchers with champ and bellower
(6) Leadbelchers with champ and bellower
(4) Maneaters FC with BoOG with Strider Banner (sniper, poison)

(1) Giant
(1) Giant
(1) Giant

15-10-2011, 16:14
3 giants ...i like your style...

22-10-2011, 14:10
I would lose the giants. they die far too easily. If you want a strong army list, giants seldomly help.
But if you're going for some kind of gunline(ish) army, thundertusks would fit in better with the rest of the army.

More maneaters and some mournfangs would help alot.

I also find the champion in units seldomly worth their points. A crusher gives you one more attack on an ogre If you drop three champions in the list, it can buy you a new ogre. :)
The only unit you have that could benefit from a champion, would be the maneater captain. He can beat many hero level characters in an underdog challenge. '

FC on a unit is also nifty if you intend to hide your characters, but I like mine in the front line, soaking up and dealing damage in equal measure.

An all pirate army would look awesome and fit in perfectly fluffwise. I'd go for a lot of maneaters in such a themed list. An ironblaster would also fit in such an army ,and they're quite good too. :)

27-10-2011, 12:03
I'd probably lose the Giants and one or two Leadbelchers in favour of 3 more Manaters, an Ironblaster and then flesh out the Ogres/'Guts a bit more.
Pirate Ogres are awesome though; my only concern is transporting 3 Giants on a ship? :D


27-10-2011, 17:31
The problem with Ogre armies is the ability to soak up damage and still hit hard. If your combat units take 8-12 wounds, they become almost useless. Unless the Giants can hold up a horde(good luck with that), then your army has no capability for dealing with one.