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15-10-2011, 11:19
Hey guys,
I've entered a campaign with a bunch of my friends and we're slowly increasing the points level of our battles, and the 'round' coming up in a few days is 2000pts. I've 50pts of Gold too, so 2050pts

Here it is:

Grey Seer @ 285pts
Talisman of Preservation

Chieftain BSB @ 70pts

Warlock Engineer @ 65pts
Brass Orb

Warlock Engineer @ 45pts

40 Stormvermin @ 320pts
Full Command and Banner of Eternal Flame

24 Clanrats @ 193pts
Full Command, Shields,
Poisoned Wind Mortar

5 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster @ 23pts

5 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster @ 23pts

48 Slaves @ 96pts

48 Slaves @ 96pts

21 Giant Rats @ 79pts
2 Packmasters

6 Gutter Runners @ 108pts
Poisoned Attacks, Slings

6 Rat Ogres @ 264pts
3 Packmasters

Warp-Lightning Cannon @ 90pts

Doomwheel @ 150pts

Total: 2050pts - 143pts

I'll most likely be facing Ogres, WoC and/or Dwarves.

Any and all advice appreciated. There are things I will and wont be able to do due to lack of models, but just tell me anyway so I know what to buy next :)

Tactics: Fairly simple: large Giant rat unit kills fast cav or skirmishers or helps flanks. Ogres and Stormvermin are the 2 fighty blocks. 24 clanrats is a bunker for see and BSB. Slaves are tarpits.

Thanks very much.

16-10-2011, 02:55
Any takers? The list has been edited slightly now and I have 143pts left over to spend, any ideas?

16-10-2011, 06:11
Protection on your bsb could help.. Take a second warplightning cannon. Or spam cheap warlords with halberd:-p

The House Guest
16-10-2011, 16:58
drop those 5 rats and 1 packmaster (both) and get another reg of clanrats plus 6 in the first one or another doom wheel,,

17-10-2011, 09:41
Personally I don't really rate the Rat Ogres that highly. They are ok, but I often find they get ground down in their first combat - so even if they win, they are too small to contribute to much else.

I would be tempted to drop the Rat Ogres and one unit of Slaves, and replace with a horde of 40 Plague Monks with the Plague Banner. They may struggle against Dwarf/Chaos Warrior armour saves. But against Marauders, and even Ogres if you can cast Bless with Filth, the massed attacks + re-rolls will slaughter units in a single round of combat - and you'd have pts to spare from doing this! Possibly even enough to add a Hellpit Abomination when taking into account the 143pts you already have spare :)

This free's up your Stormvermin to go against units with armour when/where you need to - i.e. Chaos Warriors in the Watchtower. -1AS and re-rolls to wound (flaming banner), and potentially +2A from Death Frenzy, makes them one of your best chances in that scenario.

Failing all that (i.e. if you don't have the models), another large unit of Giant Rats is always fun - especially with Bless with Filth / Death Frenzy from the Grey Seer :)

18-10-2011, 06:59
Yeah I don't have a Hellpit or any Plague Monks (yet :evilgrin:) but thanks for the help, will help me decide what to buy next.

I think I'll spend the remaining points making teh Warlock with rocket a level + energy condenser. And then spend the rest on more giant rats

Thanks everyone.