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The Underdog
15-10-2011, 12:14
OK, having a stroing love for Boss Zagstruk (both in terms of fluff and the gorgeous mini) I found myself captivated by the idea of the Vulcha Skwad the other day and since I have an upcoming apoc game in a couple of months time i've been wondering about the idea of exanding the traditional 'one squad' Vulcha boyz and creating an apocalypse data sheet to take things one step larger (as all good orks like to..)

Anyway: for the perusal and criticism of warseer....

Cost: 100pts

Squads: Boss Zagstruk, 3 full squads of Stormboys (15 strong), 1 Fighta Bomma

Rules: 'Hold on tight ladz' - due to cramming so many stormboyz into a fighta bomma hold (and on the wings etc) any time the fighta bomma takes a glancing/penetrating hit D3 stormboyz are killed to represent them falling out etc (randomize the squad that takes the casualties)

'Supa swoop attack!' - All units are held in reserves at the start of the game. Roll once for the whole formation and when it becomes available just deploy the fighta bomma. After this the vulcha skwad can deploy at by 'supa swoop' at any point immediately after the fighta bomma moves. To do this, deploy Zagstruk and one stormboyz squad by deepstriking him from any point the fighta bomma moved over following Zagtruks normal swoop attack rule. the other two stormboy squads are then deployed by deepstrike withing 3" of the first squad and also benefit from swoop attack.

I will of course be asking my opponent for feedback but thought i'd ask here too to get an idea of any improvements etc...

15-10-2011, 15:41
Nice little formation, but you don't roll for reserves in Apocalypse.

I'd also clear up the Supa Swop rule a little to something like:

Soopa Swoop Attakk! - Only deploy the Fighta Bomma during deployment. When bringing on any units held in Strategic Reserve you may bring on the remainder of the Vulcha Boyz Skwadrun using the following method. In the turn where the Vulcha Skwad becomes available, move the Figha Bomma as you would normally and mark the start and end of the move with a suitable marker (such as a dice or sacrificial Grot) and draw a line between these two points. Zagstruk is then placed at any point along this line and scatters as per the deep strike rules, the rest of his unit is then deployed. The remaining mobs belonging to the formation are then deployed with at least 1 model within 3" of Zagstruk's mob. All of the units deploying this way benefit fomr the Swoop Attack special rule.

I would also consider reducing the basic cost of the formation, there is a very good chance of it never coming in from reserve (the fighta bomma could be destroyed), or insert a rule that always the formation to deploy under emergency measures if their plane is shot out from under/around them. Actually, that would be a good one, put in a rule where they make a emergency disembarkation via deep strike and instead of wiping out a unit tat cannot deploy due to lack of space, just have them lose the models that cannot be placed on the board. Oh, and also have each unit lose d6 models as they are blown up with the bomma :D