View Full Version : Characters in a unit with special rules

15-10-2011, 18:32
Hi, I'm wondering if a unit of with special deployment or movement rules such as Ambusher, Scout, Vanguard etc is deployed with a character without such rules, can the unit still deploy as their per their special rule? Or do I need the character to have that rule as well to do so?

E.g. I have a unit of Maneaters with Vanguard or Scout special rule and I plan to deploy my character in them. Can I still use those special rules?


15-10-2011, 21:06
No you may not. See page 100.

16-10-2011, 02:44
Yrrdead covers things well, but also consider how deployment actually works. What most people forget when they put all their characters in the units they will join is that the character doesn't actually join the unit until you reach your last slot in deployment. Each of your units (minus Ambushers and Scouts) are deployed and then you place all your characters last, allowing flexibility in armies that actually make room for it (eg 3 identical units that could potentially serve as bunkers for a character). This means that the characters are deployed before Scouts and Ambushers hit the table (they need a similar rule themselves to be deployed with these units, eg Rune of Brotherhood or Shadow Armour).