View Full Version : High Elves: Harry Potter Themed (3250 Points)

15-10-2011, 18:12
Yeah. I'm trying to think of a nice themed list.

Archmage (High Lore); Lvl 4; Seerstaff of Saphery
She will be my Minerva McGonagall

Mage (Beasts); Lvl 2; Annulian Crystal
My Doris Crockford

Mage (Death); Starwood Staff; Amulet of Light; Elven Steed
My Madam Hooch

Noble (Life); BSB; Radiant Gem
I will be converting him to be my Peeves. Carrying a Quidditch hoop. With Fawkes sat in it.

20 Archers; Musician; Standard [X4]
My Houses

7 Dragon Princes; Musician; Standard
My Quidditch Players. Will be converted to ride brooms. Urk.

20 Sword Masters; Bladelord; Musician; Standard Bearer; Banner of Sorcery
These will be my Piertotum Locomotor suits of armour

30 Phoenix Guard; Keeper; Musician; Standard Bearer; Banner of Arcane Protection
I have the intention of keeping these as various odds and sods from the books. Like a Fleur Delacour. And some Weaslys. And perhaps some ghosts.

Repeater Bolt Thrower [X4]
These will be modelled as different things from the Battle of Hogwarts, i.e. Trelawney with a pile of Crystal Balls.

I intend to keep the Archers near the back. McGonagall will stay at the back, on her own, buffing the units with Curse of Arrow Attraction, and that.

Peeves will be with the Phoenix Guard, keeping their numbers decent. Hopefully with Regrowth, otherwise, Earth Blood does the job. they'll go for the harder targets, because of their ward.

Doris will go with the Sword Masters, with Wyssan's Wildform and something else keeping them strong. They'll go unit mincing.

Hooch will be with the Dragon Princes, shooting off Spirit Leech to weaken the enemy. These'll do flank and rear charges.

The Repeaters will be used to deny areas, and force the enemy to expose flanks.

Is this a fun-ish list?

15-10-2011, 18:34
why is dumblydor not leading this, or is he teclis

15-10-2011, 21:33
why is dumblydor not leading this, or is he teclis

Because as he mentioned it's the battle of hogweeds with the crystal balls, he's dead.

And that's not a spoiler. If you didn't know he was dead, you've been living in a cave.


16-10-2011, 08:08
nice idea i suppose...