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15-10-2011, 19:18

My LGC is due to start a campaign shortly, and I've came up with the following list. Your thoughts are appreciated: -

1 Orc Big Boss w/shield 57
1 NG Big Boss standard bearer 55
1 NG lvl2 shaman 85
25 Orcs w/shields & fcmd 210
14 Orc arrer boyz w/mus 108
25 NG w/arrows Netts, 1x fan, fcmd 175
5 Wolf rider w/mus 60
1 Rock lobber 80
1 Doom diver 85
1 Mangler squig 65

Thats 20pts remaining. Any suggestions?


16-10-2011, 08:10
drop arrer boys and add mor orcs to block of 25 and gear your characters...they will die

Oogie boogie boss
16-10-2011, 10:04
I agree. I'm a fan of arrer boys, but at this level more a bigger Orc boys unit, say 35, would be handier. Maybe use the leftover points for some Trolls? They'll give you a bit more combat punch.

16-10-2011, 13:08
Thanks, the Arrer Boyz were included to either protect the warmachines or support the Orcs. If I drop them and add 10 more to the Orc block, I'll be left with 58 points. The is an initial cap of 50 on magic items.

16-10-2011, 14:58
add gear then

20-10-2011, 19:49
Changed list based on inittial campaign restrictions:

BoBB w/ shield
Orc lvl2 shaman
35 orcs w/shield, champ, mus
29 NG w/bows, net,mus, standard x2 fans
10 orc arrer boys w/mus
5 wolf rider w/mus
mangler squig

Roughly 50 pts left over on magic item

Any thoughts?


20-10-2011, 21:23
Or an alternative:

Orcs BB w/shield
Orcs shaman lvl2
25 Orcs w/shield fcmd
25 Orcs w/shield fcmd
40 NG w/bows, net, fanatic, fcmd
5 wolfriders w/mus
Mangler squig

Still got 50 pts to spend on magic item?

20-10-2011, 21:36
I'd take the second option, but drop a few orcs and then combine those units (maybe a unit of 40?).

Then with the spare points you can bump the gobbos up to about 60.

However if you're not using a bunker (I'm not a fan of bunkers myself) then I think you'll need to give the characters some protection. You can't really afford to lose any of them

21-10-2011, 21:45
With only 2 main units, 2 mangler squigs and a small detachment of wolf riders. Do you not think I would get owned?

21-10-2011, 22:28
Ok decided on a revised list:

BB BO w/ shield
ORC Shaman lvl2
NG BSB w/GW, bad moon banner
35 Orcs Boyz w/ fcmd
50 NG w/ bows, mus, x1 fan, netter
5 wolf riders w/mus
2 mangler squigs

6 points left.

Any better?

21-10-2011, 23:18
you will have trouble winning games...your characters need gear, and you dont have any heavy hitters at all....

22-10-2011, 00:12
I could change the Orcs to big'uns or add in a support squad of black Orcs?

22-10-2011, 00:19
i think the gobos are going to be a disappointment....keep orcs but give them add hw...drop the gobo unit and add a something that will hit hard...either trolls or boar boys or chariot...make the caster a gobo and put im in unit of wolfs, make the bsb an orc and put him in orcs block...then take orc general and put him in unit of boar boys or on chariot...that gives u a lot of options in a 1000 pt game, also consider gearing your charcaters a little...u dont want them to die

22-10-2011, 00:20
in my opinion of course