View Full Version : Are 1000 Sons Psykers? . . . .Vs DE

16-10-2011, 09:11
I looked at GW websight and wondering if 100o sons Are "psykers" Said undifined.....
Getting into a Freindly game Chaos Sm Vs DE And was Wondering How effective A Hammi with a WWp and Crucible of Malediction would be? I know He will be using some sorcers and a Prince. Id be backing up the hammi With 2 troops in raiders with TGL. Thinking 2 TGL should be enough since Id be putting more pionts into troop comming in via WWP.

16-10-2011, 11:31
It'll only work against models with Psychic powers, at the most that'll be 8 models -

2 HQs (Sorcerers or Daemon Princes only)
6 in Troops (Aspiring Sorcerers leading Thousand Sons troops)

But unless your playing 50 billion points, no-one will be taking 6 Thousand Sons squads...

Rubric Marines are not psykers in any way.

17-10-2011, 06:59
Even if they were all psykers, the Crucible's hopless at actually doing anything.

All those psykers would have to be in 3d6", average 10.5", of a single IC. At which point they have to be unlucky enough to fail a LD10 test on 2d6... that's an 8.33% chance of causing a casualty assuming you roll enough range to get there. Simply assaulting the unit or saturating it with poison splinters is a better option.

Archon Deloth Vyrr
17-10-2011, 07:17
The Aspiring Champ of each 1000 sons squad is a psyker

The Crucible is more or less useless 9/10 times. However, that 1/10 when it works it can actually do some amazing things.

I had the spare points so I took it in a tournament list a couple months ago. It failed to do anything in games 1-3, with Mephiston and several rune priests all passing their tests.

In game 4 however I was playing vs Nids and activated it after his souped up flying Tyrant had gotten within range. He rolled 11 for his Tyrant and had this look of horror when I told him to remove the model from the board.