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16-10-2011, 14:46
I have long wanted to play a horde army, however most of the horde armies out there had some point which caused me to steer clear of them.
orcs and goblins ( too silly), skaven (too cheap, always made me feel dirty), and empire ( too generic) never really caught my attention.

there was also ofc beastmen, but i didnt really like the old armybook, and when the new one came out i was busy building my warriors of chaos army so i had no money for it.
My warriors are now "done" so i have the funds to start building my beastmen.

However before i begin i would like some advice about them. I would like to avoid buying and equiping a unit only to later find out that the unit is somewhat pointless and doesnt really work that well ( i dont have that much money).

So if people on this forum could assist me by shareing their gathered knowledge of beastmen "does and donts" it would be highly appreciated :)

the things im mostly looking for is what units to start with for a starting beastmen army, and some usefull game tactics people have found.

16-10-2011, 15:11
Herdstone spam is the way to go.

Level 4 w/ stone
3 or 4 lvl 1's w/ beasts

just spam wildform all over the place it's crazy! :D

16-10-2011, 16:10
the battalion is probably the best buy arround. get 3 and a few chars and we're preaty much set.

30 bestigors
40 gors (always get extra hand weapon on gors)
20 gors for some tower duty, ambushing or flank protection
30 ungors (HW+ shield for parry saves)

with one more box of ungors you get the 40 necessary for a big steadfast unit to take on those nasty charges

GBS with with the melee gear (4+ ward, jagged dagger, steel claws, lore of beasts on the 40 gors)
beast banner BSB (2+ armour save with parry save with the gors)
beastlord with whatever build but take the crown of command with the bestigors

2-3 lvl 1 shamen with herdstone and miasma for some battlefield control

and yer about set for a reasonable price, assuming you're going for the 2500ish point limit

17-10-2011, 10:39
ok i get the idea behind most of the things you have posted, but how do i handle the 3 shamans near the herdstone?

do they go in a unit? or do they stay single models?

17-10-2011, 10:43
ok i get the idea behind most of the things you have posted, but how do i handle the 3 shamans near the herdstone?

do they go in a unit? or do they stay single models?

Don't just take Beasts as a lore, though: Shadow has won games.

There are a few thoughts on how to handle the Shaman:

1) You can toss the Shaman in to a unit of skirmishers. This gives enemies -1 for long range, -1 for skirmishers and probably -2 for hard cover from the Herdstone, with only your Shamans looking out so they can see. Not bad, but leaves you vulnerable to magic missiles and fliers.

2) You can stick them in to a powerful combat unit, like Gor or Bestigor. This takes a lot of points all hovering around the Herdstone, however. It'll probably protect you, but leaves you at a numerical disadvantage.

Other than that, the box set is great. If you're going for the stereotypical infantry horde, you'll want Bestigor for sure.

17-10-2011, 23:03
I don't think I saw anyone mention the herdstone (http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/index.php?act=idx) where there is a wealth of information at your disposal.

My advice is get a couple battalions to start, then another box of Bestigors, some harpies, razorgors (people use Boar Boy boars), a couple chariots. A good starting army is 40 ungor (HW/Sh for steadfast block), big block or two of gors, big block of bestigors, and characters as suggested.

17-10-2011, 23:07
Go to the herdstone forum.

3 battalions is pretty much an army, be sure to equip all your gors with additional hand weapons. Focus on core and don't do the shaman dancing around a herdstone from the get go, it's boring and forces your army to be pretty static.

Seriously, go to the herdstone forum.

18-10-2011, 19:59
Thirded. :)

18-10-2011, 20:22
, be sure to equip all your gors with additional hand weapons.

Yes, lots of attacks with good WS and Hatred and upwards of S5 is great =)

20-10-2011, 04:29
Any advice on how a Beastman army is suppose to handle Doom Wheels? I had a pair of 'em just run rough-shod over my herds. I've all but given up trying to work my way around Lightning cannons and HPAs.

20-10-2011, 08:36
amber spear, curse of anareheir (whatever), pit of shades, miasma, single razorgors, chariots, large units of ungors, harpies, etc

20-10-2011, 08:41
An expensive, T6 chariot that has random movement?

Bestigor. 3d6 is an average movement of 10. 2d6+5 is an average movement of 12. You can outmaneuver him with practically anything.

Doombull with the rerollable 1+ save that lets him get more attacks for every save he gets.


Skaven aren't so bad. I'm more afraid of their endless horde army than I am of elite Skaven of doom. Beastmen throw out far more elite(Read: Characters) individuals than Skaven. I once faced a 3 Abomination army and killed 4 Abominations in it. One got back up.

20-10-2011, 19:20
abombs are really not that bad, its the multiple WLC, rockets, and magic that make me cry...

20-10-2011, 20:31
Best moment ever with an abomb. He charged in straight into my unit of Warriors of Chaos, with a flaming banner and an exalted BSB in the unit. Insta dead.

21-10-2011, 16:17
What did you use for multiple HPAs. One, I can see throwing a BEF unit of bestigors at it and coming out on top but what do you do about two Hell Pits?

21-10-2011, 18:29
I was wondering...can you place a herdstone and then Fozzrik's Folding Fortress on top so the herdstone + shamans are inside the building? :shifty:

21-10-2011, 19:44
You can just see out the Tower and you only need to be 6"s away. Just place it outside the tower close. I don't think you can place the Herdstone in the tower as it is terrain itself.

The Flaming Banner is common on Bestigors (re multiple HPAS). Honestly it will be the massed horde of Skaven that are more a problem than the elites they have.

If you face Skaven and feel it's an unfair battle you can always take Slugtongue.

22-10-2011, 11:02
Slugtongue is tha man....goat man. Baa baa black sheep, have you any death?