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17-10-2011, 13:44
hey all.

got a game comming up and trying to pick between 2 lists.

chaos sorc, mot, spell familiar, sword of striking, opal amulet, charmed shield, disc, stream of corrup.

12 warriors, mok, shields, musician
28 marauders, mok, musc+stan, great weapon
25 marauders, mot, command, shields
5 hounds


Exalted, mot, talisman of endurance, sword of might, shield
13 warriors, mok, shields,command.
29 marauders, mok, musc+stan, great weapon
3 trolls
5 hounds

i played a small game the other day against dark elves and my opponent took a pure combat hero which ultimately was the only remaining model left due to me being unable to kill him. he got lucky a bit. i got 7 hits off of flickering fire but only str 4 and so his re rollable 2+ laughed it off but that was really my only answer to him. it made me think that i might be able to get away with a combat hero in these small games and the second list is obviously a reflection of this.

thoughts on the lists welcomed but also info about beasts as iv not played them before would be great.

17-10-2011, 15:02
both lists are solid at that point level....watch out for ambush against beasts

18-10-2011, 20:40
watch out for ambush against beasts

Yes it's a sign your opponent is not playing well ;)

20-10-2011, 15:33
It's tough to think what you might do with beastmen at 800 points. I guess he could get 2 naked L1s and a naked L2 and go all out for herdstone tactics. 3 bonus dice on their magic phase they could still dominate. You'd probably then be looking at wildform or miasma spam, possibly death magic to snipe off your characters. It would limit their mobility as they couldn't leave the herdstone and at that points value you've probably not got the points to have a dedicated bunker unit, so you'd then be more able to out manoeuvre him.

Alternatively he could have lots of small harassment/redirection units, such as razorgors, chaos spawn, chariots ungor raiders and harpies. Bestigors hit hard at WS4 S6 (probably with hatred), but don't underestimate the damage a big unit of gors with AHW and a wyssans wildform can do (especially if they've got the usual beast banner BSB, although that might be unlikely at 800 points).

Of your two lists I think I'd have most trouble dealing with the sorcerer-led one.