View Full Version : Skaven 1000 point Army: Advice and Comments

The House Guest
17-10-2011, 15:42
30 clanrats with shield spears muscian standard bearer 162
"repeat" 162
"repeat" 162
warlord 165 points: weeping blade, armour of fortune, enchanted shield
chieftain 110 point: bsb weeping blade enchanted shield
warlock engineer 115points: warp energy condenser warpstone armour

124 points left or 154 points left (if i drop warstone armor)

124 points:

1. unit of 6 gutter runners for 108 points (slings, poison) with 16 points left

2. warp lightning cannon with 30 points left maybe get regen ams for warlord and cheiftain or lvl 2 for warlock engineer

154 points left:

1. doom wheel with 4 points left
2. or change chieftan to 117 points(plus 7 points) (shield, crown of comannd, shrieking blade) plus another warlock engineer with doomrocket (45 points), with 5 gutter runners with slings and poison (90 points)
3. 2 poison wind mortars (130 points)plus a dispel scroll if i get rid of 1 clan rat and have 4 points left

Question: Whats the complete function of the BSB? Is it to spread one type of banner across the field?

18-10-2011, 02:46
Your engineer doesn't need warpstone armor. He's going to die anyway. Make him cheap. That's the number one mistake skaven players makes is they load up points on characters just because they can. You've be Better off fielding multiple engineers to spam warplightning or fielding multiple chieftens and warlords. You can't take weeping blades on both characters. I think this is an exception when you take the weeping blade option in gutter runner hero. Warplightning cannon is a waste with no slaves. Once you get into combat there won't be anything to shoot. So either take the cannon and slaves, or take a doomwheel.