View Full Version : 1500pt agains dwarfs

Dirty Mac
18-10-2011, 05:58
Hi guys, Later today 3 hours away actually, i have a game against dwarfs.
I will take my usual list.

Dark Elves:
28 Corsairs FC SSS 340

Sorc lvl 2 185 dark
Seed of Rebirth
Guiding Eye

Xbow Shields Mus 225

Sorc lvl2 fire 185

20 Warriors 160
FC gleaming pennant

5 Shades AHW 85

5 Shades AHW 85

Hydra 175

5 Harpies 55

it's too late to change it i think, but i am looking at the lores. Should i keep dark and fire, or should i try for shadow on the mage with the ToF? should i change the fire mage to dark? thanks in advance.

18-10-2011, 18:24
I think you're going to get eaten by a cannon.

Dirty Mac
18-10-2011, 23:48
Well I played the game, I kept fire and took shadow instead of dark.
didn't matter much cause i rolled really bad on the winds. his cannon wounded the Hydra badly and killed it after 2 rounds of combat, but that was about it. My shades killed his Bolt thrower, his organ gun blew up and my archers rained death upon him. he lost most of his army and i lost a hydra and 2 corsairs.