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15-04-2006, 08:51
Welcome, Soldiers, to certain death.

Antion Quintus is a planet in a small system on the edge of the Maelstrom, a whirling warp storm only rivalled in size by the Ocularis Terribilis itself, the Eye of Terror.

Rumors of an STC of unimaginable value have surfaced upon this planet, and it's up to the Guard to take it! However, not all is as it seems....

As planets polluted by the Warp happen to be, Antion Quintus is...well....odd. Things don't add up. Adeptus Mechanicus, Guard, and yes even more shadowy members of the Imperial Machine make their appearance here, competing in a war of attrition for the possibility of the biggest rediscovery in the history of Man!

Here's the deal. I need Guard. Specialists. You can pick your regiment, custom or official. I will also accept on a limited basis members of the Cult Mechanicus (one) as well as Inquisitorial Henchmen. Radical Hereticus and Malleus styled. I will control the eventual Inquisitorial representative.

Will you survive to find the prize? Will Antion Quintus claim yet more lives, lost to the grinding of buerocratic cogs? Will Chaos reach it first? Join this RPG and find out!

Tanith Ghost
15-04-2006, 09:09
Your first recruit is here nid.

Sardan McDonald(Scope or Mac to friends)

A stormtrooper raised in the finest cadian traditions from the age of ten.
A kindly Commisar adopted him after an eldar raid orphaned him.
The commisar raised him as a cadian, teaching him to be a soldier.
Five years later, Mac had earned admission to the schola progenum.
Before he could ship out though, his regiment wash it by a large WAAAGH.
Mac performed heroicly, loosing his leg in the battle but fighting on.
At the age of twenty, he graduated from the schola a stormtrooper.

He carries a well used sniper rifle, a laspistol, and a combat knife.
He has standard carapace, but a cadian helm and rebreather.
He is the bearer of a Medalion Crimson, awarded by Commisar Meridius for his courage in the battle with the orks.

Mac has fought for several inquisitors. He's made many friends and enemies.
Salic, Jacy, Elena, Dak, and more he recalls fondly, allies he misses terribly.

Others, like Serenity, and the spyrer, he hopes never to see again.

Salic and Jacy were with him against the hive mind, and were good drinking buddies as well as trusted comrades in arms. Elena was also a friend, dangerous in the heat of battle, but good for a yarn or two.
And then there was Dak the ogryn. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but the most faithful and courageus by far. Dak shared his pious and absolute faith in the Emperor and then some. Dak moved heaven and earth to get him out of trouble against the tau. Of all the good people he's known, he misses Dak the most. Dak saved his life against the tau, and Mac is eternaly grateful to the ogryn for that.

Mac has two major faults-he's a drinker of the highest order and he's also about as flippant, irrevrent, and a wiseacre as one can be.

Brother Valnrys
15-04-2006, 09:48
Van Lares (Sable)

At the age of 18 having already served 4 small incarcerations for eight separate accounts of theft and three accounts of violent assault Van was given the option, serve a five year standard sentence or join the Penal Legion Guard Company. Mainly because he was unaware somehow of the constant state of war in which the galaxy constantly remained and the horrors that awaited him he enlisted to the Guard.
By the age of 20 he had served on for different worlds becoming his squad’s scout which forced him to use the skills of stealth he had learned as a child growing up in a busy Hive city.

Van carries a power knife which he had confiscated from the corpse of a beloved sergeant which he treasures with great affection, combat knives and a las pistol and matt black flak armour incorporating chameleon fabric.

Van is naturally distrusting, ruthless and quick to anger. Due to this he has made few friends in the guard and many enemies. He tries constantly to socialise often ending up in a brawl or bar fight.

15-04-2006, 10:03
Inquisitor Petros Scythe

Background brief version and the chronology may be slightly screwed:
He was recruited into the Inquisition after his talents were observed by his original master, his master was later slain at the hands of Rencarbeth. Unforetuneately the details of all these event were wipped from his mind by the Inquisition.

Scythe set out with a small force to assault the master of a deamon world, and this quest eventually brought him to face his masters killer. The deamon Rencarbeth, Scythe with the help of a marine escourt and the Eldar bested the deamon but rather than banish the deamon, Scythe split Rencarbeth and contained him in a number of vessels. Such succeeded and the deamon was brought to serve Scythe, bound to his blade but the other vessels were comprimised and Rencarbeth although weakened has gained form somewhere on the eastern fringe.

Scythe holds a number of radical tendancies and such has brought him into conflict with other memebers of the Inquisition.

Weapons: Inferno Pistol, Plamsa pistol, Flame sword, antique weapon gained in his first campaign.

Equipment: Mesh armour

Psychic Displines: Telepathy and Pyromancy

Commander X
15-04-2006, 10:08
I almost dare not ask, but what about Edinte? He was looking for an STC... ;)

15-04-2006, 10:11
Scythe is here by Request. Edinte...drawing a blank, remember the name not much else. Explain?

Commander X
15-04-2006, 10:20
I just told you on MSN, but for the others: Admech member, overzealous Techpriest who prefers to see you all as Servitors rather than 'allies'.

15-04-2006, 10:35
Acolyte Janson
Equipment: Immolator (blade, sets target on fire), Inferno Pistol, Carapace Armour with ceramite inlay, Combat knife
Psychic Discipline: Pyromancy
Background: to come later

15-04-2006, 12:48
Aight BM, if you're using Edante, post a full description for ***** and giggles.

Diddimz, I was thinking, Scythe already has a potent daemon weapon. Just ignite yours with your pyrotechnics, but make it a regular sword or power sword or something.

15-04-2006, 17:55
I'll wait for your yay or nay on this one before I try typing up a full background for the character I'm thinking of, but here's the rough ideas I have bouncing around at the moment.

I'm thinking something along the lines of an inquisitorial hench(wo)man (I'll leave which inquisitor up to somebody else, so if she's allowed and you want her call it. I'll work it in somehow) created by a slightly unhinged member of the adeptus mechanicus for reasons i haven't really thought through yet (suggestions welcome). While appearing like a normal human with wings, there are a variety of bionic enhancements beneath the skin, and a series of cerebral implants to improve strength, speed, reaction times, that sort of thing. However the machine spirit inhabiting the implants has become slightly erratic and violent, so she is sometimes prone to inexplicable bouts of violence, especially in situations where the implants are under extreme stress or extreme inactivity,

15-04-2006, 19:41
Name: Katlyn
Age: 28
Regiment: Lostok 23rd
Class: Gland War Veteran
Rank: Veteran Sergeant
Weapons: Halberd, Short Sword, 3 Knives, Bolt Pistol, 5 Throwing Knives.
Armour: Flak Armour
Equipment: Glands with de-tox, Psychon, Reflex and Spur, Average Bionic Arm, Frag Gernades, Krak Gernades, Medallion Crimson, Medi-Pak.
Doctorines: Drop Troops, Gland Warriors, Hardened FIghters, Xeno Fighters-Tyranids, Veterans, Ab-Humans.
Skills: Feint, True Grit, Force of Will, Leader, Furious Assault, Frenzy* and Lighting Reflexes*
*When under effects of gland drugs.

Background: When the forge world of Dantis III was invaded by Tyranids, Imperial Guard regiments from the nearby world of Lostok were drafted in to combat the menace. The surface of Dantis was heavily polluted and the infestation of Tyranid organisms made fighting outside the factory-complexes almost impossible. A few companies of the Lostok 23rd were modified by the Techpriests to fight in the hellish war zone, incorporating many organs and drug-screting glands that enabled them to survived unprotected, as well as boosting their combat abilities. Only a handful of Gland Wariiors are believed to have survived the conflict, which saw the Tyranid swarm repulsed from Dantis III.

The process by which the companies of the Lostok 23rd became Gland Warriors are understood by only a few Techpriests, and are rarely utilised, for the Inquisition invariably take an interest in the use of such technologies. Nonetheless, a number of regiments have been subjected to the process, and can be found across the galaxy.

Appearance: From a distance she is just like any other member of the guard, it is only close up would you clue to somthing being different. Though there are not signs of any of the surgerys that made her into a gland warrior she does have a certain adjitated state about her, constantly looking around and acting almost paranoid, though this is only in combat when the glands are at their full effect, at other times she is as regular as anyone else. She has black hair coming down to her shoulders and very light grey eyes, though most of her regiment has been wiped out through fighting the tyranids and the high cost the glands inevitably take on some people she still wears the badge of her office, though she is no longer a sergeant of anyone, her entire squad having been wiped out while fighting on the forgeworld, it took over 100 men and women to finally kill their leader beast, which was a feat in itself, even though it had been wounded before they found it, it still put up a hell of a fight.

As a momento of the tyranids her glaive has been made not with a normal blade but with the severed remnants of a scything talon from one of the warriors, she also has a number of other tyranid trophys and carries many scars from the encounter. To olook at her you wouldn't know she had lost her left arm in the same fight, the bionic arm matched her skin and movements perfectly, noone can actually tell her arm isnt real, at least not while the join at the top is still covered.

15-04-2006, 20:54
I reserve the right to execute both of you if **** goes bad. I saw how Chronicles died before it was born. I'm serious.

As to the angel one, I'm working it over, but I don't think severe modifications like that quite fit in with how I pictured this. We can work something out, she can however be heavily augmented with the AI, its the wings that I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around.

15-04-2006, 21:03
Fair enough. If you REALLY don't like the wings idea I can work something else out.

15-04-2006, 21:09
Yeah, I don't know, I just don't like the concept of wings for some reason.

15-04-2006, 21:28
Np, bionics and some (very) limited antigrav technology built in can work just as well. They were more for show than practicality anyway. I should have something before tomorrow

15-04-2006, 23:17
As long as the GM of this one is around to keep a handle on things and provide the dose of realisim and truth to the background then as with chronicles this will have no need of dying.

Chronicles got out of hand because of the lack of support shown to it, no offence to Grand Warlord meant by this of course, but in his last post he completly dismissed a part of the story line and ignored it, exactly what a GM let alone his character should have done.

Edit; As an after thought it might be a good idea for you, nid to describe what a god character is. I would say playing a character as they would be played isn't playing a God like character.

For example, just off the top of my head, A heated argument between say an assassin and a Guardsman, the guardsman turns his back on said assassin, now saying somthing like, "next time you turn your back on an assassin I pray they are as forgiving as me" wouldn't be playing a god character. After all who in their right mind would turn their back on an assassin. Since in character you dont know that your character cant be killed and if you take that kind of attitude and act on things your character has no way of knowing wouldn't that be you playing a God Character, one who can predict the future/read minds/know what the other character is going to do.

Yea, ya know... :p

Brother Valnrys
15-04-2006, 23:32
After all who in their right mind would turn their back on an assassin. Since

Someone...very confident
Someone...very arrogant
Someone.....very stupid
Or just someone too busy not to.

15-04-2006, 23:37
I'd prefer to keep arguments to a minimum, and will even split the groups up to opposite sides of the battlecruiser if necessary.

Brother Valnrys
15-04-2006, 23:42
Nid: Van go sit in the naughty corner.....
Van: But i don't wanna.
Nid: OH NO don't make me turn this cruiser around and send you back home cause i will!!

....Nid always comes up with 'inventive' means of punishment

Tanith Ghost
15-04-2006, 23:42
As long as I get the side with the potatoes and spare machine parts.:p ;)
More seriously Nid, does this battlecruiser have training areas for use by passengers, such as obstacle courses and firing ranges?

Edit- you gonna lurk all day nexus? Or maybe you'd like to join this time?:p

15-04-2006, 23:46
Nid does it have a cinema and other cool and pointless places where one can kill time while trying to look cool? Does it have its own bar? or better yet some street corners..

thats right people street corners on a battle cruiser... (Dont ask..) :p

Yea nex stop stalking tanith, we all know he likes it:eyebrows:

15-04-2006, 23:50
It's not my fault I'm so damn sexy he just can't help himself.

And no my heart belongs to the ABC and my mind was destroyed by it so no "sensible RPGS" for me.

Exploding Coffee Machines And Badger Killing For The Win!
Though if I imported my ABC character into another one it would probably have rather comical effects, but for that it would need to have really easy going people. :rolleyes:

Tanith Ghost
16-04-2006, 00:22
O....k. :eyebrows: I beleive nid said to keep in line. Nex, join or get the spam out.

Nid, to add to my questions before, is our kill team assumed to be trained in the deployment methods used by whatever NPC forced we fight alongside?
And will we have the equipment to match?

One last question- when do we start? i've got a kill tally to add to.:evilgrin:

16-04-2006, 00:32
Seeing as primarily everyone's Inquisitorial henchmen, the Guard we will be aligned with are the Chelonian 42nd "Hellbenders" division, an elite HALO/SWAT paramilitary unit trained in, as HALO stands for, high altitude low opening insertions. They are armed with either Hellguns or shotguns depending, and look kind of like a police version of modern jump troops. Dark blue fatigues with black flak armor. We will be trained in their methods.

I'm giving it another day before we start.

16-04-2006, 00:38
Nex, join or get the spam out.

Did you or did you not ask me to "stop lurking." I was waiting to see how things were going to turn out then think about asking to join with a slightly toned down version of my ABC character but you know what I've never had someone react like that when I've been curious about joining an RPG. I'm pretty sure 'Nid would have been sensible, nice and GM like but you TG are just as bad as Vallery was in the ABC. Everyone agreed that little in jokes and stuff were just part of the story but no he went mental and you strike me as exactly the same type of person.

Sorry 'Nid it is nothing on you, you seem cool, but really if TG touches it your in for crap and trouble most of the time, I've seen various posts by him in various RPGs and he just doesn't seem to get RPGing right in any of them, he constantly power games or acts very god like and then gets horrendously uppity if anyone says boo back to him.

So count me out.

16-04-2006, 00:45
Room for another? I'm working on something at the moment, I could make him either a Guard Vet or a Henchman, will try and get it posted tomorrow.


16-04-2006, 00:49
Always room for more. I'd prefer future members to look into Guard possibilities though, so we can kind of try to even the teams out, but it's not mandatory.

16-04-2006, 01:10
Tabitha Griffyn, ('Taggie' to her friends, and a hazard to everybody else)

No longer simply a human, Tabitha is the creation of a brilliant but unhinged group of Tech adepts of the machine god. Snatched from an unevenful life serving in the PDF of her homeworld, and turned into a warrior of awesome power. Her body is laced with the highly advanced bionic and cybernetic enhancements, gathered from a variety of sources. The lack of the crude exterior bionics typical of many creations of the tech adepts could be linked to xenos collaberation. The only sign of that she has been bionically enhanced until her vastly superior strength speed etc is a series of vents running up her back to vent excess heat and energy created by the power source that powers her enhancements.

Her preffered weapon is a simple hand and a half broadsword, and her natural abilities. She is also capable of venting energy from her power source from a feed into her left arm for an improvised and surprising weapon.

There is however an unforseable flaw in her design. The Machine Spirits within her have over the years become increasingly Violent and erratic. So in times of extreme conflct, when the bionics are being pushed hard, or during long terms of inactivity inexplicable violent outburst of violence are not unheard of,

(right there is what I've come up with Nid, pick holes in as you please.)

16-04-2006, 01:21
God moding is out, for the record, minus certain instances. She's strong, but not like pull a Space Marine's arms out strong.

16-04-2006, 01:29
Oh hell no, not rip an arm off strong. HELL NO.

A normal person maybe, with some effort, but no, not marines. And that was one of the reasons I put in the psychotic machine spirits.So that instead of going 'god mode', she could spend some time rolling around trying to get control of her own body. (btw if you let me run with this, feel free to throw in a machine spirit psychosis session yourself if you feel I'm getting too out of hand! And kick me too!)

The Mighty Gnoblar
16-04-2006, 04:39
Hagan ‘Chem Head’ Luitpold

Hagan is the bane of many officers, commissars and especially the quarter masters on most of the world Savlar Chem-Dogs have served on. Even by their standards he is one of the lowest of the low, a callous murderer, compulsive liar and as the last commissar put it “a thieving streak of p*** a mile long”.

The only thing that has kept him from being executed is that he is a good shot with a lasgun, hes knack for cracking just about any security system set up against him, the fact theres never any evidence with which to pin the crime on him and the fact hes totally dependant on narcotics, a usefull tool for any superior to keep him in line (well as in line as a Chem Dog can be).

Always carrying his lasgun, a knife, his modified rebreather, various pieces of loot and a piece of cobbled together hardwear he calls a "lock pick", Hagan is ready to go anywhere the Emperor sends him aslong as theres something he can steal waiting there.

Tanith Ghost
16-04-2006, 05:30
Did you or did you not ask me to "stop lurking." I was waiting to see how things were going to turn out then think about asking to join with a slightly toned down version of my ABC character but you know what I've never had someone react like that when I've been curious about joining an RPG. I'm pretty sure 'Nid would have been sensible, nice and GM like but you TG are just as bad as Vallery was in the ABC. Everyone agreed that little in jokes and stuff were just part of the story but no he went mental and you strike me as exactly the same type of person.

Sorry 'Nid it is nothing on you, you seem cool, but really if TG touches it your in for crap and trouble most of the time, I've seen various posts by him in various RPGs and he just doesn't seem to get RPGing right in any of them, he constantly power games or acts very god like and then gets horrendously uppity if anyone says boo back to him.

So count me out.

Here's an idea for you- why don't we just let bygones be bygones? Or is that too much for you?

For your information, I don't powergame. I take as many, if not more injuries as anyone else, and I don't take offense to people borrowing my character for a line or two.

Ask Captain Marius if Witch Hunter 3 turned to crap because I joined.
Ask Slazton(provided we ever see him again that is :p) if 'The enemy within'
turned to crap on my account.

This is not me going after people. This is you not just getting over whatever grudge you seen to have against us. I apologize for whatever I did in the past to offend you. But let it go already. Is that too much to ask?

16-04-2006, 07:02
For your information, I don't powergame. I take as many, if not more injuries as anyone else, and I don't take offense to people borrowing my character for a line or two.

Ask Captain Marius if Witch Hunter 3 turned to crap because I joined.
Ask Slazton(provided we ever see him again that is ) if 'The enemy within'
turned to crap on my account.

Well, creating your own assassin temple is kind of questionable. And I seem to remember you taking over one of Slazton's old Incendium-based RPG's on portent when he disappeared, and then getting pissed and trying to out-GM him when he reversed then changes when he came back. And there was that time me and Slazton had that really cool scheme going where on of my characters was really a traitor, and then when it was revealed, I pmed and tried to contact you in-thread and in the OOC thread so we could work together on the fight, and you just went ahead and wrote it up yourself without even acknowledging my attempts to contact, and with your character stomping mine into the dirt. And, while not strictly speaking powergaming, your tendency to playing your characters as A. James Bond (i.e. smooth ladykiller), B. a compassionate killer ("I ruthlessly assassinate the enemies of mankind, but I'm not a cold, remorseless killer, I genuinely care about you"), C. A fratboy (partying while a world is being obliterated is silly), or d. all of the above, no matter what kind of character your playing can be irritating.

I'm sure there's more than that, but I honestly can't remember anything else.

P.S. Has anyone seen Ant or Slaz lately?

P.S.S. Nid, do any of these look ok?



16-04-2006, 07:07
Christ there's a lot to look for.

We have a sniper, he hasn't posted here as he's Scythe's NPC.

I wonder, do any of you remember Lothos?....

Pretty much anything there is so well developed I can't help but accept it!

16-04-2006, 08:03
Lothos? Sounds familiar, but I'm drawing blanks.

37th Caledonian ‘Mad Dirachs’
Raised from the world designated by the Imperium of Man as Caledonia, regiments only recently began being tithed to the Imperium. The world, known to locals as Feargh Leth Morey, was originally the recruiting world of the now lost Dirge Angels chapter. The guard taken from this world are hardy people made for fighting, perhaps due to their constant rumoured warfare with one-eyed ‘daemons’ that haunt the mists. The regiments are assigned in addition to standard Imperial Guard kit, a dual edged, short sword. They are generally assigned as light infantry and guerillas in areas with dense vegetation.

The 37th was created to replace the loss of the previous regiment to bear that name against the forces of chaos. In honour of their forebears, they took the name ‘Mad Dirachs’. The campaign at Praethyus was meant to blood them. Unfortunately, they were mostly decimated while trying to establish a drop zone rather than just a little worse for wear. The so-called ‘Battle for His Chalice’ ended with approximately 60% Delta company’s troops dead to the bottom of the aforementioned valley’s cup. Unfortunately most of the rest of the regiment was destroyed before they even made landfall. One battalion remains in orbit aboard their transport and tattered remnants of the other two battalions wander aimlessly in small bands of people amongst the wreckage of their ships, too far away to do any good to each other. The largest group of survivors comprised mostly of the survivor’s of Delta company have dubbed themselves ‘Scratch’ platoon.

'Scratch' platoon joined up with another imperial force and finished out the campaign with 10 survivors. These survivors were taken back to Caledonia to assist in the training of the next batch of regiments of guard from their planet.

Master Sergeant Aidhen Kinnaird
Aidhen Kinnaird has spent as long as he can remember hunting out in the wilds on his own. When a recruiter came through looking for recruits for the new regiment being formed, Kinnaird surprised the few people who knew of him by being the first to sign up. When asked why he did it, he replied simply, “I’ll never be able to get one of these out on my own,” while holding up the longlas he was given upon completing sniper’s training. Unfortunately, when his company suffered nearly 60% casualties upon landing on the planet, Praethyus and his rifle was destroyed, he was forced to leave his chosen profession. The Commissar who was acting as commander in the absence of any real command structure had him promoted for finding an enemy ambush and probably saving the survivors from a massacre. Towards the end the campaign on Praethyus, Aidhen took command of 'Scratch' platoon when Captain Harkness was killed in action.
He was to command a newly formed platoon that he had trained upon his return but was scooped for questioning by one Inquisitor Scythe in regards to a renegade Space Marine and sniper named Dain McLeod,who had both served in the Praethyus campaign with him and been subsequently detained and abducted by another shadowy figure bearing the seal of the inquisition. Scythe, finding Kinnaird to be of no use in those respects, decided to keep Kinnaird to help him due to the means exceptional tracking and fighting skills.

Though dressed always in his regimental uniform, Sergeant Kinnaird looked nearly nothing like the average imperial citizen would expect one of their protectors to look. His long greying brown hair is separated into a multitude of braids that cascades down his back. Though taller than average, his build is not the fighting trim build shown in recruitment posters, but that of an elderly blacksmith. A great (against regulation of course), shaggy beard covers his face and this wily old hunter’s blue eyes sparkle with intelligence. He has walked with a limp ever since the Battle of His Chalice due to an improperly healed leg wound.

-Necromunda Pattern Lasrifle
---2 Clips (Sixty shots per clip)
---Range Finder Scope
-In Nomine
(gold-plated bolt pistol crafted by a Magos of Ryza; belonged to the regimental Commissar before he was killed; a few prayers are engraved into it )
---1 Clip (12 Bolts in the clip)
-Caledonian made sword
-Boot knife with 6” blade
-Basic infiltration equipment (ash for his sword, camo paint, magnocculi, auspex, etc.)
-Cameleoline Cloak
-Pack with basic survival kit (bedroll, autotinder, electrolumen, water purifier, etc.)
-Flak jacket and camo fatigues with kilt over top of pants

16-04-2006, 08:15

IC thread is now up. Lothos, for the record, works for a higher power.....

Officio business. Lets just say he can shoot the balls off of a flea from a mile out.

He is a Pariah Vindicare. Lothos is also an Albino. Pink eyes and white, close cropped hair. One eye is an advanced bionic that sits inside his eye socket, and you'd need to get close in order to tell anything was different. One eye is pink, the other is red where the bionic lense replaces the iris.

Lothos will not be in use on the battlefield very much. Pretty much reserved for higher priority missions. I mean, come on. He's Officio Assasinorum.

Commander X
16-04-2006, 09:36
After some looking around, here be the Enginseer.

Name: Edinte
Position:Enginseer(You didn't expect that, did you?)
-Standard:Servo-arm, Power Weapon, Cyber-Enhancement, Chem-Inhaler.
-Extra:Flamer with 3 spare fuel cells, Auspex, Bionics

Appearance: He is mostly concealed by his Chem-Inhaler and Bionics. The Bionics cover his entire body, leaving only one 'real' eye visible to others. Thanks to all mechanical additions, he stands a healthy 6'3. Over that suit, he wears the standard red cloak with a hole in the back, making room for his Servo-Arm. The arm itself ends in a three-pronged claw, and for ease, the Flamer is attached to it too.

Background: Edinte has been raised in the art of machinery since early childhood by his father who was a technician. After he was drafted, it soon became clear he would be a worthy addition to the forces of the AM, and thus was 'transferred' to them. Partially through 'rewards' granted to him, and partially through his own work he became what he is now, a human encased in a mechanical hull. He always sees himself as being the righteous one, despite what others may think or what is actually the case. His sole goal is to find a STC with which he can create the mechanic replacements of his remaining organs.

As his last search together with a unit of convicts and their controllers was very 'unproductive', he trusts others even less now, and the STC being there is the only reason he is actually joining these persons. He hopes that nothing on that planet will destroy it before he gets there, as that would make this another waste of his time in this life.

(PS, which of the groups does he belong to Nid?)

16-04-2006, 09:40
So am I right in thinking Tabitha's cool as long as I don't let her get too out of hand or god modey?

16-04-2006, 12:34
On reflection ill swap for a guard character

For your information, I don't powergame. I take as many, if not more injuries as anyone else, and I don't take offense to people borrowing my character for a line or two.

That isn't what 'powergame' means.

Incidently, Harlequin'sDance I love you ;) :p

16-04-2006, 13:25
OK, character time:

Govan "Buck" Drazir *

A Sergeant in the 3rd Strike Batallion, Algol Nine, Drazir has all the characteristics one would expect of the 'Nine-Threes'. He's loud, aggressive, in-your-face, and tough. 6ft tall, and 30 Terran years old, he wears the distinctive black-white 'dazzle pattern' of his batallion, with integrated carapace, helmet and visor. Beneath his helmet, his head is completely shaved, and marked by a flamer burn he acquired during the Vrakan Uprising. A reputation for charging into straightforward gung-ho assaults and blasting his way out of them again has earned him the respect of his men, but has perhaps prevented him from being further promoted.

Drazir carries the fearsome Algol 'Hivesweeper' shotgun popular amongst the Algol Strike Batallions for its close ranged firepower and versatility. The Hivesweeper is a dual-load shotgun variant, with a semi-cylinder 25-round drum (typically of scatter shells, although other primary loads may be issued for specialist missions) in a semi-automatic bullpup mount, and a conventional pump-action below the barrel for non-standard ammunition**. Drazir has an uncanny knack of scrounging up specialist shells, and so usually takes to any battlefield with an almost random selection of manstopper, hotshot flare, bolt, frag, or other shotgun rounds. He also carries a laspistol and a short chainblade.

Two companies of the Nine-Threes, alongside the 38th and 17th Algol Rifle Regiments, have been dispatched to Anton Quintus at short notice with little briefing, and while Drazir cares little for this STC-chase the Mechanicus obsess so much over, is looking forward to any opportunity to kick ass in the Emperor's name.


[*pronounced "drat-seer", if anyone's interested].

[** Visually, picture the back half of a Steyr Aug with a half-drum instead of the normal magazine, and the front of any contemporary pump-action you can think of. ]

16-04-2006, 13:51
Quoting from the IC thread.....

GM: Anyone associated with a guard element is on planetside. You are getting ready with the rest of the troops. Situation is assumed hostile. However, you have had communiques explaining you have been selected by an Inquisitor to act as personal bodyguard for his mission due to your select skills. You are to get ready and stand by, converse with eachother because you are all aware of the fact an Inquisitor will be arriving shortly.

Anyone in Inquisitor Scythe's retinue is aboard the Avenging Angel. You are all in a briefing room awaiting Scythe's pleasure, he will brief you soon. After the briefing, you will make ready and proceed to drop via Aquila shuttle to the planet's surface below, where you will meet up with the guard elements. Where we go from there....you'll find out.

A thought: Might it be better to have two seperate threads for the two groups, and then merge the threads later on when we're all in the same place? I can see things possibly getting confused and having guys from both groups talking to each other, and Guardsmen on the ground sitting in on the orbital briefing (but then, I'm easily confused at the best of times!), and it'll be a bit weird having to consciously ignore half of the IC posts in the thread until we meet. As you've only got one IC post so far, its not too late to start up a second thread for the other group.

It'll probably be me who screws it up anyway, so this suggestion is at least slightly based on self-interest!


16-04-2006, 14:08
Quoting from the IC thread.....

A thought: Might it be better to have two seperate threads for the two groups, and then merge the threads later on when we're all in the same place? I can see things possibly getting confused and having guys from both groups talking to each other, and Guardsmen on the ground sitting in on the orbital briefing (but then, I'm easily confused at the best of times!), and it'll be a bit weird having to consciously ignore half of the IC posts in the thread until we meet. As you've only got one IC post so far, its not too late to start up a second thread for the other group.

It'll probably be me who screws it up anyway, so this suggestion is at least slightly based on self-interest!


It would be a good idea if it didn't happen to break the forum rules. This RPG is already on it's maximum number of threads, so we are just going to have to make it clear in our posts whether we are on the planet or the ship.

16-04-2006, 14:44

Okay, never mind.


16-04-2006, 14:52
Yea, just add a line saying on surface/in orbit or whatever

16-04-2006, 15:43
Technically, couldn't you claim that the orbital party and the ground party are 2 seperate RPs until they merge?

[clutching at straws]

Okay, probably not....


16-04-2006, 19:00
Im waiting for nids ok before I post

16-04-2006, 19:17
Generally speeking it's not that hard to tell which group is which if an an RPG separates for a bit. At worst just post a list here of who is in which one so people can check back, but really you should be able to tell from the in character posts. :)

16-04-2006, 20:58
Stop lurking nex Tanith will cry :cries: :p

16-04-2006, 22:26
Im waiting for nids ok before I post

You and me both!

17-04-2006, 00:13
Is it too late to join the RPG?

Any room for a mercenary guard-type character that smuggled himselve planet side on a logistic ship on a mission for a mysterious benefactor? he could encounter the inquisitor's retinue and then joins him? If interest/possible/not-too-late. I can post a charactor discription soon.


17-04-2006, 00:18
I'd write up the character discription, then wait for nid's ruling. It'll save time since we were supposed to be starting today.

17-04-2006, 00:53
Always room for more. I started the thread because I assumed everyone was good, sorry for the confusion.

17-04-2006, 00:55
Edit: Going over everyone's weapons, a thought.

Bolt pistols are large. Xav, yours stood out but I'm using you as an example, not because I'm picking on you.

Everyone's characters, think about how much you can carry. A halbierd, a sword, a pistol, a shotgun, and a ******** other kit....it's a bit much.

I'd pick your primary munitions, like a ranged and a close combat weapon, and know that there will be opportunities to change your loadout later.

17-04-2006, 01:19

Ikarus was born to a rich family on Hive 37 on the hive world of Qunitus. He's father made big money manufacturing nails. He was fully expecting Ikraus to take over the family business one day. Ikarus, however was not like his father. He spend his teenage year down in the undercity hunting and killing the inhabitants there for sport. He joined the PDF when he was 18 and spend the next 5 years fighting the Worker's Insurgency on Hive 76. He quickly made the rank of Corporal but was unable to advance further due to his "lack of tactical sense" and "failure to strictly obey orders". He was suspected of endangering his comrades and giving advanages to the insurgents because he feel that it not big enough of a challenge. He used his dad's money and connection to obtained a discharge from the PDF when he was 23. He soon left the Qunitus and is now working as a hired gun for money and sport.

Ikraus is doing well as a mercenary and have a lot of credit from his family.

-Carapace armour: A heavy modified Imperial Stormstrooper Carapace armour that is lightened, toughened and painted black with special camoline paint.

-Ikraus's rifle: A custom made rifle that fires DU tiped penetrator slugs. He have a dislike for lazer weaponry and prefer to stay with soild slugs. He like the idea that the person wounded will bleed. The rifle has tactical scopes and sensors. It's used as a marksmen's rifle( not a sniper) or rapid fire with reasonable accuracy up close.

Str 3 AP 5 Range: 30(12) rapid fire

-Combat Knive

-Revolver: .50 cal revolver that holds 6 solid slug rounds or a variaty of specialist rounds.

He can be part of the retinue on board the black ship or meet on the planet. What do you say GM?

17-04-2006, 01:21
Sounds like retinue to me with armor like that.

17-04-2006, 01:34
Do I need to make any changes? or can I jump right into the IC thread?

17-04-2006, 01:39
Correct, some bolt pistols are 'large', marine ones leap to mind, but if were going down this route of argument why can non marine characters buy them as wargear in 40k and Necromunda, why do they have the same weight as other pistols in Inquisitor?

There are several schools of thought, not all bolt weapons are made for marines, some are made for normal humans and so could be an apropriate size for them and not enlarged to be easily weilded by a marine.

Also I worked out my character while i made it using the Inquisitor encumbrance rules which I normally do and I can quite happily carry another 3 heavy weapons if I chose too, remember of course that I do have glands so my strength for this would be the Equivelant of a marine's, although granted im not counting the bulk.

I was also taking poetic liscence from the picture in the inquisitor rule book, in which he is clearly carrying a pistol, his glaive, has 3 swords across his chest and numerous grenades and other blades about his person.

17-04-2006, 03:50
Well, In Nomine, my character's bolt pistol shouldn't take up too much weight, because he isn't carrying any extra clips for it as its more of a 'trademark' item from his old regiment, but I can toss if you'd like.

Is my character with the guard on planet, or with the Inquisitor's retinue?

17-04-2006, 19:58
Nid im thinking that since most of the regiment my character was a part of has died etc, it would be alot simpler from my point of view to be a Inquisitorial Guard Veteran, if that makes sense, so I am already a part of the warband etc. Im just struggling to think of reasons why I would already be on the planet, one random member of a guard regiment that was mostly wiped out and wouldn't have been replaced.

18-04-2006, 17:03
Xavier, you could be part of a 'merged' formation made up of the leftovers from several depleted regiments, if taking your character in that direction suits you.


18-04-2006, 23:42
The background for gland warriors doesn't really suit that. They are created for fighting in a specific enviroment and then kept on as a kind of 'elite' element, but unlike most regiments when their numbers drop they cant be replenished nor can they be attached to other regiments.

18-04-2006, 23:56
So just stick with the inquisitorial retinue. If you can't find a way to be on the ground with the guard, stay with us! I'd certainly appreciate another team member who can shoot straight, or at least doesn't spend 90% of the time drunk or stoned! :D

23-04-2006, 11:24
Is this RPG dead already?

What happened, guys?


23-04-2006, 11:32
Beats me!

(Damn 10 character minimum)

23-04-2006, 11:33
I dunno. Seems to have died before it began.

23-04-2006, 11:37
Certainly seems that way. Gutting. I was looking forward to seeing where it went!

23-04-2006, 12:19
I wonder if its because of people (students?) being away from their net access over Easter?

Come on, the rest you guys, this looks like it should turn interesting if we can keep it going!


23-04-2006, 13:02
Lol, I'm a student, and have BETTER internet access at home. Fight to survive. Let's keep this going!

24-04-2006, 04:17
If we can get it goin I will jump in on this one guys

24-04-2006, 21:11
And if you jump in, it might be the kickstart we need to get it moving again!

Heck, the worst that can happen is that no-one responds, which is what we have now (and mine is the last post in the IC thread, which makes me sad because I feel like I must have somehow killed it!).


24-04-2006, 22:00
Yeah man, the more the merrier. At the moment there only seems to be me and Helicon, and Nid who's in charge! We need all the extra players we can get!

And yeah, I'm pretty much IC'd out until some more happens!

Tanith Ghost
24-04-2006, 22:37
I'm still in, waitin for some action here.

24-04-2006, 23:23
Hey nid, may I suggest, either throw some action in during the drop, or put us dirtside! Lets see if a little action can bump start this baby back into life!

24-04-2006, 23:50

Order up!

25-04-2006, 01:27
Ok I will post my C asap

25-04-2006, 21:49
So, are we just gonna push on and let the others catch up or what?

Btw, thanks for the vote of confidence I doubt Taggie could kill all the enemies attacking. She may be able to demoralise and rout them though But I'm fairly sure no matter how well I write it Nid would consider that God Moding, so I'll just settle for doubling you guys kill count!

Tanith Ghost
26-04-2006, 00:54
That might be a lot- I've got a full squad of storm troops firing.:evilgrin:

26-04-2006, 00:56
Heh, I consider that a challenge :evilgrin:

28-04-2006, 07:13
Name: Dakron "deathblade"
Age: 27
Regiment: Knights of Draconis
Class: StormTrooper
Rank: Veteran Sergeant
Weapons: HellGun, bolt pistol, Broadsword, Combate dagger, 2 krak grenades
Armour: Carapace Armour
Equipment: Scope on hellgun, 2 de-tox inhalers, Auspex

App:6"2" and well built, he has about average looks but is fave is weathered from all the combate he has seen, Ice blue eyes and dark brown hair that runs down to the base of his neck.

Background:Raised from birth to be a member of the royal guard like his parents befor him. He quickly rose through the ranks and soon had a command of his own. He care more for the well being of his men then for himself. Now on this planet he has been cut off from his unit and has had to fight his way back to imperial lines.

hows that?