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19-10-2011, 13:31
Heres the List

Arch Lector: War Alter, Armour of meteoric iron, Sword of might, van hortsmans speculum

20 halberdiers: banner musician
20 halberdiers: banner musician
20 halberdiers: banner musician
20 halberdiers: banner musician
20 halberdiers: banner musician
20 halberdiers: banner musician
20 halberdiers: banner musician
20 halberdiers: banner musician

20 Free Company: full command
20 Flagellants
10 Outriders: musician
10 Outriders: musician

3 cannons
2 mortors
200 infantry 20 cavalry 5 artillary
2397 points

basic plan is to bait and flee from big scary units whilst picking apart the rest of the opponants army

so criticise it, take it apart, do that thing you do so well

thanks :)

Oogie boogie boss
19-10-2011, 14:53
I'd go with 4 units of 40 rather than 8 untis of 20 Halberdiers. Other than that, i like it. An army that depends on it's core troops, very Empire.

19-10-2011, 21:07
You've got a ton of units to flee with, but baiting usually involves a switch to your unit charging after the bait. From what I can see you've got 9 baiters and 2 switches, the flagellants and the War Altar, you might consider switching it up to have at least 1 more unit to hit with and boost the flagellants to a unit of 30.

Also eventually you're going to want to hold and not loose combat with some units of haliberdiers, this will be difficult with LD 7. A BSB or a pair of WP's could give you that staying power once you want it, might even put them in units of 30 rather than your standard 20.

19-10-2011, 21:15
And what is wrong with greatswords? They fit infantry theme. If it is the model issue, you could make 2 units of 40 halbs. with 20 man strong detachments. Otherwise , hell, yeah i would like to see how you manage it through :D is it battle specific, tourney or just fantasy? Tell us how did it went.

20-10-2011, 01:00
I'd go for 3 units of 40 halberdiers each with a detachment of 10 Shooty of your choice. turn the 20 free company into two detachments of ten as well. it's more options and basically the same unit count. Less fruntage.
it is one big spungy anvel. you will be depending on you shooty to clen up after they have chewed on your coure units.
WP's make hord units scary. hatred and the prayer for unbreakable.
I love the Arch lector. but he is alone. give him an escort of 2 units of 5 pistolers. this lets you charge block so the arch can get the charge.
Lastly with that many big guns you might consider a Master Engener.
I like your thoughts but you asked for mine.
P.S. as Tuttivillus stated. greatswords are now great 40 with a WP ara a dam hard nut to crack.
D'Haran gave good advice. WP's also give you dispell dice and something to use your power dice on.

20-10-2011, 07:56
You could also try swaping normal archlector wit a special one, he gives hatred to all units within 12", but he is weakish in combat and not as tough (i don't understand why he has no armour, buut it is my moan :) ).