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15-04-2006, 10:05
Ok, so, I am into my 6th year of 40k and around this time of year, I usually begin the workings of my next army (2k points usually). Seeing as how I have 2 friends of the Imperium armies (Space Wolves and a DIY SM Chapter heavily themed into the Wizard of Oz movie) and 3 enemies of the Imperium armies (1k Sons, Tyranids and Farsight Tau), I have now decided to balance it all out with another Imperium army.

My only issue is that I have two possible candidates: Dark Angels Death Wing and an Imperial Guard Siege Regiment.

I am looking for these qualities in an army:
1) Difficulty factor- mainly refers to how tough it is to win games against any/all enemies.
2) Power factor- how much pain I can bring to my enemy.
3) Fun factor- how fun it is for not only myself to play as, but for my opponent to play against.

I will now post my 2 army ideas for approx 2k points.
"The Grave Diggers" Imperial Guard Siege Regiment:

HQ- Chimera w/turret HB, hull HB and Pintle Hvy Stubber.

Elite- 2x Chimera Aces w/ turret HB, hull HB,Pintle Hvy Stubber, rough terrain modifications and searchlight.

Troops- 3x Griffon Mortar artillery.
3x basilisk artillery w/Indirect Fire.

Fast Atk- 3x Hell Hound w/ pintle Hvy Stubber & rough terrain modifications.

Hvy Sppt- 3x Leman Russ Battle tank w/ hull Lascannon, sponson HB and pintle hvy stubber.

Cost: 600$+tax

Dark Angels Death Wing:

HQ- Epistolary Librarian w/ FoTA, SotEW,storm bolter, termi armor, teleport homer.

HQ Terminator Cmd Sqd- Sgt w/ storm bolter + power weapon. 4x Terminators w/ storm bolters + power fist.

Troops x5- Sgt w/ power weapon, storm bolter, teleport homer & auspex.
1 terminator w/ cyclone missile launcher, storm bolter, power fist.
1 terminator w/ assault cannon, power fist.
3 terminators w/ storm bolter + power fist.

Note: all are stubborn.

Cost: 360$+ tax

So, as you can see, both armies rank high in challenge/power/fun factor. I would just like to see what the community's all around input is regarding these two outstanding armies.

Any and all comments are welcome.

Thank you.

15-04-2006, 10:14
Join the deathwing lad! May be impossible to win with but Darkseer will tell you otherwise. Check the Deathwing central link in my sig, that will leave you in no doubt which army to collect.

15-04-2006, 10:18
Yes, I have really immersed myself not only in that site, but in the Tactica: Deathwing one here, as well.

15-04-2006, 10:20
Then you should know ;) follow your heart. Its cheaper and more fun in my opinion. Remember, it's not the winning that matters but the taking part :D

You have to smile.

Hideous Loon
15-04-2006, 10:22
Deathwing have some advantages to the Siege regiment: It's harder to kill 20 Termies than to zap six tanks, and you learn how to paint bone really nicely. The Siege regiment has but one: The army consists of fewer models, so it's easier to paint up.

Flame Boy
15-04-2006, 10:35
That, and pretty much every unit entry in his Siege regiment has a gun bigger than a Terminator. :p

15-04-2006, 10:42
Has anyone ever played with or against a Siege Regiment? I do not think I have even seen an Armored Company in my gaming area.