View Full Version : Magic Heavy Vampire Counts army advice for 2000 points

20-10-2011, 07:38
Basically I wish to run a 2000 point magic heavy vampire counts list as the past few times ive ran my vampires I have been using combat heavy. However I wish to try something different so im going for magic heavy. Would you say I would need a lord 1 or 2 vampires and 1 or 2 necros and then should I take things like the black coach. I regularly play against dark elves lizardmen orcs and goblins and I have recently started playing against daemons and I just wonder what the best builds are. The models I currently own are
1 Mannfred Von Carstien
2 vampires on hellstead
1 Corpse cart
1 Converted Gandalf The Grey which gets used as a necromancer
50 skeletons
10 ghouls
so what else would you add to this list I am currently trying to decide wether to convert my dark elves so they can be used as zombies and stuff so any adivce you can give me would be appriciated. The reason I mainly want to run a magic heavy list is because I like the image of a huge vampire counts horde being raised and then the vampires and necros sustaining it with magic.

20-10-2011, 23:15

Unfortunately a bunch of casters is wasted points, unless you have a 2nd Vamp with MOTBA. Skellies are just not as good as ghouls, and Zombies are just free points to the other player.

As you only have 12 dice MAX, you want the lvl 3 Lord to do most of the casting, and he will use all of the dice, as long as you have Forbidden Lore to get all the spells.

Having a 2nd Vamp with the Staff of Damnation running with the lord in a Skellie bunker of 10-20 behind the line is way to go, with 30+ GG, and 2 units of 35+ ghouls. Also dont forget to take the Summon Ghouls with the lord so you can make your ghoul units obscenely huge.

21-10-2011, 06:07
Thanks for advice :D I was looking at Count Mannfred and in this kind of list he could be absolutely evil