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20-10-2011, 12:16
Hi all!

Some of you will know me from TOS, others from another log I started for this very army which for many reasons I never finished the log, but I did finish the army!

I'm fresh back from Oct TOS, I took with me my Heresy Thousand Sons (counts as Wolves :evilgrin:x2) and below is a few images of the army.
I'll be revisting the army in this log as it was rushed as Oct approached and in my opinon could do with some more work.

Of course theres new stuff too! Whenever u attend one of these events you come away with even more cool ideas, so with my eye on April TOS, not content to defile just the Wolf dex, I have decided to smeer the Sons taint across the Blood Angels dex :D

But first things first enjoy some images of my wolf army:






If you haven't guessed Ahriman counts as Njal, had great fun breaking Death Wing Terminators legs with him at the weekend thanks to dangerous terrain.
Basically four grey hunter squads with wolf guard, if its blue and on fire its a power weapon, if someone is projecting fire its a counts as flamer.
The floating eyes are my chooser of the slain markers.

Enjoy and feedback good or bad is welcome, evil plan for BA to follow!

20-10-2011, 12:45
So on to whats currently on the workbench....

I've basically decided to do a BA list as follows:

Libby w/pack, Epistolary, Sword/Hero

Honour Guard w/packs, 2x Power Wep, Chapter Banner

Libby w/pack, Epistolary, Sword/Hero

Honour Guard w/packs, 2x Power Wep

Furioso Dread, Libby w/Wings/Lance

Furioso Dread, Libby w/Wings/Lance

2x 10 man Assault Squads

Thats the basic list to work to, probably going to be changed as and when ideas strike!

So basically I'll be using Sons kits as well as the grey knights for the weapons.
In order to make them assault squads I've decided to have everyone basically riding into battle on a carpet of flame - think that super hero who used to travel on ice he threw down but in this case fire.

I'll be modelling the priests holding arcane books, fluff wise they are simply invoking spells of protection (feel no pain) and boosting those around them (furious charge)

The dreads will get the treatment I wanted to give my wolf dred.

Now for the libbys I've decided to model one as Magnus, he'll be the one in the chapter banner squad so a pretty mean libby if you work out all the benefits.
The other Libby will be Ahriman.

I've decided to set the army in the days and weeks following the escape to the planet of sorcery, when raids into nearby systems were required to gain resources.
I think this fits Magnus, in his weakened state.

In terms of the dreadnoughts I'm thinking these may be aspiring sorcerers who began to fall to the change but as Ahirman worked towards his final solution he found other less than perfect ways to safe the gifted.

So without further a do he's work in progress Magnus:



I've used Astro the grim as a starting base, I believe his armour will be easy to work with and he's finecast rather than metal.

To begin with I removed his arms and cut him at the waist, I also carefully removed the legs.
These have been pinned back in place but with a gap, which I've filled partly with green stuff (detailing later).
The effect is that he's a lot taller but not out of proportion.

I've started on his helm (long road yet), for his plume of feathers I'm cutting up astro's wings and slowly building up a full head of feathers.

The plan is to have Magnus rising up on a pillar of flame, he will be wearing his cloak of feathers and have his arms stretched out a bit like the Sangiunor but not as straight.
I'll be giving him on of those large grey knight swords and probably putting a book in his other hand.

Thats the plan any way.....

I'm sure he'll make a good Mephiston or the Sanginor too!

20-10-2011, 13:08
this is looking rather spectacular...i love the highlights on the gold parts... keep it up!

20-10-2011, 16:25
Looking good, thats an incredibly deep red you've achieved there: care to share the recipe?

As for using the BA dex, personally i think that a great choice but I'm biased. My own Emperors Children are using the same idea! Mephiston makes a great counts as Primarch, fitting for Fulgrim but near Perfect for Magnus!

Keep it up


20-10-2011, 18:33
Your army looks great. I look forward to seeing how Magnus turns out.

20-10-2011, 22:14
Your army is absolutely brilliant. I love the conversions!

22-10-2011, 10:34
Thanks for all the great feedback guys!

My recipe for red is as follows, I do start from a white undercoat but its mech red, then red gore, wash devlan, then a layer of red gore before a final wash of baal red.

The second coat of red gore requires two layers if its on a tank etc but the infantry seem fine without.

So small update, progress on Magnus has been made, unflattering close ups to follow:






As I was adding more feathers to his cap so to speak I realised I needed to start the work round his shoulders ready for his cloak.
So he now has arms and I've started filling out his upper arms, I've also added a collar at the front, inspired by the tomb king models (decoration later) and the base for a scrab on his torso.

No Magnus would be complete without nipple horns of course, personally I believe the reason he lost his eye was due to those horns so I've made them a little less pronounced ;)

I've also started adding the collar of his cloak, the smaller feathers will form the collar and then I'm going to use pegasus wings to build the rest, then some major green stuff work will be needed to bring it all together.

The plan is to green stuff his hair spilling onto the collar and at the sides onto the shoulder guards.

As I typed this there was a knock at the door, my order from direct has arrived!
So shortly I'll starting the honour guards and my dreads!:D!

23-10-2011, 10:46
Magnus progress update!

I've done his hair and nearly finished his cloak (after a rethink). I've also improved his helm and added a single jewel to the front.

I have to be careful, the temptation to model away before sections cure is very high!






I've also started the dreads but theres not much to see yet, I'm also going to start the honour guard today so update tommorrow hopefully.

23-10-2011, 14:23
I like the conversion. Did Magnus not have a horned helmet? Also, I think the shoulder pads are a little 'plain', that is, I think an alternative should be sought to fit with Magnus. I don't think he had them or power armour like ones in any of the concept art. Not meaning to cause offense, I like the conversion, just adding my two cents. Keep up the good work! I will be watching this thread with enthusiasm!