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22-10-2011, 06:36
So currently I play Vampire Counts and dark elves thing is im starting to get bored of both of them because im always doing the same thing every game and its getting really annoying having to use my magic to boost my basic troops so they can cause some actual damage. so what I wondered is out of all the fantasy armies which is the one I should do next. I should mention that I have a problem with winning games because my opponents always seem to know what to expect me to field. For example when I field my vampire counts army they know my only hard hitters are black knights and the vampires themselves so they do whatever they can to get rid of them. So basically I want to start a new army but I have no idea which one to start. The Armies im thinking about are Lizardmen Warriors Of Chaos, Dwarfs Bretonnians Empire or High elves. I just dont know which one to start and apart from empire who I have the army book for I dont know a great deal about others

22-10-2011, 07:02
Least predictable from your list? Empire - the surplus of options allows you to field a huge assortment and variation of armies. Everything else has very few options, at least in Core, so easier to predict what will be fielded.

Least predicatable army? Greenskins - the variation of the Empire (mostly) with such chaos inside the army that YOU don't know if you'll be doing what you plan!

22-10-2011, 10:22
Hmmmmm I think I will just go for Empire to be honest just the thought of fielding lots of guns and warmachines makes me chuckle plus then being able to create a story for them to allay with my Vampire Counts really makes me giggle

22-10-2011, 21:40
Hey Dreadlordpaul, I hope you find a good army. Being VC and DE player myself, I would prolly try out skavens if I had the time to go with something new. I could also imagine a skaven alliance with VC or DE!

I would also just throw a few thoughts in, in case you want to try surprise your friends in new ways with your current armies.
For VC: Grave Guards with two handed weapons and a helm of commandment nearby + banner of barrows, is a real wicked unit where you get a lot of value for your magic if you do try raise them back.
For DE: I recently played a few games using crone hellebron and a unit of 40 witch elves (as core choice). She can pretty much cut down anything in a challenge, and with a cauldron and a hydra banner, it will throw off most opponents for a few games for sure. If you as DE once in a while just leave out magic, you can afford some wicked close combat surprises instead.

Either way, i hope you smack your friends up!

22-10-2011, 21:43
Oh yeah. An Empire Army from Sylvania would be a lot of fun to make too! and who knows if the new Vampire Count list would get options to field Sylvanian Levies again...

Bingo the Fun Monkey
22-10-2011, 21:54
I would suggest you don't start a new army and instead expand your current ones. The Dark Elves and VC might have cookie cutter lists but that doesn't mean you have to field them. If your collection allows you to take a different list every time you won't have this problem. On the other hand, if you start a brand new army, your financial limitations would mean that you'd field maybe only 1 type of army...which will get boring very soon. I suggest you expand your collection. Neither of those armies should be boring. Also, you don't get good at the game by switching armies. This will allow you get attain a higher level of mastery over your chosen factions. Just my 2 cents. Good luck, whatever you do :).

22-10-2011, 22:45
On a note Dreadlordpaul I play Empire.

You state your looking for am army that doesn't have to buff its troops via magic to do damage.

Empire troops apart from greatswords and knights you will find your Darkelves more deadly in combat.

All that aside my Empire army is huge fun to play with lots of ranked infantry, deadly warmachinces and loads of cheap characters.

Just remember though because Empire units are so cheap in points it costs more to collect an army.

22-10-2011, 23:15
Play Empire. It's a never ending box of surprises.
And you get tons of terrain.

23-10-2011, 06:37
Empire troops apart from greatswords and knights you will find your Darkelves more deadly in combat.

Agreed, if we're only talking about in melee, but there are more options for damage available to the Empire that go beyond close combat, especially with all the gunpowder options that they can employ.

23-10-2011, 09:06
If you hate having to buff your units with magic to win combat them, Dwarfs are for you!
Then again, you will fall into the similar pitfall of having a somewhat predictable army.

I have to say Empire. They don't require that much buffing and they're very very flexible.

On the other hand, have you considered Skaven? Almost as flexible as the Empire and requiring very little buffing from magic to win combats :D Do skaven! haha

23-10-2011, 13:20
No I hadnt thought about skaven I had always liked the look of them especially when i first got into the hobby but for some reason the druchii caught my attention more. I guess I just like the idea of really evil cultists. The reason I was already kind of leaning towards empire is to join my vampires with them especially for that empire life wizard with flesh to stone just to make my core t7 :O

25-10-2011, 22:25
Empire are great - you get more value for money too. If you really wanted to....

You could model the Empire army to look undead and then either play them as Empire or as undead units - in one foul sweep you'll increase the army size of the Vamps twofold!

Start with a 1000 point forest patrol army - solid block of troops, some missile troops, war machine or 2, with a unit of mounted troops - and see how the army unfolds.

OR you can model the Empire to be Vampire hunters - from the cursed province of the Vampires - tasked with bringing back the Light to that cursed land....(Knights of Morr)

26-10-2011, 13:40
Okay thanks for the ideas guys and Jind_Singh I was thinking about that too because that just sounds like a really good idea especially convertering warrior priests to be used as vampires which would actually be funny to see sigmarite vampires :O