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22-10-2011, 07:32
This is a list im using next wednesday against a friend who hasnt played 8th before... I have tried to tone it down a bit but I cant help but feel like a 'dirty darkelf' lol.

I have left out the harsher magic (lore of shadow and death) + stabby dagger, kept my shooting down to 40 shots per turn, only 1 hydra and no stupidly hard troops like witch elves but I still feel like im cheating some how?

I feel I need to bring some toys (PoK, St of discipline and CoB) or im just asking to lose!

He hasnt decided what army to play as yet as we are going to do a 'try before you buy' proxy army with some spare models.

The game will be 2000 points and I have tried for an all comers list.

What do you guys think?

Lord. (Arhain)
Supreme sorceress, level 4, pendant of khaeleth, ironcurse icon = 300. (dark magic)

Hero. (Urithair)
Death hag, BSB, cauldron of blood = 225.

Core Units.
*49 darkelf spearmen, standard bearer, standard of discipline = 315. (10*5) (General goes here)

*50 darkelf spearmen = 300. (10*5)

*20 repeater crossbowmen = 200. (10*2)

2*5 harpies = 110.

Special Units.
*12 cold one knights, standard bearer, banner of hag graef = 375. (6*2)

Rare Units.
War hydra = 175.

= 2000.

Models 140 + 1 war machine + 1 monster.

22-10-2011, 13:26
I think you may have calculated wrong as a cauldron BSB is 225 points,but double check that,I think the hag queen is 90,plus the cauldron is 110,plus 25 to make it a BSB.but double check the math mate.

22-10-2011, 17:31
Good catch mate :) sorry about that, I have just taken out the dispel scroll and rectified the BSB mistake.

Any more thoughts on the list I think I shall be playing ORCS!

23-10-2011, 08:24
I'd go with Corsairs over the spears other than the bunker, you get less bodies but they kill so much more