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23-10-2011, 20:49
So, this is the eve of the final battle. The battle to decide total dominance of this, our mini-campaign of WHFB battles :)

For those who haven't read any of the previous battles, I have provided links below. The idea was to select a list each and play through all 6 BRB scenarios, without changes to either list, then to finish off the series with our first ever Storm of Magic game.

The scoring system was pretty simple. 1pt for a win, 0pts for anything else. However to keep things slightly interesting, the final (Storm of Magic) game is worth 2pts for a win. Here is the story so far:

Watchtower - 5th September 2011 : 2000pts Clan Skrit vs Vampire Counts (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5780877)
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The score so far is: 4-2 to Clan Skrit (yay :D - that's me if you hadn't guessed!)

We are due to play the final game tomorrow. Neither of us knows what the other will spend their 500pt "Monsters & Magic" allowance on. This thread will contain the battle report as soon as I've had time to write it up. But in the meantime it will be interesting to see what people think the final result might be...

23-10-2011, 20:54
Scenario: Storm of Magic
Date Played: 24th October 2011

Clan Skrit


[GS] Grey Seer, Talisman of Preservation, Skalm (315pts)
[WLR] Warlord, Warlitter, Shield, Warlock Augmented Weapon (173pts)


[BSB] Chieftain, Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd (72pts)
[WE] Warlock Engineer, Doomrocket (45pts)


[SV] 36 Stormvermin, Fangleader, Standard Bearer, Musician (277pts)
[WFT] Warpfire Thrower (70pts)
[CR] 23 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields (123.5pts)
[SS] 47 Skaven Slaves Musician (96pts)


[PM] 40 Plague Monks Bringer-of-the-Word, Standard Bearer, Musician, Plague Banner (335pts)
[GR] 6 Gutter Runners Slings, Poisoned Attacks (108pts)


[DW] Doomwheel (150pts)
[HPA] Hellpit Abomination (235pts)

Total: 1999.5pts
Monsters & Magic

[DE] Dark Emissary , Level 3 (245pts)
[FB] Fimir Balefiend , Level 3 (245pts)
[CW] 6 Chaos Warhounds (36pts)

Total: 496pts

Vampire Counts


[VL] Vampire Lord, Level 3, Talisman of Preservation, Earthing Rod, Helm of Commandment, Master of the Black Arts, Forbidden Lore (Beasts) (440pts)


[WK] Wight King, Battle Standard Bearer, Drakenhoff Banner, Great Weapon (235pts)
[N] Necromancer, Level 1 (Invocation of Nehek), Sceptre of Stability (70pts)


[SW] 23 Skeleton Warriors, Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician (204pts)
[G] 39 Ghouls, (312pts)
[CC] Corpse Cart, Unholy Loadstone (100pts)


[BK] 10 Black Knights, Standard Bearer, Musician, Barding, Standard of Strigois (339pts)
[FB1] 3 Fell Bats (60pts)
[FB2] 3 Fell Bats (60pts)


[V1] Varghulf (175pts)

Total: 1995pts
Monsters & Magic : Infernal Pact - Vampire Counts

[V2] Vampire Dispel Scroll, Flayed Hauberk, Forbidden Lore (Vampires) (185pts)
[DW1] 5 Dire Wolves (40pts)
[DW2] 5 Dire Wolves (40pts)
[T] Terrorgheist (225pts)

Total: 490pts

23-10-2011, 20:55

We rolled for terrain, and only got 5 pieces. There was a Sorcerous Portal on the left flank, a tower and pair of walls in the centre-north, a temple of skulls in the centre-south and finally an ordinary hill on the right flank.

Among these we placed four fulcrums. As this was our first ever Storm of Magic game there was little thought put into their positioning - and all four ended up pretty close to the 12" deployment zones.

The game started well for the Skaven - they managed to win every pre-game roll. So they placed the first Fulcrum, chose their deployment zone, placed the first wizard, and started deploying their army first.

The Fulcrums were occupied by:

Necromancer (Top-Left)
Vampire (Top-Right)
Dark Emissary (Bottom-Left)
Fimir Balefiend (Bottom-Right)

The Vampires (and their Vampire pact!) had 4 "throw-away" units in the form of Fell Bats and Dire Wolves, so the Skaven's main army deployment was given away before the Vampire Counts had to commit anything significant.

The Vampires ended up splitting their units across the 2 fulcrums, with the Terrorgheist (proxied by an Arachnarok Spider), Black Knights and Skeleton Warriors on the right flank. And the Ghouls, Varghulf and Corpse Cart on the left.

Meanwhile the Skaven went for a more concentrated deployment, and put their army across the gap between their 2 fulcrums - the plan being to keep the Grey Seer available to occupy a fulcrum when the time came. The Hellpit Abomination set up opposite the Necromancer, aiming to get across there and clear the Fulcrum ready for later in the game.

The Doomwheel took up position next to the Fimir Balefiend, hoping to be enough of a threat to delay the Vampire Counts forces on the right flank.

Lastly the Gutter Runners used their Scouting rule. The Vampire's had made sure there were no gaps behind their forces suitable for the Gutter Runners to occupy. Instead they set up right on the edge of the board.

Although the VC had +1 on the roll for the first turn, they rolled a 1 (having rolled a 2 for every other pre-game roll off :)) and the Skaven opted to take the first turn.

Grey Seer: Bless with Filth, Death Frenzy, Warp Lightning, Curse of the Horned Rat (+ Plague and Ruin Cataclysm spells)
Dark Emissary: Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma, Pit of Shades, The Withering (+ Shadow Cataclysm spells)
Fimir Balefiend: Fireball, Flaming Sword of Ruin, Fulminating Flame Cage (+ Fire Cataclysm spells)
Vampire Lord: Lore of Beasts (Forbidden Lore), Invocation of Nehek (+ Beasts Cataclysm spells)
Necromancer: Invocation of Nehek (+ Vampires Cataclysm spells)
Vampire: Lore of Vampires (Forbidden Lore), Invocation of Nehek (+ Vampires Cataclysm spells)

The decisions behind which cataclysm spells each caster had access to was fairly straight forward. It becomes a little cloudy for the VC wizards, but we'd already agreed how the Wizards Tower rules worked for the Vampire Lord and Necromancer (earlier in the series) so we followed the same logic.

23-10-2011, 20:56
Turn 1 - Clan Skrit

So the game started with, what in hindsight was a mistake, the Doomwheel moving up towards the Vampire Lord on his fulcrum. It rolled about average, and this wasn't enough to get it out of danger of a flank charge from the Black Knights.

Over on the other flank the Hellpit also moved up, and stopped just short of the Sorcerous Portal. The Gutter Runners then moved into close range of both the Dire Wolves and the Necromancer on the top-left fulcrum.

The rest of the Skaven army simply advanced forwards in the centre - but not by much.

Back on the right flank, the Chaos Warhounds didn't have enough movement to get them into a position to protect the Doomwheel. So instead they just moved up to block the Fulcrum from any long range charges from the Black Knights or Terrorgheist.

So in our first ever Storm of Magic magic phase, the winds of magic blew strong giving something like 18-19 power dice (to 10ish dispel). The Dark Emissary managed to channel, thanks to his +2 to channel special rule, however the Fimir Balefiend, despite having 6 attempts, failed to add any more!

The ascendant lore was the lore of Life, which meant that the Skaven lores were at +4 to cast. It was just unfortunate that my Grey Seer wasn't on a fulcrum to take full advantage of this!

So there was a cunning plan afoot...the Fimir Balefiend started the turn by casting Flaming Sword of Ruin on the Plague Monks which the Vampire let through. Then the Dark Emissary, hoping to draw out a couple of dispel dice, cast Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma on the Ghouls and dropped their Weapon Skill by -2 (I rolled -3, but they were only WS3 to begin with).

The plan was for the Dark Emissary to then cast the Bridge of Shadows on the Plague Monks which would have allowed me to teleport them right in front of the Ghouls - with the augments and hexes cast so far, this would basically be a suicide charge for the Ghouls and/or stall that whole flank. However when casting Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma on 3 dice, the Dark Emissary rolled 3 6's! :mad: The standard miscast did nothing as his fulcrum ward save protected him, however the fulcrum miscast saw a magical mist reduce the range of all spells to 12" - meaning he couldn't see the Plague Monks to teleport them!

Annoyingly, none of my wizards could do much else. The enemy was more than 12" away, so damage/hex spells were out, and augmenting my units for a turn seemed pointless - especially at the risk of another miscast. So having used just 6 of my 20(ish) power dice, I ended the phase! :cries:

Oh and to cap it off..the Sorcerous Portal of course rolled up Fireball and did a wound on the Hellpit Abomination :)

In the shooting phase, the Doomwheel started off with a misfire - which resulted in it having 4D6 movement.

Then, finally, something went right and my Gutter Runners put 3 wounds on the Necromancer and he failed 2 of his 3+ ward saves.

23-10-2011, 20:56
Turn 1 - Vampire Counts

So the Vampire's started on the back foot. With one of their casters down, they needed to protect the remaining 2, and occupy the empty fulcrum on the left flank (their right).

The turn started with the inevitable charge from the Black Knights into the flank of the Doomwheel.

With no other charges, the Terrorgheist took flight and surged down the right flank to start screaming at the Fimir Balefiend on the fulcrum.

The remainder of the right flank moved up to support the Black Knights. While the Vampire Lord left her Skeleton bunker to occupy the fulcrum which had just been vacated by the Vampire Thrall who was now running (he only has 1 wing after all, so can't fly!) towards the fulcrum which was now decorated with the Necromancers body!

On the other flank, the Ghouls moved up supported by the Varghulf and Corpse Cart. Meanwhile the Dire Wolves reformed to face the Gutter Runners. The one unit of Fell Bats also moved over from the centre to make sure the Gutter Runners couldn't escape by running around the empty fulcrum.

The magic phase started off with the Sorcerous Portal casting Soulblight on the Hellpit Abomination. Next we rolled to see what happened to the magical mist, and of course we rolled a double and it cleared :)

The ascendant lore was the lore of Metal which also gave the lore of Vampires +4 to cast as a secondary lore.

However there was a lull in the winds of magic and only 10 dice were generated. After channelling and the Vampire's bloodlines etc, the undead wizards had 12 dice at their disposal. While the Skaven had 7 to protect themselves.

The Vampire Lord started assailing the Fimir Balefiend with cantrips. Both a magical duel, and unbind monster were cast on the Fimir. But both were dispelled.

This left the Vampires free to cast Wyssan's Wildform on the Black Knights, and finally to teleport the (one-) winged Vampire Thrall over to occupy the empty fulcrum.

After being reminded that he did have a shooting phase, the Vampire player rolled for his scream from the Terrorgheist against the Fimir but rolled a 3 and did nothing against the Ld8 lizard.

In the only combat of the game so far, the Doomwheel failed to do any damage to the Black Knights who in return removed all 4 of it's wounds thanks to the Helm of Commandment and Wyssan's Wildform. The Black Knights reformed, and the Chaos Warhounds panicked and fled past the fulcrum!

23-10-2011, 20:57
Turn 2 - Clan Skrit

The Skaven had a couple of potential charges this turn in the form of the Plague Monks into the Black Knights and the Gutter Runners into the Dire Wolves. However they declined both - sticking to their cowardly nature.

Instead the Skaven turn started with the Chaos Warhounds failing to rally - annoyingly both their panic test and their rally test were failed by rolling a 6, and they are Ld5! The hounds were off the board.

Next up the Hellpit continued it's advance towards the flanks, while the Gutter Runners backed away from the Dire Wolves to make sure they were far enough away to stand and shoot next turn if they got charged.

In the centre, the Warlock Engineer was drunk on Warpstone foam again and stepped in front of the Black Knights to block their charge path into the Plague Monks. It also put him 15" away from the Skeleton bunker.

The rest of the Skaven centre continued to shuffle around. In particular the Slaves, Stormvermin and Clanrat bunker all deliberately shuffled away from the Warpfire thrower as it was now in range of the Varghulf!

The magic phase started with the Sorcerous Portal casting the Speed of Light on the Hellpit Abomination.

The ascendant lore was the lore of Metal. The Skaven attempted to manipulate this, but ended up with something else which was equally useless to them.

Yet again the Skaven were blessed with a large number of power dice. They had 19 to play with after channelling. However once again the Balefiend failed to get anything with his 6 attempts - might as well tell you now that he didn't channel anything all game!

So, with the magical mist gone in the Vampires turn. The Skaven were hoping to pull off the same trick again. They started with Flaming Sword of Ruin on the Plague Monks - and rolled double 1's :(

Next the Dark Emissary went for the Bridge of Shadows anyway, and it was cast on 28 (rolling 24, +3 for his level, +1 for his special rules) but the Vampire Thrall had cunningly brought along a dispel scroll which was promptly played.

The Dark Emissary was obviously a little annoyed at this point and switched to casting Pit of Shades on the Varghulf. It was cast, but the Vampire's had plenty of dispel dice left and rolled a double 6 to stop it.

And finally the Skaven threw their last dice, and 1 warpstone token at the Curse of the Horned Rat on the Ghouls. But they fell short of the casting value by 2 :cries:

The shooting phase then also saw mixed luck. With the Doom Rocket rolling a not so great 10" on 4D6. It managed a wound on a Fell Bat and killed a couple of Black Knights, but missed the Skeleton bunker entirely.

And finally the Warpfire Thrower opened up it's nozzles and of course mis-fired. Ran towards the Skaven Slaves and blew up - killing 7.

23-10-2011, 20:57
Turn 2 - Vampire Counts

With several units now in range, the Vampires declared multiple charges this turn.

The Black Knights started off things by charging the Warlock Engineer, who elected to flee. Sadly he was caught and the Black Knights ended up 1" away from the Plague Monks.

The Terrorgheist charged into the fulcrum occupied by the Fimir Balefiend.

The Dire Wolves elected not to charge the Gutter Runners - as on average not enough would survive the stand and shoot! However the Fell Bats did charge in, and lost one of their number to a stand and shoot, leaving 2 to fight in combat.

Finally the Ghouls attempted a, slightly long, charge and failed.

The rest of the Vampire's army moved up to support the Ghouls and Black Knights as best they could.

The magic phase once again saw the Sorcerous Portal augment the Hellpit Abomination - which once again was useless as it wasn't in combat! :)

The lore of Life was in ascendancy. However this didn't help the Vampire Counts, and they couldn't get a better result when they manipulated the flux.

Once again the Vampires rolled below average for the winds of magic (they were rolling 4D6 - honest!) and after channelling and their +2 ended up with 11 dice to the Skaven's 7 dispel dice.

Again the Vampire Lord focused his early efforts on the Fimir Balefiend with a magical duel, and unbind monster. But again these were dispelled. This left the Skaven with only 2 dispel dice remaining.

The Vampire's then cast the Curse of Anraheir on the Plague Monks, meaning it was a pretty dangerous prospect to charge the Black Knights as the entire Skaven unit was on the Temple of Skulls!

Finally the Vampire Thrall cast Vanhel's Dance Macabre on the Fell Bats that were in combat with the Gutter Runners, giving them ASF. The Skaven couldn't beat the roll and so it went through.

In the shooting phase the Terrogheist rolled nice and high for it's scream against the Fimir and managed to get 2 wounds past it's fulcrum ward save. However in combat afterwards neither monster could put a wound on the other, and the Fimir passed it's break test, forcing the Terrorgheist back an inch.

Then finally, the ASF Fell Bats with their re-rolls to hit managed to kill 2 Gutter Runners. In return though the Gutter Runners inflicted 3 wounds meaning the combat was drawn!

23-10-2011, 20:58
Turn 3 - Clan Skrit

Skaven turn 3 started out with a bit of a blunder! The Skaven Slaves charged out at the Dire Wolves. I'll explain why this was a blunder later :)

Other than that, the Skaven centre simply moved backwards to keep the Ghouls out of an easy charge range.

On the left, the Hellpit Abomination was 10" away from the fulcrum occupied by the Vampire Thrall. But it decided that this turn was the time to start rolling below 10" for movement and it fell short!

There wasn't much else left to move, so it was on to the Skaven magic phase. And after 2 pretty unsuccessful phases so far they were hoping for a good one...

The ascendant lore was the lore of Death, which was little help. And once again manipulating the flux yielded nothing useful.

With 19 dice to play with (again!), the Skaven were hopeful. They started by casting Bridge of Shadows on the Plague Monks to move them over to the left flank, out of charge arc of the Ghouls.

Next came a Fireball Barrage from the Fimir Balefiend on the Terrorgheist. Rolling nice and high for the casting value the Vampire's opted to let it through on the basis that it would need 6's to wound. However it did well and put 5 wounds on the Terrorgheist - leaving it with only 1 remaining.

The Fimir had had enough of the screaming monster and tried to cast the regular Fireball at the monster. But the Vampire's threw a LOT of dice at dispelling it.

Finally, with only 1 dice left the Grey Seer attempted to cast Warp Lightning on some Fell Bats, but failed as he rolled a 2.

With no shooting left, it was straight onto the Gutter Runners vs Fell Bat combat. The lone Fell Bat lost it's last wound before it could do any more harm. The Gutter Runners elected to remain where they were.

Finally the Skaven Slaves finished off the Dire Wolves through crumbling, for the lose of 2 of their own number in return.

23-10-2011, 20:58
Turn 3 - Vampire Counts

The Vampire player had spotted the Skaven blunder and quickly jumped on it...the Black Knights charged the flank of the Grey Seer's Clanrat bunker :eek:

Elsewhere the Terrorgheist, keen to take out the Fimir before it succumbed to flames, again charged the fulcrum.

Finally the Skeleton Warriors and Fell Bats both charged into the Skaven Slaves - who were now crucially 12.5" away from the Grey Seer.

On the left flank, the Ghouls, Varghulf and Corpse Cart continued their advance to pin down the Stormvermin.

The magic phase started with a Fireball from the Sorcerous Portal killing 3 Plague Monks.

The ascendant lore was again the lore of Metal, giving +4 to cast spells from the lore of Vampires.

The Vampires poor rolls for the winds of magic so far had changed slightly and they ended up with 17 dice in total, vs the Skaven's 13 to dispel.

The phase started out with the Vampire Thrall throwing 5 dice at the Curse of Years on the Plague Monks. Not only did he roll a double 6 to cast - which I'll combat back to shortly, but he then managed to kill a very (un)healthy 11 Skaven.

So the miscast from that spell did nothing to the Vampire Thrall as it didn't even wound him. But the fulcrum miscast saw his fulcrum move directly towards the Corpse Cart and stop just short (see yellow arrows on the map). This was pretty disastrous for the Skaven as it meant the Vampire Thrall was now in range to cast Vanhels Dance Macabre on the Ghouls - and still had 12 power dice at his disposal.

The Skaven decided that Vanhel's was going to go off, but they had a good chance at forcing the Vampire's to burn all of their power dice to do it. So after 4 successful dispel attempts, the Vampire's had to expend 10 power dice to cast it. And the Ghouls surged into the Stormvermin.

Finally the Vampire Lord engaged in a magical duel with the Fimir Balefiend and won. The Fimir fell off his spinning fulcrum and died as the S10 hit took away his last wound.

With nothing left for the Terrorgheist to shoot at it was straight to combat.

The Slaves lost their combat having only inflicted 2 wounds on the Fell Bats. However they held on their own steadfast Ld5.

The Stormvermin also lost, unable to get enough wounds past the Ghouls regeneration save. The Stormvermin were not steadfast, and failed both attempts at a Ld4 break test. They were run down by the Ghouls who then contacted the Clanrats in the front. :cries:

The Ghouls and Black Knights wiped out half of the Clanrat unit, and even killed the Grey Seer in the process. The Clanrats broke from combat and fled off the board.

At that point the Skaven player (me) resigned. With only 1 wizard left in the game, and very few units available to support him things had pretty much collapsed for the Skaven.

Game over - victory to the Vampire Counts

23-10-2011, 21:02
Post Battle Thoughts

Clan Skrit
So I think I can sum up this defeat in 2 parts: 1) stupidity (mine) and 2) a little bad luck, but in all the wrong places!

With all of the new rules to remember, in turn 3 I just hadn't thought my movement through at all. I knew I wanted the Hellpit in the one fulcrum (but then he rolled an 8). And I had become obsessed with getting the Plague Monks into combat with the Ghouls - so much so that I forgot to augment with the Flaming Sword of Ruin, and instead just teleported them away. Combined with the Slaves charging the Dire Wolves this meant that my Clanrats were completely exposed - and I hadn't even seen it!

I also made mistakes early on. The Doomwheel should have stayed back in my deployment zone where it could have threatened the Terrorgheist and Black Knights. And the Hellpit should have just been deployed right on the flank to start with - instead of messing about trying to get around that Sorcerous Portal.

Having said that (and I do believe my mistakes played a larger part than dice rolling), I didn't have the best of luck when it came to magic/shooting. The first two magic phases achieved very little - in fact nothing. Which meant I just wasn't capitalising on having so many power dice. There were some really useful combinations available, but apart from a Fireball Barrage my magic pretty much didn't do anything all game.

Finally - the fulcrum miscasts. Only 2 miscasts all game, and both of them scuppered me! The first prevented me from doing anything useful in turn 1, and the second allowed the VC to "send in the Ghouls" which pretty much sealed the deal and wiped out the army. Without that there was a reasonable chance that my Clanrats could have held against the Black Knights.

Overall though my opponent played well, and I didn't really :)

Oh well - I'm sure there will be a re-match at some point.

Vampire Counts

Mini-Series Result
Clan Skrit: 4
Vampire Counts: 4

So it was a draw! After all that hard work for Clan Skrit to achieve 4-2 after a 0-2 start to the Vampires, they just let victory go to their little heads :)

It was a great way for us both to learn a lot about our armies, and the individual units within them. Although we agreed we probably wouldn't do it quite this way again, the idea of playing X consecutive games with a fixed list is definitely something we'd both like to try again. Maybe next time with a little more uncertainty about what scenarios to expect next though!

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading these. As always, comments, thoughts, critique always welcome.

Adios for now.

23-10-2011, 23:24
I am a little bummed this is how the final battle turned out I was really hoping for the Skaven victory.

If you had applied the rules that you learned after the game I think the battle could have ended up very differently, had the usual Skaven misfires and screw ups to contend with so thats a bit of a bummer considering how well the doomwheel performed last game you get the crappy dice this game ending up with him out of commission early :(

All in all it was a great series to read and I hope you end up doing some more. I am thinking about adopting a similar list using the 2 kill-y Skaven units (PM and SV) myself in the future.

Once again great batrep and great pics sorry about the luck.

Jack of Blades
25-10-2011, 09:21
Oh boy what a shame, it doesn't actually matter whether you're on a fulcrum or not in regard to knowing cataclysm spells - unless you've house ruled that. So that Grey Seer should've been pumping those power dice :)

25-10-2011, 10:41
Oh boy what a shame, it doesn't actually matter whether you're on a fulcrum or not in regard to knowing cataclysm spells - unless you've house ruled that. So that Grey Seer should've been pumping those power dice :)

So it would appear we had gotten some of the rules in this game wrong - it was our first ever SoM game after all.

Indeed, you don't need to occupy a fulcrum to have access to Cataclysm spells. Nor do you need it to access the Cantrip's (with the exception of teleport - see below). Presence/Equilibrium/Dominance are measured army wide. The fluff does suggest that Fulcrums are an integral part of knowing these spells, however the actual rules don't :) (p28-32)
The Vampire Thrall couldn't have teleported to the empty fulcrum in turn 1. The teleport cantrip states the caster must be occupying a fulcrum to start with (p30)
Can't use dispel scrolls against cataclysm spells (p32). Have to roll dice as normal to attempt a dispel. So the Plague Monks could have moved in turn 2
Occupants of a fulcrum are both Stubborn and Immune to Psychology (p28). We were rolling Fear and Terror tests for the Fimir Balefiend against the Terrorgheist
The Fimir Balefiend is cold-blooded and should be using 3D6 for Ld tests and discarding the highest (p134)

Note: the page numbers are obviously references to the SoM book. Not the BRB :)

So all in all, there was a 3rd reason for my defeat - I didn't learn the rules properly :) Can't place any blame on my VC opponent here, as he didn't even own the SoM book - so was relying on me to guide him through the new stuff.

25-10-2011, 10:45
Very nice series. Although gutted the ratmen couldn't score that final win. Convinced me and a mate to do the same. (daemons vs ogres)

Although we're not using the same list every time as we want chance to try all the units out. So far we've played blood and glory and meeting engagement. Both of which went to the daemons.

27-10-2011, 12:15
Yeah, as I was reading the report I spotted numerous rules errors related to the SoM special rules, and all those errors played against you at some points.

Anyway it was a fantastic report and series. I loved it and I hope you will do more in the future. I myself started a similar set with my Ogres against a Bretonnian player based on your experience.

Small question : apart from the fact you lost, did you enjoy your SoM game ?

27-10-2011, 19:06
Small question : apart from the fact you lost, did you enjoy your SoM game ?

It was fun - in the way that it was an interesting change of pace to regular games. Can't say I was enjoying things going so wrong :)

We have both said it would be good to try a larger game to have more freedom in the "Monsters and Magic" allowance. In particular I'd like to field a decent contingent of Tomb Kings (my first WHFB army).

27-10-2011, 20:58
Loved the series and the excellent BRs.

Plus, they reduced my dislike for Skaven, which in itself is a good thing.

As to the final SoM battle, it was a little anti-climatic to have such a quick and crushing defeat after all the hard fought and balanced previous games. I guess that 4-2 "come back" made clan skrit somewhat overconfident...

28-10-2011, 18:05
Great report as always! I voted for the skaven unfortunately :D An overall draw isn't bad though.

EDIT: Nevermind!