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24-10-2011, 01:53
I'm going to a tournament in a few weeks time and was thinking of either taking my ogres or orcs. So would like to get your opinions on which list would be better.

The orcs:

Lvl 4 savage orc shaman
-shrunken head, fencers blades
Black orc BSB
-standard of discipline, boar, shield
Lvl 1 night goblin shaman
-dispell scroll

80 night goblins
-banner, musician, netters, 2 fantatics
20 arrer boys
-banner, musician
30 savage orc big uns
-banner, musician

2 wolf chariots
30 black orcs
-banner, musician, +1 movement banner

2 mangler squigs

So for this list I've got three strong fighting blocks, with bsb and general in the savage orcs. The chariots lend support and protect the manglers from dogs and the like. Also I feel like most armies won't be able to deal with both manglers and the fanatics. Archers are cheap and usefull for shooting redirecters.

The ogres

Lvl 4 slaugthermaster
-dispell scroll, fencers blades
Bruiser BSB
-heavy armour, ironfist, dragonhide banner

16 iron guts
-banner, musician, standard of discipline

4 mournfangs
-banner, musician, movement banner
4 yhetees


This is a pretty straight forward run up and smash em list. The yhetees are there to deal with ethereals, I like the mournfangs speed and armor and the ogres horde should be able to smash whatever they run into.

So which one do you think is better?

24-10-2011, 02:08
Having the BSB on a boar is asking for trouble, at a tournament you'll almost certainly run into war machines of some variety, at which point without a look out sir he's very vulnerable

26-10-2011, 10:20
Personally i would rather face the OG then the OK list you have drawn up.

But that is also because i know what the OG meansn and less experience with OK, everything sounds scary. Only upside to OK is that is is very few models, so you are going to notice every lost model i'd say.

So go for OK :)