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25-10-2011, 10:54
Hi all,

Since 8th edition hit, i see a lot of people talking about how crap cavalery is. Its true they took a beating, but they may not be as destroyed as some people believe. I throw in a special char to boost effectiveness of the knights, granted, but still .. i didnt expect too much of this list.


Arch Lector (AOMI, Dawnstone, Sword of Justice and Horstmann's Spectacles) on altar
Kurt Helborg

Captain, BSB, Banner of Swiftness, full plate armor, barded warhorse, shield and lance
Warrior Priest, Dawn Armor and Wyrmslayer sword, barded warhorse
Battle Wizard (level 2) dispell scroll
Battle Wizard (level 2) channeling staff
Battle Wizard (level 2) +1 dispell staff (forgot item name!)

40 Spearmen, shields, full command
10 Handgunners, marksmen with repeater
10 Handgunners, marksmen with repeater
10 Knightls, full command

17 Knights of the Inner Circle, full command, Steel Standard (add +1D3 on the charge)
3 Mortars

1 Hellblaster

*list as i remember it, might have missed something!*

Result was quite good. But Kurt, the BSB and the WP in the big unit of Knights, and you have one awesome fighting machine. Took this list up against a Lizardmen player, and result was very good. Cav units did better then expected. Hold off his units with some shooting and the Arch Lector and mopped up as much as i could.

Any pointers on this list, i am planning to use it in a tournament, but taking out the special char then. All (constructive) criticsm is welcome


Oogie boogie boss
25-10-2011, 11:50
I'm confused....you say this is supposed to be an Empire cavalry list, but you've only got 2 units of cavalry in it, yet have 4 war machines?! It's a good list, and very balanced, but if you wanted to do a cavalry list, then go whole hog! Nothing on foot, just Knights and Pistoliers, with mounted characters. Just point and charge.

26-10-2011, 09:45

Yes i was going for that originally, but i always play to win, and Empire is oke in everything, but king in non of these area's (tho shooting comes close!). So i tried to bring some balance in, seems to have worked.

Full cav list didnt make it because of that. Do you guys think that can work btw? Never seen a battle like that, and i see very few cav on the battlefields anymore.

Ashame cav charge seem to be out of fashion ;)

Asuryan's Spear
26-10-2011, 12:29
Cavalry didn't necessarily take a hammering. all they did was to alter your selection and role of cavalry. they are no longer point and click weapons.you have to think about how you use them. Your best bet for a cavalry list is to try units of 8 in single rank as this gives you plenty of units who can all win on a charge. my friend uses this to great effect. another way is to field 2 ranks of four as empire knights can add their single high strength attack through supporting while keeping frontage small to negate both the amount of incoming attacks and increase manouverability

27-10-2011, 11:18
I reckon it could work TBH. knights with GW are nothing to be sniffed at. WS4, S5 attack with a 1+ sv. For just over 20pts that aint bad.

You do need a block unit and some warmachines. But thats only precautionary.

A big unit of stae troops or Greatswords will be a fine anvil. Your knight are the hammer.

The issue is, you have taken more anvils that hammers, which doesnt exactly lend to the "All-cav" vibe your going for.

And just cus you play to win, doesnt mean you have to cookie-cutter every army you do. Something differant is often enpough to throw the other player off guard, and can give you the element of suprise.


Asuryan's Spear
27-10-2011, 13:03
On a non cavalry related note: i would advised dropping maybe 2 of your wizards. With the Arch Lector, Warrior Priest and three wizards there will just be not enough dice to go around unless you play SoM. if you save these you could reinvest in the anvils or hammers