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25-10-2011, 13:52
So for a while I have always wanted to run a army based around morathi as she is a pretty bad ass character and I love the story behind her so I came up with this list its not mega competative and its just I want to play a different list than my normal one so here is the list.
Morathi The Hag Sorceress 500
heart render

Sorceress (Shadow) 235 points
Level 2
Tome of furion
Pendant of khaeleth
Dark pegasus

Sorceress (Either death or fire I have not decided yet) 185 points
Level 2
Sacrifical dagger
Gem Of Nightmares

25x spearmen (sorceress on foot goes here)215 points
full command
banner of murder

Assassin 171
Rune Of Khain
Touch of death
Black Lotus
15x crossbow men 170 points
Full command

10x corsairs 150 points
full command
Sea serpant standard

9x cold one knights 343 points
Full command
Standard Of Hag Graef

total points cost 1969
Basically the plan is simple Morathi and the other pegasorceress fly out and try to cause some havoc. As I regulary play against a orcs and goblins player Morathi will try to bombarde 1 unit a turn with black horror soul stealer and blade wind and if there is enough dice she will try to one dice power of darkness to cast either chill wind or doom bolt depending on what remains of the unit. The flying level 2 will try to debuff a unit and if she has pit of shades and will hopefully cast power of darkness herself and then use all the dice to cast pit of shades. Basically the other level 2 acts as a back up caster which is why im not sure about her lore. should the other level 2 or morathi fail to cast a spell the bunkered sorceress will start to cast and shes mainly there to do a bit of back up casting and to give me a additional channeling attempt. Another reason I have took so many mages is because I know the guy only takes 1 level 4 and 1 level 2 so I will easily have the advantage over him. The rest of the army basically has the following plan. The spearmen sit there and guard the sorceress along with the assassin and should she feel the need for more power she will sacrifice some of the warriors. The crossbowmen try to give the opponent another thorne in their side because if they chose to put everything into killing my 2 flying wizards they will leave themselves vunrable to the cross bow men and the cold one knights. The Corsairs basically guard a flank and will support one of the other units should they get charged>