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OOC: ok so I have an itch to join into a roleplaying thread but I don't really have very much experience and I can't see any open ones so I have decided to embark on one myself. I hope to weave an entertaining story with your help warseer!!! So rules, please introduce your character IC (ie: through the actual story as I will be doing). Please no uber "I cannot be defeated" characters. The nature of this story will limit character types to human sized at the onset (so no Space Marines please). I will need at least these character slots filled:

1. the ships captain: a nefarious and self serving Rogue Trader who has recently lost most of his crew under circumstances he/she wishes to remain secret. however, he/she has landed on bustling hive world of Vachar IV (near tau space) to take on crew for a new and (hopefully extremely profitable) enterprise deep into the ghoul stars. (I will notify whoever fills this post as to what that enterprise is, and prefer someone experienced with roleplaying or GMing)

2. an exiled tech priest who has worked with the captain for years keeping the ship from falling apart. The captain has not (as yet) told the tech priest of his true intentions

other than that, please jump on board. as we are near tau space, xenos will be accepted (ie; eldar ranger, tau farsight enclave merc, but no orcs or nids for obvious reasons). inquisitors are acceptable but for the meantime keep your true identity hidden and please message me about your intentions and I will fill you in as far as I think it will push ahead the story line :). Also I would prefer we not fill up with hidden inquisitors so I'll probably put a cap on that. Really what we need are some good old fashioned hive gangers, ex IG, or nefarious humans looking for some adventure or just to get off planet (for what ever reason).

so without further ado!!!


Sybilla robes billowed loosely about her lithe frame as the engine exhausts from the many cargo ships, private luxury yachts, and even one cobra class navy destroyer alternatively landed, lifted off, or jostled with the hundreds of other vessels waiting for their turn to land at the space port, magnanimously named "Port of Good Hope" by the governors council in an attempt to breed an influx of Imperial citizens to prove the planet was indeed still loyal to the Imperium and humanity as a whole. In the past dealings with the Tau had led to investigations, and even outright purges of the ruling classes on Vachar IV, and the new blood up top had no intention of being next in line.

Still ties had been kept open, and exchanges of various goods, especially technology still went on behind the scenes, a trade too lucrative to pass up. Sybilla's face twitched in annoyance behind an angelic mask of adamantium, brass, and gold. Such willful disregard for Imperial law was incrimination enough for the Inquisition's might to be brought to bear here, even if, in Sybilla's and her masters opinion, xenos technology was not something to be feared, but taken advantage of. After all wasn't that why she had been sent across the galaxy to this reviled part of the Emperor's domain?

She sighed, the noise coming out in a musical draft from the masks full, gilded lips. From the gantry she stood on she could see about a quarter of the landing fields that made up the spaceport. Getting past security had been a simple matter of flashing her prefabricated biometrics to fool the PDF guards. No one would question the life ward of the planets Ecclesiarch would they? And now, her target was only a flight of stairs and a brisk walk away. With a thought, the inbuilt targeting computers and machine spirit of her mask cycled from normal sight to telescopic zoom complete with heat and energy projections of the target. Text surrounded the moored ship, listing specifications of its class type, above which hovered its name: Black Phoenix. She could see a small crowed of people gathering below it, other hopefuls attempting to see some adventure or avoid local police.

With a snap her sight returned to normal, and her hands reached inside her robes to do a last check on her weapons. A handcrafted set of monomolecular blades hung from her waist, while under each arm in black leather webbing which matched her armored body glove were holstered two pistols taken from a piratical Eldar raider over two decades ago. The alien workmanship of the pistols felt warm under her exposed fingers. One fired blasts of pure darkness that could penetrate the power armor of the Astartes, while the other shot glass shards coated in poison powerful enough to incapacitate a man with but a graze.

Only thing left was to scrub out her biometrics. She extended her left arm and slit open the palm of her hand. From the cut she removed a small metallic chip, dropped in and crushed it to powder under her armored boot heel. Deftly she retrieved another chip from a pouch at her waist and pushed it into the cut before spraying syn-skin over the wound. The cut healed, leaving nothing but a raw scar. Now she was Sybilla, a merc for hire. She headed down the flight of stairs to the landing field pulling her robes hood over her head so all that could be seen was the glassy reflection from her masks eyes. Reaching the rubbery landing field, she jogged another hundred yards to the Phoenix, whose landing ramp was down. Upon it was a figure she could only assume was the captain, surrounded by a half-dozen ships arms-men in carapace armor, a bulky figure in the robes of an adept of the Cult Mechanicus, a floating servor skull that seemed to be writing notes down on a dangling sheet of parchment that trailed up into the ship.

Sybilla moved up to the back of the crowd and jostled in amongst them, she could see most were large ex-soldiers, probably many criminals, and even one or two oddly tall or shaped figures who may have been xenos. All looked like they could handle themselves, but Sybilla ignored them for now. She had one goal, get on to the Phoenix's roster and get off planet. She reached the front of the crowd and was met by one of the arms-men, "Not another one!" he growled, "Lady we have enough candidates for the ships crew as it is! Last thing we need is a female clogging up the roster!" Smiling, she looked up at his eyes behind his helms yellowed plasteel visor, and something in the flash from the shadows of her hooded face made him shudder.
"Believe me", Sybilla's voice was light, but full of controlled force, "I will not be a burden." She theatrically opened one side of her robe to display her right waist, adorned with her weapons of choice. "I am at your captains service."

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OCC: awww no bites yet?

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I'm thinking it has to do with some folk aren't familiar with rogue trader lore or cause a certain game recently popped up.....

It'd be nice to get the other chaps who did the Arcadian thread, I can't cause I have the novel project atm.

I may bite later, I happen to be a Rogue Trader RPG GM and this would be an excuse to think of new missions

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OCC: hmmm swell :P

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Scroll right down to the bottom of the page. There's a roleplaying forum (http://www.warseer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=23) for this type of stuff!

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ok I'll try there! :)

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agurus1 color me interested. I remember writing with you over on the arcadia thread and that turned out to be a good time. So give me a little bit of time to think up something character wise and I'll put a post up for ya to look over.

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lol, the old crew......

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I moved the thread to role-playing as advised so try there!