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25-10-2011, 23:25
Hi 'Seers,

I need to sell an army due to financial problems. I have some other stuff I am off loading but I wanted some opinions- one of two armies has to go.

I have a Tyranid army- not a tervigon; ~30 genestealers, ~60 hormagaunts, forgeworld flyrant, regular tyrant, 3 carnifex, a trygon, a mawloc, 9 raveners, 6 shrikes (fw wings), 20 gargoyles, 4 finecast hiveguard, 2 broodlord, 3 2nd ed. zoanthrope and 2nd,3rd 5th ed codeci.

Fantasy chaos- ~30 warriors w/ hw/shield, ~50 marauders - 30 on sprue, 20 w/ converted GWs, 20 chaos knights, 15 marauders on horse, 10 chaos hounds on sprue, 5 Everblight Warmongers used as ogres w/ GWs, Krug hill giant used as shaggoth. Khorne lord on jugg, Tzeentch lord on disc, 2-3 more heroes. Last two edition of codex and Lost & the Damned from 1990.

So, I need to sell one; which is more valuable?

26-10-2011, 09:42
Check ebay (and maybe craigslist). See what actual bids are in for whole armies & for units. My impression is that selling in bits gets more - your mileage may vary. Old codexes are worth 99c probably. People are asking what is in my opinion silly money for lotd. As a buyer, I generally bid just over half list, plus postage, and (uk being RELATiVELY small, quite often pay cash on collection). Again, others bid less or more. Thats my 2c worth - good luck!

27-10-2011, 05:44
I would say the Tyranid army - 40k is more popular, and you have some FW stuff in there.

Plus the count-as stuff in the Fantasy Chaos army won't appeal to a lot of "GW only" buyers.

Really though, you're almost always better off breaking things into small lots and selling them that way.

colonel kane trine
27-10-2011, 05:59
How much for the tyranids? I might be interested

Ran The Cid
27-10-2011, 13:55
Sell the 'Lost & the Damned' book separately. Its probably the most valuable part of the collection.

27-10-2011, 14:19
Sell the 'Lost & the Damned' book separately. Its probably the most valuable part of the collection.

Looking at ebay, you're looking at around 90 for that one book (one listed at 95+P&P) and I'd insist on registered post... and make sure there's enough insurance to cover the cost, too.

Aside from that, rather than entire armies, I'd consider shedding some sprues - they sell better than built models and, maybe, your Forge World models. If you have any badly painted models you want to sell, strip the paint - it's more hassle for you, but tend to sell better, on the whole (if in the UK, use Dettol - it'll strip plastic too, but test on a bit of FW sprue before risking the model - if in doubt, let them risk their model when they've bought them).

Basically, if you can shed models or units without crippling the army for your playing style, sell those first... if you later decide to restart the army, it'll be less work for you.

Wish I had the cash - I'd have that book off you right away... but I've got tons of higher priority things to afford first...

Edit: Just noticed that the one on ebay here in the UK is trashed, so I'd aim for a higher price - might want to start slightly lower and let the market decide, rather than BIN...

27-10-2011, 19:21
Out of those two armies the chaos one will probably net you more cash.

Currently Tyranids aren't a popular army in collecting or power terms, while Chaos still holds it's own. You may find you have more look selling them as units, rather than listing as the whole army, with combined shipping, listing etc, for those that want multiple units.

I agree in selling the lost and damned book alone, but you'll probably get between 30-60 for it, as a realistic price, as opposed to the previous posters near 100 for it.

Watch auctions for similar ideas to get a better feel for prices, ignore a lot of BUY IT NOW ones, as they are marked up massively by people and aren't often an accurate refelexion of current values.

Hope that helps?

Forgeworld stuff sells quite well regardless of army too, make sure you offer world wide shipping within reason, a lot of buyers, can be overseas for most.

28-10-2011, 08:31
I have an above average stereo receiver I am putting for sale also; it was an $1100 piece in 1995. I got it for free and I think I can get $120 for it nowadays. I need around $400 total and I figure I can sell the receiver, the 'nids and the LatD book and surpass that amount while keeping my WoC. I always played 40k more but enjoyed fantasy settings more(always been a buff for the medieval ages/ Wheel of Time/ Game of Throne etc.); I think this will be a great opportunity to focus on one army, painting it, and starting fantasy. I would love to keep the LatD Book for notalsgia- for the chaos army- and just to have it; but, I thought it would have alot more fluff and I just may let it go. Makes me regret selling my Tzeentch Chaotica. I think I can get $80 USD the LatD Book,. ~$250-$280 for the 'nids and $120 for the stereo receiver.. Atleast, that is my plan. Plus the bank, I should be okay for the next two months. I just hate selling the 'nids cause they were my first army.

28-10-2011, 11:27
I'd say sell the expensive stuff: Lost and the damned (you won't get 90 quid unless you're lucky but I think that 70 and up will be a good guess) and the FW stuff first, then the tyranids, broken down into smaller lots (unless the whole army is painted to a very nice level) and see how much you got so far.

Yeah, it's probably the most reasonable to get rid of one army and keep the other one.