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27-10-2011, 08:31
Okay, this is an army I fielded in a 3 way match a while ago (I posted our modifications for 3 way fights here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=321261). They are nothing like Battle Royal). Sadly, I lost. On a happy note, I killed a lot of things. Truthfully, I fielded the army to test a few units, and I'll write comments (I'll keep them short, with a single noteworthy exception) about each unit and how it did as I go. Just to note, my foes were Ogres and Lizardmen (I was on one corner, lizardmen on the other, and ogres in the middle if you look at the deployment diagram on the link above).


Orc Great Shaman
Lvl 4, Feedback Scroll
This is my one long comment. This guy was both brilliant and a mistake. Brilliant because he did more damage than any single model on the field when I irresistably cast Warpath (aka boosted Foot) of Gork, killing Saurus, Temple Guard, and 2 or 3 Ironguts (can't recall an exact number). A mistake because I took him as my general and the subsequent miscast killed him outright. I won't be making that mistake again, and I'll be taking at least a naked Goblin Warlord to accompany the army for Ld purposes. I'll definately be taking this guy again. Whether he'll take the scroll he never ended up using again is another matter.


Night Goblin Battle Standard
Standard of Discipline
Reroll all Ld tests on Ld 9 if I have this guy following my general like a puppy? Yes please.

Night Goblin Shaman
Lvl 2, Scroll of Shielding
This guy poisoned himself on his own mushrooms, twice (turns 1 and 3) while my big guy miscast on turn 2. I'll try again, but I don't like him at this point. Dispel scroll might be better too.

3 Night Goblin Big Bosses
great weapons, one has the Ironcurse Icon
34 34 39
This was my first battle with my Greenskins in 8th (and 8th's been out for a year, oy!), so I followed Malorian's advice to try the infamous Night Goblin Horde. It didn't do that well, but these guys did give it a little extra punch that almost made a difference.


100 Night Goblins
spears, sheilds, nets, standard bearer
These guys were the centrepiece of the army... ney, the game! That massive horde of goblins attracted loads of attention. In the end, they broke after my general died, failing a Ld 6 rerolled break test and having less than 25 models remaining. Then again, it took 8 Ironguts, a Slaughtermaster with Beasts magic, and a Bruiser to do it (and only 4 Ogres survived), so I'm not disappointed.

2 units of 20 Night Goblins
short bows, musicians, 3 fanatics each
143 143
The rest of my Core. These were my bunker and my fanatic ferry support unit. Kitties ruined my fanatics, one unit was killed by 2 (yes 2!) Leadbelchers, but the bunker unit managed to survive.


Squig herd
13 Squigs, 17 Goblins
Before anyone says anything about this unit, that's all the Squigs I have (other than hoppers), including the Old Gobbla model. It flanked the Ironguts mentioned above, did some casualties, then broke and did more casualties. I think there's potential, but I'm not sure on these guys.

9 Squig Hoppers
Once again, that's all I have for this unit, but it did surprisingly well considering what I was up against. I managed to charge a unit of skink skirmishers and destroyed them, charged the Templeguard (with Chakax and Fire slaan) beyond and died a glorious death. 19 skinks are worth a lot more than 9 Hoppers, however, so it's good. They'll see action as a 'fetch' unit.

6 Spear chukkas
35 each (210 total)
Yup, as much artillery as I can field (and as much as I own). If it weren't for the 1.5' wide deployment zone, I would have done much more with these. I like my artillery.


Pump Wagon
Spikey Roller, Out Rigga
This was surprising; I took it on the same attitude that took my squigs, "Why not?" It only killed 2 lead belchers, but it was charge them or an Ironblaster, so I went for casualty count. However, it did move 22" on my first turn and I want to see it again.

2 Rock Lobbas, 1 with a bully
85 95
These did some damage and could fire even with my units in front. Most notable was the Ironblaster dying from a direct hit. The scatter die liked me those two days.

2 Doom Divers
80 80
For those keeping track, that's every goblin artillery piece possible at 2000 pts, and it all costs only 650 plus bullies. The doomdivers weren't spectacular, but they added to the over all hitting power of the army. I didn't kill the most models (too many goblins died) but I had the undeniably most killing power with my artillery line.

Total: 2065 (WHOOPS! I screwed up. Well... ah, I'll work it out later)

The biggest bane to me in this fight was the Ironguts unit. In the first round of combat with my big unit, the Slaughtermaster cast Wildform AND a boosted Impenetrable Pelt, giving him T9 heroes and T5 troops while effectively cancelling my nets, and my big bosses (S6) were only in contact with his characters. Despite that, I still inflicted 5 wounds on his characters (3 on the Slaughtermaster, 2 on the Battle Standard), and but only 2 on the unit, even with Gift of the Spider-god (the last act of my goblin shaman before eating some bad 'shrooms). And yes, we knew the Slaughtermaster was immune to poison, it was just lucky rolling.

Overall it was a fun match, as my goblins died by the dozen but I gave as much as I got. The artillery line will definately see battle again as 3 bolt throwers can have 2 larger pieces deployed behind them with no ill effect to anyone shooting forward (might change tactics if more Gorgers show up) as will the Pump Wagon and the Hoppers (who are excellent at attacking units that want to run away). I'll probably put the squig herd aside for some hitting power in the form of my boar chariots (I have no goblin chariots).

Questions? Comments? Criticism about having no solid attack unit (I knew it when I made it, but I did it anyway)?

Oogie boogie boss
27-10-2011, 10:43
I really like this list, it looks characterful and fun. If you want a hard hitting unit, i'd suggest ditching a couple of War Machines and maybe the Squig Hoppers, and get some Stone Trolls. They'll give you some combat punch, just keep them within your general's leadership bubble.

27-10-2011, 10:46
You have no solid attack unit!!! (hohoho).

On a serious note, I'd say 2 key things:

1) as much as you might like it, you have an awful lot of artillery and/or support units. I'd probably take half as much (3 spear chukkas, a rock lobba and a doom diver).

2) As you seem to have discovered, fanatics can get spoiled very easily. I only ever take 1 per unit, because they're amusing, but (especially in the current meta-dynamic of huge units) they aren't really going to achieve much.

What I would do (personally, and do note that this is only personal preference) is do all of the above and take out the squig herd. Add in a nice big unit of trolls (I do attend "trolloholics-anonymous" meetings, so I might be a bit biased here). Take 20 gobbos from the big unit and add them to one of the smaller units, then use any remaining points to bulk up the 40-gobbo unit to be as big as possible. Also I'd take the spikey roller off the pump wagon.

That would give you a nice big core of models. You'd still have plenty of shooting to get rid of nuisance monsters etc, and you'd have a nice hitty unit of trolls to win combats with.

Also, have you considered swapping the level 2 shaman with scroll (sorry, I'm not sure what that scroll does) for 2 level 1 shamans (shamen?). Gives you a bit more flexibility, and I don't think you'll miss the extra +1 to cast (once you've factored in the mushroom dice).

I haven't worked out points though, so that might be horrifically over the 2000 point limit.