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Jack of Blades
27-10-2011, 20:35
This list sure has been a laborous project! two things:

1) I'm enthralled by the idea of this theoretical army :) but before I go on, does it look balanced or do you think it'd become boring? It'll most likely be part of a narrative battle series but I still don't want my long-term army collection goal to turn out stale. Any suggestions?

2) Does this inspire the power of Chaos in you too? :evilgrin:

5k seems to be the size where I can fit in... everything I want. I somehow managed to cut enough corners to do it :D

Lords - 870 Points
Chaos Lord - 410 Points (there for fluff)
Ogre Blade
Talisman of Preservation
The Other Trickster's Shard
Paragon of the Host
Chaos Chariot

Daemon Prince - 460 Points (seeks out and destroys the most dangerous enemy models)
Dawnstar Sword
Lore of Heavens
Magic Level 4

Heroes - 450 Points
Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith - 120 Points (fulcrum)
Dispel Scroll
Lore of Death

Chaos Sorcerer - 160 Points (fulcrum)
Infernal Puppet
Mark of Slaanesh
Lore of Slaanesh
Magic Level 2

Exalted Hero - 170 Points (Chaos warriors)
Warrior Bane
Charmed Shield
Collar of Khorne
Battle Standard Bearer

Core Units - 1326 Points
52 Marauders - 280 Points
Great Weapons
Full Command

18 Chaos Warriors - 341 Points
Standard Bearer
Banner of Rage

17 Chaos Warriors - 290 Points
Standard Bearer

30 Plaguebearers - 415 Points
Full Command
Standard of Seeping Decay

Special Units - 1105 Points
Magma Cannon - 145 Points

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - 100 Points

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - 100 Points

8 Chaos Trolls - 360 Points

5 Chaos Knights - 200 Points

5 Chaos Knights - 200 Points

Rare Units - 1245 Points
K'daai Destroyer - 325 Points (inspired by Warcraft's Doomguard)

K'daai Destroyer - 325 Points

K'daai Destroyer - 325 Points

Dreadquake Siege Mortar - 215 Points
Slave Ogre

Fiend of Slaanesh - 55 Points

Storm of Magic - 1250 Points
Dawnstar Sword - 200 Points

40 Bloodletters of Khorne - 510 Points
Full Command

Herald of Tzeentch - 165 Points (fulcrum)
Master of Sorcery
Spell Breaker
Lore of Light

Zoat - 310 Points (I have both Light and Life in SoM for fluff reasons; the anti-Chaos and the positive power of Chaos. I know I have way too many wizards for my PD)
Magic Level 4

5 Harpies - 65 Points
Manbane Claws
Chaos Wildfire

Total Points: 4998(6248)

27-10-2011, 20:58
I am very jealous that you have the book.

Everything looks good except: where are the beastmen. I feel they would add alot here. Some big gribbly monsters and the numbers. It's just seems alot of the same without the goats.

Also I find the pacts to be very meh. Last thing I want is my reinforcements just leaving the table. ( as they have in the past.) more monsters I say.

Ready for eternal war!

28-10-2011, 13:27
The bloodletters and herald can be included in your core and heroes allowance. Also I would ditch the harpies and get furies instead and take them out of your core allowance. . Are you planning to run any of your units marked or avoiding it altogether to reduce the chances of Antagonistic units?

I would ditch two of the K'daai Destroyers and take an Iron Daemon, a Deathshrieker and a Dreadquake mortar - upgrade them to mount them on Steam Carriage and go all "Thomas the Tank Engine" on your opponents.

Cool list, just needs some work. I'd also throw in some more Daemons as their presence seems a bit light, and think about taking some Beasts as well.

On a side note, were you confused as to how the CDs fit into the Great Host or have I just not read the rules thoroughly enough?

Jack of Blades
28-10-2011, 13:59
Thanks for the comments :)

I don't actually have the book; I've pieced things together from viewing other's lists, the old PDF and reading rumors.

But my core and heroes allowance is full right now (or rather I'm out of points), how could I include them? I'm not planning on running any marks, not because I mind the risk of antagonistic units but because when I unleash the power of Chaos I want all units to feel it :evilgrin:

That's a fun alternative :D did they change the rules to make that more viable like reducing the Iron Daemon point cost? I could check somewhere but I don't remember what it costs.

Too few points to include more Beastmen or Daemons... I want to but I like everything already in the list. I might have dropped the Knights if they weren't some of the few models in this list that I already have... and I like artillery, love my ''Doomguard'' K'daai (I mean one K'daai? ugh, but handleable... two? tell my family I died a hero... three? :evilgrin:), like the Trolls since they add some monstrous variety, want to include a core of Warriors, started WoC partly because of DPs, need a BSB, want a Sorcerer of Slaanesh and the Infernal Puppet, need a Daemonsmith, want a Chaos Lord... you see where I'm going.

I haven't read any rules for how CDs fit in so I don't know. I just assume that there are no special rules for how CDs fit in and that they can be taken in WoC as usual. It would however be strange if you took the minimum needed to make a WoC army (presumably a Lord choice to make the Paragon - don't remember/know if you also needed X amount of core), comprised the actual army out of Beastmen/Daemons and then took CD elements.

28-10-2011, 14:15
Well there are restrictions on including CD units in a WoC army, but the rules for the Great Host are a little vague.

Also there are no upward restrictions on % of core in your army. Put the Bloodletters and furies here.

Not sure of what the old point cost was for the Iron Daemon. There is an upgrade cost for mounting war machines on steam carriages but it seems to me like too cool an option to ignore. Plus you can choose to "uncouple" the carriages and drop your war machines close to the enemy, then squish there units with the Iron Daemon on its own.

Jack of Blades
28-10-2011, 14:22
Hmm the only rules I've seen for that (because I haven't read the book yet that is :p) is that you need a Daemonsmith. Do I need to include a matching amount of points or something like that?

Yeah, but I mean my army is out of points. I put them in the SoM allowance since I can't put them elsewhere.

29-10-2011, 11:59
From what I could see you could only include chaos dwarfs in the list using the contingent rules, if your using the great host then their is no point in using a scroll of binding to add daemons to your list. The only real restriction is that you 25% core has to come from your lords list as well as your BSB.

While you say the Chaos lord is in the list for fluff you have to include a Lord choice as your paragon anyways :p so he has to be included to make the list legal!

The army itself is illegal as you do not meet the 25% core from your own book, you need another 339pts, I would suggest you drop the Chaos dwarf stuff and add in another unit of chaos warriors or even buff up the existing units.

Jack of Blades
29-10-2011, 13:24
So basically the Great Host is a ''use the books to come up with an army that you and your mates agree is balanced''? I mean how else do I add the daemons to my core when I don't have the points for it?

Yeah no problem there :p

Reworking the list as we speak.

29-10-2011, 13:26
Well if you think about it, if you have 25% core from your own book, 25% characters thats half your points gone anyways, so what does it matter if core troops from other books are moved to special or not? you can still only spend up to 50% of your points on them anyways