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27-10-2011, 23:01
Are flails first round only special weapon like lances? If a unit of marauders is armed with flails and shields will they use the flails in the first round and hw+shield in any subsequent rounds? Or are they stuck with using them the entire combat?

Was thinking that starting in horde formation to max out Str 5 attacks would be a good idea, then, if I'm facing something hitty that survives, a combat reform as deep as I can get combined with the parry save should let them them hold on long enough for something else to hit a flank. Obviously great weapons are going to be more killy in a prolonged combat but hitting first against many small-medium units takes away attacks back and would let them grind it out with significantly less losses on my part.

27-10-2011, 23:29
flails only get the bonus in the first round but they're used for the entire combat. the rules for lances specifically state that they are only used on the charge and replaced by hand weapons afterward. flails have no such rule. and you're not allowed to switch what kit you're using in subsequent rounds of combat, they'll use flails the until the combat ends.