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28-10-2011, 21:48
Well after 2 battles last weekend. one victory and one loss. I am doing some tweaking mostly so i can try out waywatchers since i havent done so yet.
I played against VC (and won) and WoC (lost). I did pretty well against the VC just got a sticky situation with my beastweaver bc i had him behind the treekin to buff them and ended up losing him mostly because i didnt pullout when i should of. And against the WoC it was close until the very end but i ended up getting wiped out in the end of turn 6 and he had his sorcerer and 18 of his warriors left. so it was close but i had nothing left on the table so still unacceptable.

Anyways here is my new list. by the way i am a huge fan of wardancers and Lore of Beasts now.

350- Beastweaver lvl 4
Wand of Wych Elm
Talisman of Preservation

132- Noble BSB
Hail of Doom Arrow
Asyendi's Bane
Light armor

256- 19 Glade Guard
Standard (Banner of Eternal Flame)
120- 10 Glade Guard
108- 9 Dryads
108- 9 Dryads

195- 3 Treekin
108- 6 Wardancers

120- 5 Waywatchers


I added the save for the spellweaver because without lore of life i cant regain wounds. But anyhow let me know how it is and if this should be fine.

the gribbly
29-10-2011, 00:53
Looks pretty good overall. Dont expect anything huge from the waywatchers although occassionally they will do amazing things. My unit of 5 kb'd skulltaker bottom of t6 to win the game, that was pretty cool. Their main advantage is just having a highly mobile unit in your enemy's backfield being annoying.

For changes I would consider dropping 3-5 glade guard and/or 2 dryads plus the bsbs light armour to pick up a 4th treekin. In fact, why not drop the bsb altogether for 2 more treekin? Not much in your army even cares about rerolls but you definitely could use a mainline combat unit. Just a thought.

29-10-2011, 12:04
I agree i would like to have 1 or 2 or even 3 more treekin but without doing major changes to the way im playing and dropping things that i have grown very fond of. once my group of buddies decide to play 2kpts ill make the treekin a unit of 6, add some more to the dryads or wardancers and add a treeman and i should better handle monsters. right now im really just testing out the waywatchers to see if they make the cut. I am more than ready to play 2k but my WoC buddy wants that perfect list (as it is he hasnt lost yet but we (VC, Lizzy, and WE (myself)) are getting too close for his comfort and i think he is afraid to lose if we go to 2k. Now if you have advice against WoC that would be great. i got close last time i played him but i just got wiped out and he was in my face by the end of turn5 and lost everything at the bottom on turn 6. VC i seem to match up well against that player. bad rolls on his parts and good on mine really helped me when ive played him. The lizzy guy used the wizard that had lore of beasts, he got the transformation spell and cost it on turn 1 irresistibly and i ran around as much as i could but a 20" march raped me. i havent played him since and he has revamped his list so i shouldnt be facing that situation again. him and the VC match up well so i should too. but none of us match up well again WoC player.

Sorry for the rambling but maybe that clears up my decisions a bit. My ultimate goal is to make that "universal" list so i can match up well against anyone no matter what is brought to the table.

Thanks for any and all input and advice.

31-10-2011, 21:34
There is someone else making good use of Wardancers, just look for other wood elf lists.

6 Wardancers in the flank only face 5-7 attacks back being hit on 4's and wounded on 4s with a 6+ save. 2 wounds? For the number you'll dish out as well as say the treekin in the front you'll do well. Feel free to cast Wissan's on the Wardancers and Curse of Anraheir on your opponent as well.