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30-10-2011, 11:21
Hi all, I am looking at starting a Clan Moulder force and Im hoping to pick some brains as to regards to unit sizing and composition. Note that I only plan on taking Moulder units and characters. Any words of wisdom and tips would be greatly appreciated!

30-10-2011, 12:25
This could be tough. You only have one option in each choice basically. So run minimum points in core with stormvermin. Horse giant rats, horde rat ogres, 2x hellpit. Run Skweel on the ray ogres and pump out master molders for killing blow. That's really all you can do. Oh. I guess take throt. So you can field two hordes of rat ogres and as many giant rats as possible. And a warlord on bonebreaker with fellblade. No one will target him when you have 100 rat ogres and two hellpits

30-10-2011, 13:56
Well Captain, i'd go for large units of giant rats, say 40 and put them 5 wide, 8 deep. These units that come in at just 135pts, are there simply to hold up some of the enemy units (8 ranks tend to take some time to tackle). Your other units should swamp the other enemy formations, you will need those flank/rear charges to win battles! It goes without saying of course that your abominations will be your main linebreakers, just make sure you hold up those units with flaming banners and the like with your cheap giant rats. Those 40 giant rats can also be used offensively by putting them in ranks of 10 models wide, 4 deep, throw skweel gnawtooth in there and they can actually get pretty killy, especially against enemy units, hell even hordes that have little armour. Another use for your giant rats is to put a unit of say 20-30 models on the far flank while deploying. This might cause your opponent to put down a unit to deal with them since a lot of players will want to get the easy kill/wouldn't want to let the unit go unopposed. Even if he ends up killing this unit, he'll only have won another 175-100pts all the while you have just held up a unit of his... This allows you to swamp your opponent on the other half of the table. Another interesting use of giant rats is to put them on the flanks (again units of about 20-30, which cost verry little) and move them as fast as you can across the board to get behind his lines and kill of those warmachines. A lot of people use the so called 'rat darts' to this effect => small units of about 9 giant rats + packmaster or two. These units can easily be moved between enemy units. For example: you're facing two blocks of enemy infantry, first you put two rat darts in front of them but in such a way that if he charges them (you should hold when he charges that way the formed gap will be wider) the units will move apart. This way there will be an opening now in between these units, through which you charge with another unit of giant rats to get at his warmachines. The risk with this strategy is that fleeing giant rats cause panic checks in your other units so you should always position your general and battle standard at the critical points in your battleline!
Since you'll be going with moulder themed units/characters i presume you won't have any casters? This might hurt you in the first two turns, but after that initial onslaught you should try and throw your abominations in units harbouring mages. A unit of 4 rat ogres will do just as well. At 176pts you might be thinking that you're throwing away a lot of points just to get rid of a spellcaster (the rat ogres will probably not survive the combat => combat res) but you've got to keep in mind that by throwing in that unit, you: 1) kill an enemy character (mages don't come cheap) and 2) you prevent the enemy to cause further magical mayhem.

Hope this will help you!
Apoligies for any language mistakes i might have made, i'm dutch ;).

30-10-2011, 16:39
My guess is you are planning on running Throt-

what you want in this army would be 1 units of 18 rat ogres, maybe 2 smaller units, 2 HPA's, a plague priest on a pox rat (somewhat pestilens but since he is on a giant rat still quite thematic) Throt, Skweel (put him with the ratogres to make the unit even meaner), BSB- a bit of a problem as he will slow the rest of the army down- , the rest is filled up with giant rats-

30-10-2011, 21:35
Depends how many points you're going to make the army be.

18 Rat Ogres, to be precise.
Then get some ABombs.
A couple of big buses of Slaves.
A grey seer would still be acceptable.
Throt if you want.
And hordes of Giant Rats. (100 is a good size (10x10)) 40 attacks and steadfast forever. For only 372pts. (with 9 packmasters)

31-10-2011, 11:37
Don't forget one or two units clanrats with a banner. Without them you will outoloose the scenario with the banners / breakpoints (and yes, clan moulder have normal clanrats and not only giant rats and rat ogres).