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30-10-2011, 22:01
Hey, just had my first battle using WoC Vs Bretonnians, was a good, even match, but my Chaos horde lost :( .

Just posting a few thoughts and ideas (If they sound crazy or plain won't work, please tell me)

Marauders with G/W & MoK: Great units, +1 attack is awesome, however, Both my two 40-strong units lost their frenzy after being battered by Questing and Realm knights on the charge >< After that, they became rather... rubbish.

I'm playing with a "Detachment"-esque idea of a large (even horde) sized unit of Marauders with LA & Shields and MoN, supported by 15 marauders with Flails or GW. The flails allow me to use their I4, they'd be used as flank support and shouldnt get charged, and they'd also make great shock troop support.

Warhounds: It may just be I used them wrong, i dont know, but all my hounds did was hold up some questing knights all game (One hound held combat with a double 1! :D). Whether that is their purpose I dont know, but im very unsure how to use this unit. I may look into Maruader Horsemen instead.

Is it a good idea for an extra point, to give my Warriors shields and halberds? Shields will allow crossing the field better, and halberds mean tearing units up in combat. This would put them at 17 pts a model, still cheaper then chosen, and for 1 pt less, they are better equipped.

The Hellcanon. I've heard many things about this thing. Is it as good (is it worth 205 pts?) and as crazy as i've heard and worth taking?

And finally, Trolls. Love the models, love the stats and the damage they can reap, are they worth taking in a non-monster based WoC army as heavy shock support, and can they kill tougher units like knights etc?

Sorry for the long post :( Any help and any thoughts are apprieciated.


31-10-2011, 05:13

What size are your units? What is your army vs his?

It's hard to say based on a general statement. You also may get a better response by posting your army list in the Army List area.