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01-11-2011, 19:41
I've been thinking about our good one eyed friend the Cygor. What if he was kept out of cannon range and used to toss rocks mid field and nothing else. More like an sightly overcosted hellcannon, that's not as good but doesn't rampage or blow up your mages (grumble). In less cannoned armies he can do more but chucking rockes from way back, and being immune from most WMhunters (not gutter runners) is not so bad. Thoughts, nother than he/beastmen suck?

01-11-2011, 19:48
if your opponant doesnt have a cannon then your probably sorted. they wont try with magic as....well.....they might die. so aslong as theres no cannons then your ok. not great for a tourny obviously

01-11-2011, 22:38
The Cygor is phenomenally great in Storm of Magic even at 275 points. I would field two if I could. His stone thrower and M7 ability are fairly useful. His LD test isn't so much an issue unless it's the big spells. People will just choose not to cast which in itself is handy.

As for as him in regular games for his points vs a cannon, he is no different than any monster, S9 will splat him (or a Helcannon) good (aside from the Hydra and HPA with regen). The Chalice of Dark Rain, Curse of Anrahier or spam Miasma will help vs shooting which is his real issue. Any amount of descent shooting will hurt him.

If you are facing a lot of warmachines Harpies, single Razorgors, the Chalice will help till you deal with those issues.

I mean try it but 275 points of Gors or Bestigors will do better.