View Full Version : tau at the grand torney

16-04-2006, 15:12
have never been to a grand torney before. was thinking about takeing tau would they make a good gt army. or are the gt armys as bad as everone says

16-04-2006, 15:27
I've seen Tau do fairly well. Got my ass handed to me by a Tau player at GT Chicago last summer (I took my World Eaters). I got totally ****ed over by the goddamn deployment rules though. Opposite corners. Yeah, give me no chance in hell of getting charges before I get shot to hell. Thanks a lot you bastards.

Haha. Daemon Prince went down to a railgun. Ionheads started knocking down Marines. Submunitions too. It wasn't pretty.

Anyway, I've recently started a Tau army, and I think they're very promising, tactically, especially with all the new rules. You'll have to be good to pull it off, but you could do very well with Tau at a GT.

16-04-2006, 15:36
You took WorldEaters...what do you expect? lol

16-04-2006, 16:09
Haha, I left the tournament with a winning record, strictly speaking. 3 victories, 2 losses. Seems now that one of those losses (a crushing loss at that) would've turned out differently if I'd known my rules a bit better. No, World Eaters can certainly hold their own. I may have gotten lucky though in that 3 of my match-ups were against Marines. Ultras round 1. Word Bearers Round 3. Undivided Khorne (guy claimed it was undivided, but he had a Khornate bike lord, Khorne scenery on his diorama, and red all over his paint scheme... cheesy bastard just wanted a reason to field all that Heavy Support) Round 5.

As for why World Eaters specifically, that was my only army at the time, and my friend wanted me to go to the tourney with him.