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Commissar von Toussaint
03-06-2005, 16:00
Well, here I am again. The old thread on Portent had some decent participation and since the Fall of Portent, I've been playing a lot of it.

Some things we've discovered:

1. Land Raider Crusaders are wicked! The twin-linked assault cannon (6 sustained fire dice? :eek: ) are pretty nasy and we treat the hurricane bolters as triple-linked storm bolters, with three sustained fire dice each. Needless to say, infantry run screaming from this thing.

2. HTH - the more we play, the better it gets. One of the things we figured out is that if one side kills everyone in base to base, the other can flee ("break off") with impunity (except for being broken, of course). This is a great way to bring additional guns to bear without having to split the casualties between the two sides - not that firing into hth is a bad thing. :evilgrin:

3. IG tank variants are a little odd in this edition. All those 3rd ed. Imperial Armor tanks without sponsons are actually pretty weak when you get to move and shoot. If nothing else, it shows how artificial the restrictions on tanks were (and to a certain extent, still are).

4. Overwatch is vastly overrated. I mean that in the sense of overwatch being blamed for paralysing the game and creating stalemates. It doesn't. The side that goes on overwatch and hides almost always loses. Movement is the key and people who go static get crushed.

5. Overwatch is very cool. That being said, there have been several instances where overwatch proved its value and helped turn the tide - as well it should have. Squads can be detailed to cover firing lanes to that swift attacks don't get to charge for free. One of the most frustrating thing about the new edition is that people can run out of a building and into combat without a shot being fired.

Anyhow, if there is any interest, I will dig out the .pdfs of the revisions summaries and post them. I also have access to a digital camera so battle reports will be coming soon.

Commissar von Toussaint
15-12-2006, 02:54
Attached is the old summary from Portent in .pdf form. I should note that in the three years since we put this together, my group has changed the way we do template weapons - instead of placing them over models, you pick a single model (which the shooter can see) as an aiming point. This makes templates slighly less effective but makes shooting go a little faster since you don't have to put down a marker for the center point.

Commissar von Toussaint
16-12-2006, 15:09
One other change that may interest people: We have ruled that characters may not contest or hold objectives, only squads or vehicles may do that.

There is also a hierarchy: full strength squads trump under half strength ones.

So it is possible to get points for Dawn Raid or Take and Hold with an understrength squad, but not a character.

Also, we calculate victory points using the WHFB system of using the total point cost of the unit. Eliminated units yield full points, under 50 percent yield half.

For mission cards that use victory points, we multiply the number by 100. So if the mission give 5 vps for holding an objective, it really gives 500.

This makes the games a little more balanced because you don't have people with units worth zero victory points.