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16-04-2006, 15:54
hi, i painted this for an american commission.
the guy wanted helbrechts colours, patterns etc on the emperors champion for his black templar army.
I've mostly been painting in nmm recently and painting this reminded how long it takes to layer up metals and get them smooth and bright.
i painted helbrecht and the emperors champion for the eavy metal studio army, it was quite interesting for my to swap the colours over, i think it works well but he does have 'SHOOT AT ME!' written all over him.:)
all comments and questions are welcome!

16-04-2006, 16:10
OMG!!!!!!!!!! Did you say you paint for the 'Eavy Metal Team? The US one? If so no wonder this model is sooo sweet!!! In a wierd way even though he as you pointed out screams "SHOOT ME!" I have never seen an Emperors Champion look soo good, he looks like a champion now. There are no criticisms from me whatsoever.

16-04-2006, 16:11
I'd have said he has 'badass' written all over him.

Very nice indeed.

Inquisitor lorr
16-04-2006, 16:15
Wow-hes awesome-i don't really like NMM and prefer the "real" thing and this is why.I love the pattern on the shoulder.

Black DH templ.
16-04-2006, 16:18

I think the base is too plain though, sort of ruins the atmosphere for me. Paintjob is stellar.

16-04-2006, 16:18
Just superb!
My favourite part of the model must be the subtle swirls on the shoulderpad and cloak. He is blinged up so much that it took me a while to see them. A work of art, truly.

Dr Death
16-04-2006, 16:19
Very, very well painted. didnt like the helbrect scheme to start with, but as a peice of painting technical acheivement this is gorgeous.

Dr Death

16-04-2006, 16:23
yes, the base is very plain, this was what the guy wanted to fit in with his army. i paint for the uk eavy metal team (there is only one team). cheers for the comments! Daz

16-04-2006, 16:43
You wouldn't be able to give a quick run down on how you achieved the gold at all?

16-04-2006, 16:55
ok, here is the gold...
* first the whole area was given a coat of brazen brass,
* then shining gold was used for a layer over the brass
* then burnished gold was used
* then burnished + mithril
* the gold was given a purple glaze
* then a turquoise glaze ( mainly around the rivets )
* then brown ink ( watered down )
* finally the gold was highlighted with mithril

all the gold highlights are very watered down and layered up, this takes a while but it gets you a smooth finish.

16-04-2006, 16:58
I hated the way they painted helbrecht, but this guy rules. very nice!

16-04-2006, 17:01
bloody hell, the amount of layers! i do like the subtle parts, it really adds a sense of realism i suppose, very bling. Emperor's champion deserves this kind of colour scheme.

16-04-2006, 17:07
I hated the way they painted helbrecht
err... that was me, sorry mate:D

16-04-2006, 17:07
Well done, friend! That is a top notch mini! Very smooth and royal looking.:cool:

16-04-2006, 17:09
man, that's a really nice mini

Inquisitor lorr
16-04-2006, 17:11
This is a bit rude(don't answer if you don't want to) but could you tell us what other models you painted.

16-04-2006, 17:13
Dude your the guy who painted Helbrecht? Like the one in the codex etc?

16-04-2006, 17:14
KayvaanShrike, he certainly is, and a great job he's done painting this mini too.

Fantastic :D.


16-04-2006, 17:18
Actually, at first I thought it was a picture of an armoured angel of some sort:D (yes, it's really that good). And the gold looks very smooth and real. One of the best painted minis from 'eavy metal I've seen in a very long time.

(By the way, helbrecht also looked kick a** in my opinion. I really liked that one too.)

16-04-2006, 17:26
cheers for all the comments guys! i'll try and list some stuff i've done for work-
* marneus calgar
* helbrecht
* new terminator chaplain
* emp champion
* new chaos giant
* nearly all of the new 'blue' tau army
* new nurgle demon prince (CoD)
* new ork big mek (CoD)
well thats some recent work i've done. thanks again!

16-04-2006, 17:54
one question: how do you prime your models? spray or by hand?

16-04-2006, 17:58
we spray them all, we have a spray room in the studio with a fan etc. (but i still get nervous spraying up a first casting of a new fig):)

16-04-2006, 18:03
It's good to know that there's at least one expert among us in the painting section at warseer.....

seems like you paint a LOT if you painted all that. How many hours do you spend at the painting table per day?

16-04-2006, 18:07
a normal days work is 8 hours, but if the pressure is on it's as long as it takes!:(

16-04-2006, 18:10
i was wondering how you got involved with painting for GW in the first place, could you outline how they recruit or how you managed to twist there arm. dont worry im not after your job im not good enough, yet.

16-04-2006, 18:19
Thank you for the step by step...very impresive work!

16-04-2006, 19:17
Damn....could someone repost or attach the picture for me please?
I can't get it in, i've tried everything and I'm reeeealllyyyyy curious, out of the comments that the picture recieved.

The boyz
16-04-2006, 21:49
Wow that Emperors Champion is brilliant. Great paint job. The gold armour looks fanatstic and is very well painted. I like the trim on the cloak aswell it looks superb.

Brush your teeth
16-04-2006, 22:21
that looks amazing, in particullar the detailing on the robes. can i just ask how long do you spend painting a character model like that because i never seem to find the time to blend gradually through the colours.

please tell me patience improves with age :( (im only 16, im not calling you old:p )


Inquisitor Claissen
16-04-2006, 22:35
I don't like so much helbretch in gold...but...WOW!! that EC looks awesome...

"Copy That..."jijiji

16-04-2006, 22:43
Aye the Helbretch in gold was a wee bit too cluttered for my liking but on this model where there is a bit more open space it looks great. [/asskiss]

Kasrkin 666
16-04-2006, 23:16
:eek: :eek: :eek:

16-04-2006, 23:21
thats fantastic.. great work!

how do you get your paints to lay on so thin? [as in the ditail]

i can get the consistance right, its just getting the paint from the brush to the model, it basicly refuses to go on is any sense of coverage...

17-04-2006, 02:29
That is one frikkin awesome paint job!

17-04-2006, 03:29
Oh that's a tasty bit of painting. Thanks for the gold step by step. (turquoise and purple glazes? :wtf:)

17-04-2006, 05:32
Oh that's a tasty bit of painting. Thanks for the gold step by step. (turquoise and purple glazes? :wtf:)

My guess is the turquoise and purple come from the fact that those two colors, when combined with gold, would dull down the bright yellow tones (being complementary or near-complementary colors) and give it more of a worn, used look.

Just a guess though.

17-04-2006, 05:44
Jakob Neilsen has been purple inking gold for years... and winning trophy after trophy at Games Day UK for models with an abundant amount of gold in the color scheme... coincidence? I think not :D

Actually, with the exception of the turquoise bit, this sounds almost exactly word for word like Jakob's technique. Normally I'm not a fan of Burnished Gold, but if I keep seeing amazing paintjobs that use it then I might have to give it a second chance some day.

17-04-2006, 05:56
It is a beautiful paintjob

17-04-2006, 10:54
hi all, once again thanks for all the comments!
in answer to some questions i joined the EM team through working in the games workshop retail stores, while working in the leicester store the studio decided to try a course for some lucky red shirts to paint in the studio for a week with eavy metal. i was picked for this course, the aim was for the stores to have 'in store' eavy metal painters. we had to paint an army to pass the course, the deal was that the studio could use the army if needed at any time, cool. Anyway out of all the guys that did the course i was the only sucker that painted his army! a couple of studio managers came to the store and gave me a certificate and a badge (wooooo!). i know it sounds a bit sad now but at the time it was great! I was then asked to help set up the new warhammer world at nottingham, so when i got to GW HQ i promtly left my store manager in the middle of the summer holidays and buggerd off to eavy metal. (he still hasn't forgiven me):D . i've been there 5 years and counting now.

now for the painting,
the smooth detailing on the cloak and shoulder pad was done by using a darker tone and then adding the swirls in a lighter one. when you hold the mini away from you the shoulder pad looks flat white, up close you can see the detail, this is the same for the red cloak. if you keep the paint thin and take your time it should come out ok.

shoulder pad-
* started with space wolves grey
* washed around the edges with shadow grey
* painted the swirls in white
* to tone the swirls down a bit i washed white over them a bit

* started with scab red
* then H/L with scab + blood
* then add dwarf flesh for another H/L
* then i painted the swirls in blood red + red ink
* then i H/L some swirls by adding in dwarf flesh

I use a lot of glazes, the purple glaze over gold works great (you can't see it so much in the pics) it warms it up loads and gives it a nice hue.
the turquoise was used for the contrast around the rivets and to give the armour a worn and ancient look. (scaly green is also great for this)
As for Jakob he is a god....nothing more to say.
cheers all! i hope some of this helps.

17-04-2006, 11:06
wow, thanks for all that razza, i've always wondered how people get into a job as part of the 'eavy metal team. And thanks for being kind enough to point out some of your techniques. cheers

17-04-2006, 11:15
Somemore questions, if you dont mind being pestered.

Do the painters themselves decide on the colour schemes of the models or are you given an overall design brief for you to go off?

Is there a standard "studio" way of painting certain details ie gold, white cloth etc or is ti up to the individual painters way of doing it?

How much do they expect you to paint in a given period of time? ie models per day.

What do you think are there areas that need to be most developed to be able to work to the EM standard?

Despite the pressure to complete models to a deadline do you still enjoy going into work everyday and are the people at GW HQ a good boss to work for?

Would appreciate answers to these as i will find it helpful as i continue to build up my painting to level it used to be and hopefully beyond. Any questions you dont feel comfortable answering in a public forum ie the one about your bosses please ignore.

thanks in advance for any answers.

17-04-2006, 13:27
sorry if this was posted and I missed it, but did you use white or black spray?

17-04-2006, 16:03
i think it works well but he does have 'SHOOT AT ME!' written all over him.:)

I that's expected in 40k! ;) I especially like the texturing on the inside of the cloak. Where did you find such a tiny brush for the lettering on his holster?:p

17-04-2006, 16:12

Thank you for sharing.

17-04-2006, 18:16
I HATE to be the only one saying this or critisizing.... but...

When i first saw the white shoulder pad, i thought that looks like badly applied patchy white, till someone mentioned they were swirls, so i had to relook.

Error on my part yes i admit. and no i dont think the rest is in any way bad. its damn marvellous.

17-04-2006, 18:24
Wow! Yes, very bling, and also very right!
The base being plain is one of the best things IMO, too many people clutter up their bases and bring the focus from the actual miniature.

The cloak and the shoulderpads are top notch. :)

17-04-2006, 19:15
Just wondering I'm a little newb at painting but how did you get the cloudy white effect on his left shoulder?

17-04-2006, 19:24
Eskimo if you go back to page 4 of this thread you will find that your question has already been answered !

17-04-2006, 20:27
hey buddy. top job on the champ.... i went with the classic black for our store one, was kinda pleased at the time, but not so sure now.

Just wondered, do you really use GW paint in HQ? I hear these stories, and was thinking of going for anohter company, been painting for twelve years now and don't really want to chuck my three generations of paint, but I feel it might be time to try new things...

but if HM still use GW then maybe I just need to learn new tricks...

Nice to see I'n not the only one who hates NMM... it just doesn't do it for me!

Also good to see fellow staffers on the boards, im not sure were really supposed to be here! ;)

17-04-2006, 20:34
That's a cool way to get on the team :D

A couple years ago I was talking to Tammy Haye and she was trying to get me to apply for the team... but that would mean moving halfway around the world and dropping out of university! Sounds like you're really enjoying your time there though... I think the only thing that would drive me nuts is trying to paint a model for the first time... having no references whatsoever for color schemes.

<edit> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the EM team uses Citadel paints but not always Citadel brushes. From what I heard those "Citadel Masters" brushes were relabelled Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes that were so popular with the studio and gaming community alike. I got a set of those brushes for Christmas from my good friends who still work for the company... and wow they're just amazing.

I've never found Vallejo (the biggest competitor for GW's paint range if painting forums are to be believed) to be consistently better than Citadel... I like their bottle design but some of the colors have terrible pigments, you need to shake them up a TON before using them, and they taste funny. </edit>

17-04-2006, 21:06
Daz as in... Darren Latham?

That is... that is damn superb. I was gonna ask if you were going to keep it until after GD, but... well.

17-04-2006, 21:18
Darran Latham? Man I got an email from you a while ago and my replies wouldn't go through... I'll see if I can dig up the old message I can't remember what it was about :D

Wolf Scout Ewan
17-04-2006, 21:19
Shoot him, shoot him! Only 'cause he scares the hell out of me.

What a grand job m8! A truely inspiring character that evokes what an a EC is all about.

Just read the walkthrough. Thanks for the info! Gonna try that myself!