View Full Version : Decent Fluffy Empire list?

02-11-2011, 23:41
Hi, i'm quite new to Warhammer, and despite having collected a lot of minis, I am just now getting round to painting and playing with them.

I am probably going to be attending a gaming night on tuesdays at a local club, and I was just wondering whether this provisional list is a good all-comers list - i.e not significantly broken and reasonably fluffy.

I don't mind if it's not competative, so long as I won't get steamrolled because of my list.

I probably will get steamrolled, as it will be my first real gaming experience :D, but as long as I haven't damned myself from the off i'll be happy.


Great Weapon, Shield, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Dawnstone - 138


Barded Warhorse, Lance, Shield, Full Plate Armour - 78

Battle Standard, Standard of Discipline, Heavy Armour - 79

Level Two Battle Wizard
Lore of Fire - 100

Level Two Battle Wizard
Lore of Light
Dispel Scroll - 125

Warrior Priest
Light Armour and two Warhammers - 96pts

Subtotal 478


40 Halberdiers
Full command - 220 pts

Crossbow Detatchment
10 Crossbowmen - 80 pts

9 Knights
With Standard Bearer and Preceptor - 239pts

10 Handgunners
With Marksman with Hochland Long Rifle - 105

16 swordsmen
With Standard Bearer and Duellist - 116

Subtotal 760


20 Greatswords
With Full Command 230

5 Pistoliers
With Outrider and Musician - 104

Great Cannon - 100

Mortar - 75

509pts Total


Helstorm Rocket Battery - 115

2000 total

I kinda intend for it to be more of a counterattack army - the enemy gets shot and magicked up crossing the board, then gets hit by my combat units, with some magic buffs, hopefully being whittled down enough to be manageable.

Is this a viablelist/tactic?