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03-11-2011, 13:57
Alright, as a disclaimer I am rather new to the game. I have lately been playing with the idea of taking a lvl 2 savage Orc shaman as a shrunken head mule for my savage orcs and also having a lvl 4 Orc shaman to throw in my black Orc horde as main caster.

Reasonaing: animosity. I have had a couple games now where my savages fail. This not only shuts down my heavy hitters for a turn but also my magic phase. It just seemed to cripple me far too much. Now this maybe that I am not tactically sound enough to make up for this orcy disaster but I digress. Viable? Or idiotic. If someone has a better idea let me know.

03-11-2011, 15:40
There is merit to your logic, but how about this:

-You want the shrunken head on your toughest character so that your opponent doesn't just kill the bearer and then leave no bonus to the savages. So a T5 3W great shaman is vastly superior to the T4 2W regular shaman.

-You are already worried about animosity.

-Given the average of 7 magic dice all you relly need is a lvl 4.

So why not put the shrunken head on the great shaman, put him in the savage orcs, and then drop the regular shaman and instead put a black orc big boss in the unit with them? And if you do that might as well give him the silvering steel 2+ armor and make him your bsb so that you are then saving points by not needing a seperate hero.

03-11-2011, 16:34
I agree with your point. However then how do you deal with your general and bsb being nearly 10 inches apart in horde formation. ( opposite sides to prevent rape from miscast on bsb) this hurts mobility for your trolls and night gobbos flanking that generals unit.

I tried your suggestion is why I ask. Granted most of my issues came from a stupid treeman who survived 3 full turns against my savages and flanking blorcs with flaming banner.

My other thought is is the toughness actually going to save that savage shaman. Again with blorc bsb as you suggested we need the shaman physically away from him for miscast this leaves this other corner of the unit OR in the center which leaves him available for more attacks by a enemy horde (8 on corner or 12 in the middle of unit) say khorne Marauders which 12 s5 attacks will get through that t5 anyways on averages. So then it becomes an issue of mobility of surrounding units.

Not trying to prove you wrong malorian just trying to your brain cause I respect your opinion.

03-11-2011, 18:10
The bubble is more important than the possible miscast. Have them more central.

Savage orcs with their 5+ ward don't care too much about miscasts anyway.

And obviously T5 is better than T4 :) Heavy hitters may get through it but it would be even easier to get through T4. I actually like giving mine the potion of toughness so I can use it before the first major combat.

And feel free to prove me wrong. I WILL be wrong on many things, I don't know everything, and in matters like this there is no right answer anyway as it really comes down to your meta.

03-11-2011, 23:28
How would you deal with a WL horde? I have the same issue here.

I know my SO biguns are the only unit that can beat them marginally.

The problem is the frenzy checks and troll stupidity.

Do you run your centre at ld8 with a defensive BO bsb and take your chances?

If so, I suppose the NG unit can benefit from a cheap boss for Ld8 and the BSB can take centre of the Biguns to spread the reroll.

Last question, did I just answer my own questions?! :evilgrin:

03-11-2011, 23:52
i just threw together a interesting list together over in the list section you can check it out to see if its something u like. Im trying it out this week. Idea is to get that bubble where i need it...

04-11-2011, 00:14
How would you deal with a WL horde? I have the same issue here.

Foot of gork it to a size that one of your own hordes can deal with it, or tie is up with night goblins and forget about it for a few turns while you wipe out the rest of his army.

04-11-2011, 06:33
I generally field 2x manglers and 4 chariots so ... that would also probably deal with a horde of WL's pretty effectively.