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03-11-2011, 16:08
So, I was just brainstorming ideas to make my Slayer army again without using the SoC Slayer Cult list since everyone seems to dis-like playing against it, So I came up with this idea. This list is more of a fun list to play some buddies and I thought seeing a bunch of slayers roaming would be hilarious. I know I don't have a BSB, but about half of the army is unbreakable and this won't be going up against any super powerful list afaik. So what do you all think?


240 - Rune Lord, MRo Balance, Spelleating Rune
210 - Daemon Slayer, MRo Smiting, Ro Might, +1I


50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer
50 - Dragon Slayer


275 - 25x Warriors, GW, Full Command
250 - 25x Warriors, Shields, Full Command
140 - 10 Thunderers
110 - 10x Quarrelers


348 - 30x Troll Slayers, Banner, Musician
336 - 30x Troll Slayers, Musician
90 - Cannon

Total = 2499

03-11-2011, 17:07
Needs more slayers :P

Jokes aside, assuming the list is built around the models you have:

- Drop the runes from the Deamon Slayer, he is overpriced enough as it is and Slayer Axes is too good of a rule to lose.
- Use the points to put runes of Forging and Flaming on your cannon.

I'd also suggest dropping the shield warriors and making the GW ones 30 and rangers.

Fluffwise, I'd change the cannon for an organ gun - you want your slayers getting stuck in with the monsters, and the OG can clear away annoying crap slowing them down.

03-11-2011, 21:30
If you can find the point's I'd make your great weapon unit of warriors longbeard's as they are sooooooooooo much better.